27 October 2015

When We Watched Disney Live

A day after my birthday was like a kick-off to my girl's 7th last month. The morning was spent at Art in Island with some of my fellow mommy bloggers and their kids. It was sunny and the wind was a bit cool. The weather was so good for a weekend bonding day with my little BFF. And I thought that that day was perfect, nothing could ruin it. But no, it rained so hard in the late afternoon when we were watching Inside Out at the Gateway Platinum Cinema. It didn't dishearten me, though. After all, we were bound to watch Disney Live at the Kia Theatre. It was just across the mall. No big deal.

I was wrong.

I forgot to bring an umbrella. The lady at the Ticketnet office, named Joanne, failed to render quality customer service. The loot bag from the previous event was super heavy. My daughter was starting to be hangry (hungry and angry, not a typo). And I... I almost melted into humidity. I wanted to scream and punch the face of that bad ticketing lady. I wanted to cry. I wanted to just go home. But when I saw my girl's eyes brimming with excitement, somehow clouded with worry because of what's happening to me, I tried my best to gather my thoughts and become her hero.

I sweet-talked (aka begged) two girls with an umbrella to help my daughter cross the street, while I got soaked under the freezing rain. It was not the wisest idea but it was my last resort. When we got to the ticketing office of Kia Theater, the people there did not have the idea about my free tickets from Mommy Bloggers Philippines. After a call to MBP's Lani (thanks so much dearie) and 30 minutes of waiting, my little lady love and I got in the theater.

Kia Theater is the former New Frontier Theater. It's practically new so it [still] looks really good. The a/c was cool enough and there were no unwanted smell from the carpet (well, compared to some theaters I've been to) but I just didn't like how the chairs were set up. The man in front of us was too tall that we needed to transfer seats just so we can see Mickey and friends. Well, it was not that a big problem because my girl truly enjoyed the concert. In fact, I enjoyed it, too! I got so kilig when Aladdin and Princess Jasmin sang A Whole New World. Le sigh.

Indeed, the obstacles and sweaty armpits that we experienced prior the show were all worth it. Seeing the smile on my daughter's face and hearing her shrieking in delight were the wind to my cape. Thank you, Mommy Bloggers Philippines and Araneta Center for making it happen! I was happy being my baby's hero that day... well, except when she started wondering where Daisy Duck was. Do you know?

19 October 2015

A Dose of Daniela

It was a breezy morning here at the side of my world. The girl doesn't have classes due to Typhoon Lando. We weren't snarling at each other, not in a hurry. We had pancakes and hot chocolate for breakfast, her ultimate pick-me-uppers. She was still in her pyjamas (but at some point was a vampire using my black shawl) and doodled her time away while she waited for my work to finish. My last three hours weren't that good. The couch, which is just a few meters away from my table, was calling my aching back and shoulders. Oh, how I wanted to give in to that craving. But you know, I'm okay with my work. It pays okay so I had to feel okay about it. Okay = not so bad, not so great. Anyway, while I was swamped and drowning with the kind of job that I have, I didn't allow it to leave a painful emotional scar on my being. I did all my best to do it the Royal Domesticity way: I played some Daniela Andrade on Spotify. And poof! I'm automatically more than okay. Here's what I had on loop for four times. She's just making me emotionally confused right now, haha. Please watch it and let me know how you felt after.

To watch her covers and more, subscribe on her YouTube channel. ♥

13 October 2015

Please Remind Me To / 01

In this modern world of one-liner pseudo-wisdom and exchange of ideas, when you can't see who you're talking to in person, and it just feels so good to fight back with angst-ridden remarks – that's when the enemy strikes and you forget that your God will be sad and that there are words that you can't take back anymore. It happened to me last night. And while I basically know what I am doing and I think I did a pretty good job in not "making a scene" virtually, I still regret that I allowed it to happen. I thought that I have the choice to pursue what is lovely and make it blissful (yes, I just hafta use it). It's not too late to do it, though. Maybe for some, it's satisfying [to fight back] but having to do it online is a lose-lose situation; especially if you are doing it against someone who somehow makes it as her bread and butter.

