31 December 2013

Let's end this year with a bang, here are my favorite royal posts for 2013!

There are far more important things to do than blogging, really. However, as a stay-at-home mom and Army wife, this keeps me sane. Not only did it keep me away from getting crazy with house chores, it also helped me realize the things I am actually capable of. You, my royal readers, made me feel I can become the better version of myself through Bebengisms. Your comments and support have given my blogging journey a whole new meaning. It was the last quarter of this year when I decided to minimize my giveaway and press release posts. It was in the middle of November when I preferred to only be attending blogger events if and only if it's of a brand I really, really like. I got busy this month and totally forgot that I have a blog to maintain. Despite those, intentionally and unintentionally big changes, you queens are still here -- reading my real and royal ramblings. Though I have to admit that I honestly worked hard for whatever status this blog has reached, it wouldn't be as what it is now if it weren't for you. To give back, I have the Royal Reader Giveaway. I asked my husband's help to choose who he thinks has the most royal message among all the entries. I'd be announcing who he chose tomorrow, the next day or the next next day. Promise, it would be announced on the January 2014's first week! 

For now, I'm giving you my favorite royal posts for 2013! Here it goes ---


The post is as long as the title. Hehe. I shared there most of the happy photos of our Baguio experience. LB has not met the My Little Pony girls yet when we went there but sh actually chose a colorful pony that resembles Rainbow Dash.

25 December 2013

A Mom's Life: 48/48

Three things before I start this post --- First, I'm not a stalker; though weirdly, constantly liking each of her post on Facebook and Instagram. Hihi. I'm a loyal reader of her mommy blog. I read her personal blog, the one she started before she became a mom to Jelly Bean, but there's just something about the mommy blog. Something real, something royal, something like you don't read from other passionate-bordering-to-pretentious-mom-blogs. If you're like me, I know you know what I meant by that. Lastly, I'm super scared for my blogger self. You see, she's an awesome writer. She got into the comfortable life she's enjoying right now because she's a writing genius. In fact, she's married to a writer, too. If a mediocre, regular, non-writing human being thinks I'm a good writer (because I can Ingliss myselp), uhm... not this time.
Yes, my dear royal readers, my last and Christmas special offering for A Mom's Life  features none other than the fab former editor-in-chief of OK! Philippines. I was actually nervous when I sent her my four-paragraph "proposal" to her email. This is an excerpt of what I wrote her: 
"So I thought that since Christmas Day falls on a Wednesday (when I publish my AML post), it has to be extra special. I have two moms in mind. It's a battle between Kate Middleton and Frances Sales. Well yeah, Kate's busy. I know you are, too. I assumed you're preggy so I know your hormones aren't that good to you lately. But I hope you could squeeze me in in your sched. :)" 
I was close to shutting down my cyber palace if she'd say no. Seriously. Haha! But guess what she said? This: 
"I'll do it! I don't think the Duchess can :) 
Thanks for even thinking of me for this, Denise!" 
I got really, really excited. I immediately copy-pasted her answers to my AML slum book when she replied. I made a mental note that I'd finish it before the holidays, but it sadly rested in my drafts folder. I'm sure you muthers feel that this quark of a space in the blogosphere has changed. It was not the same as it used to be. I'm uncertain about what I'm feeling towards this blog. Am I losing that thing they call as "blogging mojo"? Whatever it is, I'm glad that Topaz Mommy is here in Bebengisms! She's one of the mom bloggers I read when I need a boost. So there, what an introduction noh? Hehe. I'm sure you'll be amazed at how she answered my slum book-ish questions, sa "name" pa lang. Kaya here na!

NAME: Frances Amper Sales. No hyphen because my last name is Sales, not Amper-Sales.

AGE: I just turned 37!

CHILDREN, AGE: My beautiful boys Vito, 3, and Iñigo, 19 months. I'm also pregnant with my third child and we're having fun picking out boy names and girl names, but Vito has already christened his upcoming sibling with the strange name "Baby Chicken".

Queen B says: I looooove that I was one of the firsts who knew about her 3rd pregnancy. 

