18 October 2012

Bebeng's Bonggang Bicol Express

Whenever I post food photos in my fan page, I've always been asked about its recipe. I admit about not being good in recipe-writing but I have attempted to write one, which you could see here and I will bravely do it again. I will be writing about Bebeng's Bonggang Bicol Express! It is not as photographic as what this blogger posted here, but I will do my best in sharing with you on how I did it. But before we proceed, let me remind you that I am a non-standardized cook. I cook based on my guts, really. As I am poor in Math, measurements will always be "approximately". I believe that cooking is not a skill, it's a talent. Yes, for those wives who can't cook for their husbands, sulk in sorrow, dear; because cooking wives are hot! Chos. I only said that 'cause I know that my husband loves me a little bit more because I CAN cook. For those who can't, there is still time to learn. Remember, you will do it for the one you love. So cook from the heart. Trust me, even if it's burned or bitter, it will weirdly taste good for him. Alright, enough with the chika, here's the recipe, mga mars -


- medium-sized ginger {peeled & pinitpit with so much galit}
- 5 cloves of garlic {peeled & OA sa pagkadurog}
- medium-sized onion {choose whatever color, I chose red, kasi ka-family ng pink! But well, it's more pungent for pork, kaya better}
- finger chilis cut in whatever shape you like {the green ones, yung pangsigang, bahala ka sa dami}
- 1/2 kilo pork cut in medium cubes {I'm not good with parts but we used the one with so much laman}
- 1/2 cup bagoong alamang
- 4 tablespoons vinegar
- 3 cups coconut milk {we got it from the 2nd extract}
- 2 cups coconut cream {aka as liputok in Bicol; got it from the 1st extract using hot water}
- cooking oil


1) Heat oil in a skillet. Medium fire. {Naks! Okay, kawali.}

2) Saute ginger until aromatic. Add in onion, cook until translucent. Try to lower the fire so the natural juices of the onion would come out. Then add the garlic. I put it last as to avoid burning it that could give the dish a bitter taste. {Ayaw natin ng bitter!}

3) Put the pork cubes and stir-fry.

4) If you don't see a raw part anymore, then you can put the alamang in the pan already. Others drain it so it's not too salty, but I don't. Once you have fully incorporate it with the pork, pour in the vinegar. Let it simmer until vinegar has lost its spirit, whatever it is called.

5) Cooking is not for neglectful people, bantayan mo at baka masunog!

6) Pour the coconut milk. Cover and let it simmer until pork is tender. Be considerate for those wearing dentures or no teeth at all. Hihi.

7) Check if the pork is tender and the coconut milk has evaporated a bit, so go back to stirring mode. We don't like a bukayo-taste in our Bicol Express. We will get that when the coconut milk burns.

8) When it reaches its almost evaporation peak, pour in the coconut cream. Slighty stir, mahinhin na paghalo. Then add the finger chilis. If you prefer it so hot you'd find it hard to move bowel then put a kilo of it. I only put 8 pieces of medium-sized siling pangsigang.

9) If you think the coconut cream is already cooked (trust your instincts here or Google. Hehe), then it's done!

10) Plate it for IG or FB, add in fresh chilis to visually entice your audience like what I did in the photo above. Serve with steamed rice. And a bottle of Coca-Cola. Saraaaaaap.

Happy cooking! 


  1. oh my, oh my! bonggang bongga naman neto.. i will use this as a reference in the future.. :)

  2. yum! my brother-in-law is bicolano and as a matter of fact my sister is having a short vacation in bicol right now with her kids. i bet they've tasted this food already.

  3. Well,I like the way you write about Bebeng's Bonggang Bicol Express.You are good writer..you write it well..even though ,this is your first to write about recipes , you've done it well.Hope you can do another one..keep it up you have the talent also ,you have the confidence.

  4. Yummy...I'm sure talagang bongang-bongga ang sarap nito :-) Thanks for sharing your fun recipe!

  5. wow delicious nagugutom na ako

  6. this had my mouth watering. you made cooking sound like FUN. :DD

  7. Oh boy this makes me hungry. Looks yummy.

  8. Wow!!really looks like delicious..I really like your article it is very informative.Even though this would be your first time to make recipes article ,you do it perfectly..

  9. By the looks of it, it looks like one good ulam. I would make something in beef, pwede ba yon? hehehe.. Thanks for sharing the recipe. I sure miss pinoy food though. :) Hmmm.. I miss my mama's cooking too.

  10. Wow! I never tried preparing this dish. Seeing what you've made me decide to prepare one this weekend ;D

  11. yummy indeed! and it makes me hungry now :-) Thank you Sis for sharing the recipe, will try that soon :-) BTW, I love your blog's name :-) so cute :-)

  12. Thanks for your recipe,I'll cook this one of this days.I agree with you,cooking doesn't need exact measurements you just only estimate.Except for baking,all ingredients should be measured.

  13. That look really good will positively try this at home! thanks for sharing your great recipe!

  14. I'm not Bicolano but I love Bicol express. I don't like it too hot though. Your Bicol express looks creamy and delicious because of the very thick coconut milk.

  15. This is the easiest version I have seen. Nainspire naman ako gayahin. Thanks so much!

    1. You must try this Chrystal! It's easy and really, really worth the "hotness". :)

  16. Thanks for the recipe ;) just might try this one of these days :) Hubby loves bicol express but I haven't tried cooking him this :)