So my dear friends, who care for me and love me, please remind me to:

- always choose my battles wisely. I am no longer fifteen who craves for attention and wants validation from complete strangers. At 31, I should know my worth, my value and best if it comes from me and no one else. Also, a status or tweet is not a guarantee of anyone's maturity. 
- ignore and shun away bad thoughts when I see an annoying post. What may be annoying for me may be cool for others and I may be annoying for some, too. Instead of mentally raising my middle finger to that person, why not use the index finger by sliding the page up. Let it go, really. 
- live my life outside my online sanctuary. While being active on social media plays a vital role in a millennial mom's online experience, still, the best kind of life happens beyond the likes and comments from people who don't smell your fart. Don't cook food just for #bebengcooks hashtag on Instagram, do it for the girl and R. Don't go to places just so I can check-in, just go. Don't prettify for selfie but for yourself. 
- blog about the bad things that happened only if I have already got through it. Blogging may be a personal thing and that it stands as an extension of your real life but it will be memories that will be unfolded in the future. I don't want to be reminded of the silly things I said online when I'm already old and gray and so much wiser. Or when the girl starts to have access to the internet. The horror. 
- never forget that I am a Christian. Enough said.

What else do you think should I be reminded of?

07 October 2015

Sophia Turns Seven: McDonald's Winx Club Party

I've been meaning to blog about this few days after the event but like what I said on my status on my page, I found no joy in doing so because of this sad cake story. No worries, I have moved on. I realized that what matters most was we made our birthday girl very happy.

R and I originally wished for an out of the country celebration for Sophia's 7th birthday - a trip to Hongkong Disneyland, specifically. Unfortunately, it all depended on my savings since all of R's salary goes to bills, everyday expenses and our girl's school fees. I only had Bebeng's Kitchen then that its earnings weren't enough for the celebration I hoped for. Good thing she chose to have a party with our families and her friends. I think it's the more practical choice that time.

No Clever Title: An Opinion About Heneral Luna

I was supposed to fold the freshly-laundered clothes. This home-based, servantless working mama was supposed to finish cleaning up the kitchen. I was supposed to sleep because I still have work tomorrow (that's later). But here I am. I was resting my aching shoulders and back when I was on Twitter and saw this. It's a photo of Jim Paredes' news article. While I like that man's articulation and music artistry, I don't agree with everything he wrote there. Well, life's like that. Everyone can't agree on everything at the same time. But at least it ignited that fire that wanted to burn in my heart. Kalma lang, hindi ito kasing-lalim ng inaakala mo. Hindi mo ako kasing-talino. :p

Obviously, based on the title, this is about how the movie Heneral Luna affected me. 

The original Mr. Suave. // source

I love the movie! I can watch it over and over again. It's amazing how Director Jerrold Tarog can make history so funny. *Hello Captain Rusca! You want some ensaymada? Ibili kita sa Mylene's! Hihi.* And how puñeta can sound so - well - cool. It's art. The film is artistic -- cinematography, pacing, musical score, editing, the actors' blocking and all, the works -- the best! No matter how some said they already know their history kaya they don't need to watch it na and that it's hype lang daw. Come on, minsan lang tayo magkakaroon ng ganitong klase ng pelikula. If I should pay a thousand pesos just to watch it, ayos lang, promise. Kasi ang ganda! In fact, I was surprised when I knew that it was Php280 only (in the super sikip and hindi mabango na Robinson's MetroEast cinema house). 50% discount pa yung mga students. I assume that you know how the producers wanted to make the film (and the two other installments, hopefully) for whatever advocacy they have. But mehn, hanga ako sa passion (at yaman, hehe) nila to believe in this kind of movie at ipalabas sa klase ng mga manonood na meron tayo. Ano nga bang klase ng manonood meron ang 'Pinas? 

O sige, hanggang dun na lang muna ako. I'm not a movie critic. I enjoy Kalyeserye eh so I might not be intellectual enough for you. *winks* Let's just talk about why I am here, farting my thoughts away. 