OCCUPATION: I'm a blogger, writer, and newspaper columnist. I occasionally edit, too, but I've been too busy with domestic life to take on more work.

FAVORITE OUTFIT: Comfy dresses that allow me to breastfeed paired with flats. I wouldn't exactly call this my favorite outfit. I'm a shirt-and-jeans and sleek dresses kinda girl. I love heels, too! But since becoming a mom, my style has changed.

21 December 2013

Have a Sweeter Christmas with Red Ribbon

OK, I'm not exaggerating, but Red Ribbon has been so existent in this blog (and my life)! Remember that I spent Valentine's Day husband-less? So instead of sulking in sorrow, I went out with LB and had merienda at the nearby RR store. On August, R, Sophia and I celebrated Ultimate Royal-a Day with some pancit and chocolate cake to kick-off one of the best months of every year, September. Yes, the cake was from Red Ribbon, too. The next month, I wrote about Sophia's birthday dinner and her colorful My Little Pony party at school. My Cyber Party Giveaway winners, which were announced days before LB's birthday each had half roll of RR's  triple chocolate cake and a pack of mamon. For Sophia's birthday dinner dessert, we had choco mousse. At her school party, she had Tiramisu Meltdown. Royal Domesticity loves Red Ribbon, obviously! ♥

Remembering these past posts about Red Ribbon made me miss their cakes. Huhuhu. And I'm here at a far-flung rural town where they don't have a store! Hmmm. Maybe I should ask Rhambo to drive for me and we'll buy one tomorrow at the nearest city. Because guess what? Red Ribbon is making this year's Christmas even sweeter with a chocolatier Black Forest Cake! Yum.

17 December 2013

I Love the New Coca-Cola Ad

I'm taking a break from my domestic queen duties because I believe that "all work and no blog makes this mama a very dumb girl". Hihi. 

Okay, let's get it on.

I'm sure many of you have seen this new funny family ad by Coca-Cola already. It's trending! It's been shared by many of my mom friends on Facebook. I clicked it, watched it for like more than three times and was smiling with tears at the last part of the vid. I super duper love the dad's reaction towards the end. It'll definitely be my R's reaction if I'd show him a pregnancy kit with a positive sign!

Yup, we want another of Sophia's kind. Maybe, three more? Ooh, that would be so chaotic to have four active, noisy, rowdy kids! But it'll be soooooo much fun, I'm very sure of that. Our house would be filled with love, sweetness and cuteness. I bet Rayala Dialogues will be loaded with stories if that happens. Oh well, perhaps God's plans are better than ours so we just have to wait for His timing. But Lord, I have a deadline po, can we like have kahit one more before I hit 30 next year? Please? Hihi. 

So yes, I love my daughter and I really, really, really want to have more... even if she's messy and whiny, even if I can't poop peacefully, even if my bag's too heavy with her cookie crumbs and complete cast of My Little Pony, even if making love with her father is like being a mistress to my own husband (always sneaking!), and even if I have to stay at home just so I know she is always safe.

Kudos to Santos Buenos Aires in making this new Coke ad. It's just so true for me; when parenting makes my nape ache, I drink Coke (or the local cheaper counterpart hehe).

*For Jeff Beer's article about the ad, click here.

12 December 2013

My Girl Kissed a Boy

Last year, when my preschooler started showing signs that she was liking this boy from her previous class, I found it too cute not to notice. I almost held a press conference for family and friends, in the intention of announcing that my daughter has entertained such an emotion at a very young age. In words of a shallow-minded egotistical individual that is me, I thought I'm a cool mom. I didn't want to be that conservative, square, dull parent that has mysterious wallflower kind of kids. I want my girl and I to be best chums. She shares her secrets with me and I'd be the most fun person to be with. Wait, uhm is there a camera rolling somewhere? No, that can't be real. That can't be me. In the truest state, I am corny, KJ (kill joy) and I can't allow my daughter to get hurt.

Today, which I'm sure I'd have more in the future, was something else.


