31 December 2015

No Clever Title: An Occasional Blogger's Year-End Post

Flowing; let it flow. That's what I'll just do with my thoughts here. I want to try harder and write my best as this is my farewell post for this year but the more I plan it, the less I feel about its need. Can we proceed? I have no idea how to do a proper segue now.

This site has given me so much joy and satisfaction. This site made me meet people I won't get to even say hi online. This site tested my character. This site validated my worth at some point. This site has been the extension of what I am and currently doing. If I had been hooked to hosting giveaways, it's because I love what I was doing. If for some I've been a looter and freeloader, it's because I found it fun. If I had been to every event, regardless if it has no relation to my brand, it's because I didn't know then that I shouldn't be doing that. 

After three years, I now know what I want to do with my online life.

In all honesty, I don't care anymore if I don't get invited to events or I don't receive packages after packages of products. It's not too important for me if I won't have sky-rocketing hits from readers. The end-all and be-all of this blog is my happiness. I believe that if I'm happy, the people who'd get to read my posts or see my photos will be influenced with whatever emotion I was conveying. 

So with that, I sincerely thank you if you are reading this. That means, you care for me and my happiness and not just what I can give you. If it's just 50 or 30 or 10 of you who visit my blog whenever I have a new post up, I am grateful for all of you. That means, I still matter. That means, people still read me. It sounds like I'm a hipster or something but it's not in the number of followers, right? Oh well, not if you really wanna be famous and do this professionally. 

Like I said, I'll just let it flow. And right now, nothing's flowing no more. Bye for now.

It's 2016 in a few hours. Happy new year to all of us! xx

*Photo by Unsplash

05 December 2015

Currently | 02

Hello! I just got a day off from doing my hefty holiday orders over at Bebeng's Kitchen. I gladly welcomed the rest from dealing with jars galore, garlic, chili, vinegar or shrimp paste. I still didn't literally take a rest, though. I have online work (like right now) and I fixed the kitchen earlier. The girl also has serious school issues that made my and R's head ached badly. My meeting with the school principal didn't turn out well. No sane mother will allow her baby girl to be erred by an aggressive classmate, who keeps on picking on her. More so, to be judged for her sensitive and innocent heart. I felt that she was trying to justify the kid's erring ways.

Anyway, due to lack of latest posts here, I am doing my second randomness of my Currently series. Currently is a blog link-up initiated by Siddathornton. I have been seeing it done by the younger bloggers (ya, not the mom ones) but I only convinced myself to do it when I read this year's current it girl, Maine Mendoza, wrote her own series. Influenced by local showbiz's current it girl, yes. Here was my first. And now, indulge me to bore you with my segregated ramblings below. 


THINKING. A lot. It's a mess to get into my brain right now but here are some: My daughter's classmate's behavior. The kid is obviously bullying my child. My kind and brave mini-me came home the other day with a blue marker stain on her shirt! She told me her classmate intentionally blotched it on; it was the same kid who also threw her sharpener just because he felt like it. Someday, as a bullied person myself, I'll share with you all what I've done as a mom to help my child cope with frustrations and anxiety as a result of her classmate's super un-cute antics. I guess, when all sorries have been said. Also, my and R's 5th wedding anniversary is in my thoughts. We'll be attending a wedding on that date so I don't know how we'll be celebrating it with just the two of us.  
CELEBRATING. Speaking of celebrations, I was on a high when our new Samsung with Digital Inverter Technology refrigerator arrived! It's so beautiful. It's dark gray with black accent. It matches my black and stainless La Germania oven. Sweet.  
BUSY WITH. I have a total of 520 jars of my savory sidekicks to cook (have already cooked 1/3 of the number) that I sell over at Bebeng's Kitchen. I'll also bake 42 dozens of oat cookies. Whew. The numbers are overwhelming but it's a happy problem so bring it on, foodies. 
PLAYING. Inside Out Thought Bubbles, y'all! My husband told me to install it. Little did I know, he's now on 100+ level. Kainez. 
READING. Aside from the requests and messages sent our way through the brand I'm working for's Facebook page, online articles about Senator Grace Poe's disqualification and Mayor Rodrigo Duterte's electionovela (see what I did there?) were keeping me intellectually stimulated and politically entertained. I don't like that Davao guy. Sorry, not sorry. And I also learned about how elephant families are. Hence, this post's hero photo. I think we're like an elephant family. Not sure, though if my husband will agree that the females in the family are the boss. Hehe.
CRAVING FOR. Taho. So badly.
ANNOUNCING. The winners of my recent giveaway. It's on the previous post so if you joined, go and check if you won! 

Hey, care to give my Facebook page a like before this year ends as Christmas present? Will ya? Mwah! 

*Photo from Unsplash