25 February 2016

Lost Landbank ATM Card

I am currently at the height of my emotion as I am writing this. It's not advisable, according to the tenured bloggers. It usually wreaks havoc, that's what I know. But I feel like my chest will explode if I won't write this down here. Worry not 'cause you'll learn a thing or two from this kwento.

To get to the core immediately -- I lost my husband's ATM card -- on a holiday when there is no bank. Good job to me. Not. I was about to withdraw money so I can ask my kitchen assistant to buy supplies in the market for the shop's orders when I knew it was not in my wallet. Of the many cards that I have there, it was that card that I have lost! Tsk, tsk. Remembering the last time I used it, perhaps I unintentionally forgot it in the machine. Or have I dropped it elsewhere? I'm still in denial that I forgot to get it in the machine 'cause I remembered putting it inside my wallet! Oh well. Good thing I still have some cash with me.

I called Landbank's hotline (02-4057000) right after I turned our house upside down and asked the customer service to block the card for security purposes. I also asked how to have it replaced since it was opened in a branch in Mindanao where R was first deployed. The lady I talked to said since my husband is a soldier, he can personally have his lost card (no thanks to his great wife) replaced in the Landbank branch nearest him and submit a notarized Affidavit of Loss plus two valid IDs. 

There you have it, folks. 

So if you're like me who keeps the ATM card of your military husband, you already know what to do in case you got a stupid day and lost it. 

My salary from my social media management job goes there as well. This means I really, really need to open my own bank account asap. What bank can you recommend and what are the requirements (like initial amount and maintaining balance)? I will truly appreciate your help.

R just told me that a senior officer had the same scenario and since card replacement had taken too long already (one incredible month, guys), he just applied for a new bank account. As simple as that.

16 February 2016

Hi-Ro Truffles

This post was originally entitled Pseudo Oreo Truffles. I realized, though that it can attract negative vibes so I changed it to what it really is. After all, Hi-Ro is not pretending to be something like Oreo. Well, I used pseudo because: 1) We didn't use Oreo, which is what most usually use in truffles; 2) no cream cheese and lastly; 3) no chocolate coating. My girl didn't complain, though. She was too happy to see the heart-shaped sprinkles that we used to even bother why it really didn't taste anything like her favorite cookie (second to what I bake, I assume). 

Oh, how I love its imperfection.
Speaking of the crushed cookies, I bought it at Chocolate Lovers in Cubao, Quezon City. For those who haven't been there, it's the chocolate-colored castle in the middle of P. Tuazon Avenue. Google Maps can help. It's heaven for baking aspirants and enthusiasts! They have there different kinds of chocolate chips, cupcake toppings, baking pans, moulds and boxes. Next time, I'll feature it here. 

Let's proceed. Where were we? Oh, the recipe.

09 February 2016

One Word, One Year: 2016

For the younger millennials, my word for this year is nothing but a song and an album title. I looked it up in the Internet to see if the song is good and was glad to find out that I felt like it is a song for God. You must go to Youtube and watch a lyric video. Tell me if you also felt that it is for the Big Guy. Type in: Purpose by Justin Bieber.

Yes, my word for 2016 is PURPOSE.

I thought of a few before finally deciding. I thought of give. To be selfless is saintly. Maybe I can challenge myself to give more of my time, effort, resources, gifts and love to the people who need it. I also thought of move. To refuse to be idle is divine. Not doing nothing can perhaps lead me to success. But as days went by, I felt like it has not penetrated my core. There were days that I want to spend it lounging on the sofa, tinkering on my phone, seeing the sink full of dirty dishes while waiting for my daughter to come home.from school. There were days when I said no to people who asked something from me. My daughter asked me to play with her but I was swamped with work, online and kitchen, I said no. I was invited to an event of a brand that I don't like, I said no.

It resonated with me that these words do not make sense at all. At least to how I want to live my life. You see, it looked like I was only tinkering on my phone but I was actually working for my business. I was promoting my products on my social media accounts. I was answering inquiries of customers. I was replying to emails of potential distributors. I only looked like a bad mom for saying no to my daughter's request of playing with her in her room but I was just really finishing my work in one go so I can spend quality time with her over dinner, evening telenovelas and bedtime stories.

Purpose popped in my head as I plopped my half-dead body on bed after a day of online work, cooking for the business and mothering. I reminded myself, like how a coach does it to his team, on why I was doing all those things in the first place. Despite my sleepiness, I thought of my short and long term goals that I need to work on. I thought of my mom's retirement, my husband's career growth, my daughter's future, my health, our dream home and what I will cook for dinner the next day. I thought that I should just do, buy, create things if its purpose is love. So saying no to an event of a brand I don't like is actually a great thing! Had I went there for freebies, small talks (which I actually do not like lately) with fellow bloggers I do not read blogs of or for a material for the blog, I am sure I won't even be writing about it. Plainly because it didn't bring me joy. Hellen Keller said, "Joy is the holy fire that keeps our purpose warm and our intelligence aglow." And I couldn't agree more. 

This word can play around in all the aspects of my life as human, woman, wife, mom, freelancer, entrepreneur, blogger, etcetera.

So far, this word is a good word for me. I just wrote a post here because of it. Nice, right? If you have, what's that one word would you choose for 2016?