After my daughter's class, right before I cook for dinner, we took some rest for a bit. We do that every day. We turn on TV, cuddle up closely and in between of trying to understand what's shown on the screen, we talk about how her day went. Lately, she'd ask what I've done while she was at school; but most of the time, it's all about her. She said they ate champorado and that she finished a bowl of it. It amused me that she told me she really didn't like it but she had to. Ha! I guess she now clearly understands she has to really obey some rules. She went back to intensely watch the show before Hi-5. Out of nowhere, after a little two minutes of peace and silence, she blurted out -- "Nay, I kiss N (name of the boy)!" 

10 December 2013

King & Queen: Year 3

His Caption: Throwback. I love you Denise Redrico Rayala! Happy anniversary beb! 
It's our 3rd wedding anniversary today, Cpt R and I. Sadly, he was not home. Yesterday, I was sick. No, I was sick since Saturday. My joints were aching, I felt terrible I easily cried. I might be PMS-ing. Whatever, we celebrated today our way. And what better way to do so but by posting photos on our social media accounts. I woke up really early than usual waiting for whatever paandar or pasabog he might have for me. Waley. 
Queen B: Tulog ka pa?
King R: May pinost ako sa FB. Hihi.
So that's what he posted! That's it? LOL. Okay, I appreciated it. Infer naman to my solja boy, it was something more than what he usually does. 'Cause he uses Facebook every day but he doesn't regularly post mundane what-nots. However, every time we have this "posting spree", I'm a bit competitive. Har har. So this is what I posted on my Instagram.

My caption: Mapa-sexy, drama, action o rom-com man; hindi maikakailang bagay tayo. Ahihi. #rhambeng
1) Sexy -- Sundutin Mo ang Booger Ko 
2) Drama -- Mahal Kita, Amoy Araw Ka Man 
3) Action -- Sumuko Ka Na, Kumander B 
4) Romantic-Comedy -- Love is Blind
Yup, our relationship, our marriage had experienced different scenarios like that of movie genres. I'm sure you and your husband had at some point, too. There are more actually, like heavy drama and X-rated (hihi), but these are what we call as box-office hits and are for general patronage. ;)

Since today is a very special day, I cooked Pork Pochero for dinner only because I have chorizo. I knooow, that's something else! LB and I went to the nearby market after school and bought pork, pechay, potato, saba and some wet market stuff. I made this extra special as I call this Pork Pochero with Love. Yes, that's a heart-shaped pechay. Sigh. My little kumare and I enjoyed our dinner, which I think would be more special had we spent it with our king. Anyway, he'll be home soon as he promised he'll watch LB's Christmas presentation next week. Yay! And then we'll spend the first part of the holidays at his post. You'll get updates on my IG (@bebengisms), so follow me! ♥♡♥

How about you, royalty? 
Have you celebrated your wedding anniversary without your husband?
How was it like? Share it with us in the comments! 

05 December 2013

Blogging, Losing and Gaining

Friends and family seem to be second-guessing my authenticity as a blogger. Perhaps, they're thinking if this blogger and the person in flesh are just one because it's not what they see in real life. Others have suddenly become distant because they thought you are not the same they thought you were.

This is a true story.

I have friends who I think are no longer my friends. I know nothing about them anymore, that's one of the many reasons. Also: we don't text, talk and see each other; not even occasionally. No communication at all. I tried to reach out to them more than I reply to my readers' comments but I didn't want to be the narrow-minded-bum-mom who would nag them for not spending time with me. So I didn't do it again. 

My life is here. No, not saying that this IS my life. Literally, you can read my latest daily mundane what-nots here - or at least a glimpse of it. So I thought that when I meet them, I have nothing to share with them and that I should be the one asking them instead. Right? Guess what? It was not the same as it used to be, where I get the most personal stories of their days. Maybe we're just growing up? Well, that's perfectly fine. There's no way but up. Sadly, we're all growing up apart. I felt like they're avoiding to share juicy details about themselves with me as if I'm a cheap showbiz tabloid columnist. Not funny, actually. I felt like I cannot be trusted anymore. 

Triste réalité: I'm gradually losing friends.