16 February 2016

Hi-Ro Truffles

This post was originally entitled Pseudo Oreo Truffles. I realized, though that it can attract negative vibes so I changed it to what it really is. After all, Hi-Ro is not pretending to be something like Oreo. Well, I used pseudo because: 1) We didn't use Oreo, which is what most usually use in truffles; 2) no cream cheese and lastly; 3) no chocolate coating. My girl didn't complain, though. She was too happy to see the heart-shaped sprinkles that we used to even bother why it really didn't taste anything like her favorite cookie (second to what I bake, I assume). 

Oh, how I love its imperfection.
Speaking of the crushed cookies, I bought it at Chocolate Lovers in Cubao, Quezon City. For those who haven't been there, it's the chocolate-colored castle in the middle of P. Tuazon Avenue. Google Maps can help. It's heaven for baking aspirants and enthusiasts! They have there different kinds of chocolate chips, cupcake toppings, baking pans, moulds and boxes. Next time, I'll feature it here. 

Let's proceed. Where were we? Oh, the recipe.

My girl and I made this as our pre-Valentine's Day activity. We gifted a box to MIL, her Mama A. And she said she loved it. So here it is!

Even babies can do this, you see. 


- 500gms crushed Hi-Ro (leave some for coating)
- small can of condensed milk
- 1/3 part of a tetra pack of all-purpose cream (or you can use half of this and half of condensed milk if you want it less sweet)
- your choice for coating (we used the remaining crushed Hi-Ro, crushed graham crackers and heart-shaped sprinkles. I'm sure powdered sugar tastes good, too!)
- marshmallows for filling

Ditch that plastic glove, shall we?

1. Mix the condensed milk, cream and crushed Hi-Ro until blended.
2. Refrigerate it for 30 minutes or until firm. Don't forget to cover the bowl with a cling wrap!
3. Scoop a tablespoon, flatten it, place the marshmallows and form it into balls.
4. Roll it in your desired coating. Place on mini muffin cups.
5. Pack it beautifully as a gift or pop one in your mouth pronto.


There you go. See, so easy! For more of what I cook, bake and make, click here. Enjoy!


  1. YUMMY! They look too pretty to eat <3

  2. I tried making this before but I love the idea of adding more designs and flavors. Hmmm I should try that soon! Anyway, have you seen Tasty (https://www.facebook.com/buzzfeedtasty/)? I think you'll love it! :)

    1. YES. I love Tasty! And Tastemade and any Facebook page that has short videos of recipes. Food forever! ♥

  3. Hi, Floralice! Bought it at Chocolate Lovers in Cubao. :)

  4. pwede rin kaya i-substitute yung crushed choco grahams sa Hi-ro? malayo kami sa chocolate lovers :-( ang mukhang wala niyan dito samin sa Bulacan hehe

    1. Yes, pwede naman but iba yung lasa of course. Buy Hi-Ro na buo then crush it. It's just the same thing. ;)

  5. Is it possible to use oreo cookies?

    Thank u for always sharing..

  6. You really inspire your fellow housemommas ms D.. 👸