11 February 2013

Review: EVToys Bunny Plushie {LB’s New Friend}

If we women think that we can never have too many clothes or shoes or bags; kids could say the same thing with their toys. I was anxious last Christmas about what LB would receive, thus asking (more of telling) the godparents not to give her toys and alike. What I didn't realize is the fact that it is what makes them happy. Because it‘s what they really like. So upon that realization and some weeks after, I’m just more than ecstatic about receiving an email from EVToys; they will be sending one of the plushies they sell so I could make a review about it here. Sweet. 

Came the day we received the parcel (we paid Php40 because it came all the way from China) LB was not at all excited. Boo. She said she has her teddy already. She said she doesn't need another one. She said her teddy without a name will get mad at her if she hugs the new bunny. I thought it was true! So I hid it back in the plastic pouch used for packing it. But hey, a few minutes later, LB was unpacking it again. I let her scrutinize it; and was she thrilled to find out that the bunny’s ears are adjustable! She wants it straight and untouched. She also liked the inside pocket where you can insert your hands to warm it. It’s perfect for a chilly weather, actually. We should have brought it with us when we went to Baguio. Well, Baguio came first before the bunny. There’s next time though. 

That night, she asked me to put cologne on her bunny. She was cuddling and dragging it along with her in all her adventures inside her pink land. And the next thing I knew, she has baptized it “Sosi”. From wherever she got the name, I don’t have an idea! 

One bad thing I’ve noticed? The material used for the heart in bunny’s lower part was slowly going awaaaay. It’s the same material used for the scarf. Yes, one by one, each day, they are going home to China. So I just instructed LB to be really careful with that part, so it won’t go bald and boring. But despite that, LB and Sosi are doing fine. Thank you to EVToys for sending her to us. 

EVToys has a wide array of cute and functional plushies for kids and kids-at-heart! I love the unique designs of the stuffed toys; like this bunny. I am not so sure if they have a license to manufacture known designs such as Snoopy and Winnie the Pooh. But if you want to gift your kids, nephew, nieces, sisters, brothers and godchildren the toys, which are not usually seen in the country, you can go online shopping such as going to evtoys.com. Trust me. There really is something special about receiving packages at home (as compared in giving it to you in person)! Enjoying that feeling, while it lasts. ;)

We received the bunny plush toy for review, but this does not compromise the integrity of the post.


  1. Cute! It looks like she has her new best friend :)

  2. I love the name Sosi! My daughter loves naming her toys also. I don't even know where she get them. =)

  3. Wow LB has a new friend! That little bunny sosi is so cute! :)

  4. Cute stuff toy. Does she know how to take care of it? My Summer has yet to learn this.