02 February 2013

My Water Baby

I know this month has just started but the little mermaid and I are already excited for summer! The weather was really nice earlier and she thought of dipping in her black planggana once again while I was doing the laundry. It relaxed her (me too!). We're best buddies today. Water is always what makes her tired, but happy. Makes me think, where should we go next? Oh, I'm sure the little girl will enjoy anywhere, as long as there's water.


  1. Wow, she's very cute. It's very evident that she enjoys swimming. Those places also look great!

  2. reminds me of my kids especially my son.. mabuti nlng at matututo sya magswimming.. ndi kasi ako marunong lumangoy.

    cheers to summer!

  3. your baby's so cute! :))

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  4. Awww.. makes me wish for the summer to come soon too. BTW, thank for visiting my blog! :)

  5. wow ang sute ni Sophia:)excited na ko sa baby ko paglaki..:)priceless indeed!:)

  6. what a water baby!! my last son was a water baby..loved water from the minute he was born. he is a competitive swimmer now....
    lovely photos!!
    I am your newest follower..pls follow back if you can.

  7. Wow Mommy Denise :) your baby is a mermaid ;) can tell she loves water :)