After the movie, on the way home, my husband and I still can't believe that Heneral Luna was thaaaaat good. But honestly, I was not like most of the people on my feed na nagalit, bumigat ang loob at nawalan ng pag-asa sa Pilipinas. Siguro, dahil matagal ko ng alam yun? O tinanggap ko agad yun? I guess, I am a man that way. Yung madaling maka-move on, har har. When I married my military husband, our situation opened my myopic eyes to the chaotic country that I missed to see because what I knew was not the whole story. You see, I graduated college at Polytechnic University of the Philippines. Aware naman siguro kayo na highly opinionated ang mga estudyante dito? Nakakalungkot isipin, maraming magulang ang ayaw pag-aralin ang mga anak nila dito dahil sa katotohanan na yan. Hindi ko tuloy alam kung malulungkot ako para sa mga bata na hindi mabibigyan ng kalayaan na makapagsalita dahil sa magulang na meron sila o maaawa ako sa mga magulang na iyon kasi mamamatay silang may takot sa dibdib na harapin ang katotohanan. Medyo malalim na ba? Sorry, it's 1:30am here at the side of my world.

Let's go back.

I didn't feel bad, I was not in pain. I felt no burden after I watched the film. I just told R of my personal theory why I think war happens, why peace is elusive in this country. Oo, ang kapal ng mukha ko to blog about it. If you agreed, stop here. Hindi na kita binibigyan ng karapatan na basahin ito. Hindi lang din tayo magkakaintindihan. Thank you.

04 October 2015

Art in Island

Here are some of the photos that I took last month at Art in Island in Cubao, Quezon City when Jolly Cow Milk invited us to a Mommy and Kids Day Out with fellow mommy bloggers and their kids. We were treated to a tour inside the biggest 3D museum in Asia then had lunch at Burgoo Restaurant before we got to snooze watch Inside Out at the Gateway Platinum Cinema.

Here are some points to remember, based on my observation, should you want to go there with your family:

  • Although there really are no age requirement, I think that it's better to bring the bigger kids with you. This museum is best for those who can already act out in front of the camera for more than a few times until the photographer (that's you, mom) gets the perfect shot.  
  • Obviously, bring a camera. Fully-charged. And a whole lot better if it's point and shoot, not just camera phone. I tried taking some on my smartphone and turned out that results are better in my Samsung ST66. So much better, I suppose, if it's a DSLR. 
  • The museum's Facebook page advised the goers to bring socks and jacket, too. Yes, you don't want to end up having super dirty feet after the tour. As for the jacket, if you are a mom who has a kid to run after, jacket's unnecessary. Pinawisan ako kaka-instruct sa bagets na pumosing, haha! But yeah, bring one for your kid. 
  • Before you start taking photos, notice the markings on the floor first so you will get the perfect angle. I only noticed it in the middle of our journey na! So sayang yung ibang shots. 
  • There's a restaurant at the end of the tour. Food and drinks aren't allowed inside so you'll really get thirsty and hungry afterwards. 
  • Most importantly, enjoy and have fun! Don't get frustrated if your kid doesn't want to pose. Pray hard na lang (hehe) that she will be in her best mood when you arrive at the place.  

To spend a day with my little artist doing an activity that we both love to do (art appreciation and posing for the camera, haha) is something I will always treasure as her mom and bff. Thank you so much, Jolly Cow and our friends behind it, for spoiling us with such activities and creamylicious treats. I hope you'll invite us again on your next event! ♥

P.S. For Art in Island's ticket prizes and schedule information, it's on their Facebook page.


From the press kit: Jolly Cow offers both creamy UHT Fresh Milk and Non-Fat Milk (also known as skim milk) and is sourced from Germany's biggest dairy farm. It is among the first brands developed by Fly Ace Corporation as the company began its venture into building its own brands in 1997. Jolly Cow variants include Jolly Cow Fresh Milk and Jolly Cow Non-Fat Milk which are available in 1L and 200ml, and Jolly Cow Condensada. To learn more about Jolly Cow, visit http://www.facebook.com/jollycowPH