30 August 2013

Nanaygosyante of 2013: August

What I like most about being a SAHM is that I get to have extra time to create and re-create. What do I mean by that? Uhm, to make butingting. My mom used to scold me when I was in grade school 'cause I have soooo many kalat on the bed. Yup, I sleep with my "crafts" --- dissected floppy discs turned into greeting cards, origami stars in a mayonnaise jar, photo collage as a bookmark, etc. I'm not a Martha Stewart or something like those listed in Apartment Therapy's 10 Crafty Blogs in 2010, but I have a crafty side. I actually have Channeling Martha as one of my Royal Features. It is basically composed of my DIYs; just simple and little things that I could do with my not-so-skilled and artistic hands. Something that would not require my fine motor skills to be exercised too much. Hehe. Unlike this goddess of a crafter that I have for Nanaygosyante for August. Woot!

28 August 2013

Winner Wednesday

I wanted to add 'warrior' to the title so it'd be Winner and Warrior Wednesday but I felt like the word was not really given justice based on this story. Read ---

A Mom's Life: 31/48

Meeting new faces and faces behind the blogs I read make my social life and life per se a little bit more exciting. For my 31st AML feature, I got a multi-slashie mom on the blog, y'all! As in, working mom slash band vocalist slash TV commercial talent slash blogger slash wife slash mom. Whew. Only a few can do that, aminin niyo yan! So I'm very fortunate that she allotted time to answer my AML slumbook. Hihi. But before that, watch this video first ---

That's her on the first few frames with the knob-less door! You could also see her Jollibee TVC here and Joy Dish Washing Liquid commercial here. I got lucky that she shomehow "blogged" this post for me with her well-thought answers. :*

27 August 2013

Just Another Rayala Day

My daughter didn't go to school today because according to her- "I'm so sleepy. I can smell Tatay's pillow forever, Nay". Sigh. Yes, my husband was home Friday night and went back to his work place this morning. Usually, it is I, who feel lethargic after the king leaves the leased palace. Today was different. I managed to clean the house as early as 9:30 in the morning, cooked lunch at 11 and snoozed beside the snoring preschooler again. 30 minutes after, I tried to wake her up but to no avail. Her class starts at 2 pm and she woke up around 1:40ish. Grrr. Apparently, she stayed home for another day after her long vacation. She didn't automatically ask for food when she came down, which in fact is a part of her daily routine. She held her three My Little Pony toys, sat in the couch and stare blankly at the ceiling. I felt a tear coming so I had to ignore my emotions. I suggested we'd have the leftover chocolate cake for her *breakfast*. 

22 August 2013

Huwag Ka Lang Mawawala Finale

I don't know if I have a reader who's "alta" or who doesn't like Pinoy teleseryes, but allow me to be showbiz muna ha. After all, faney talaga ako ng teleseryes - one of my many guilty pleasures in life. Kebs. Well, I have said before that I used to work in ABS-CBN for two years. And sa loob ng two years na yun, 8 hours akong nanonood ng TV. Saya noh? Saya din ng sweldo, pambili ng kendi ni Jeane Napoles. Hehe. Karamihan ng favorite serye ko aside from where Thalia starred in ay gawa ng ABS-CBN. At isa sa mga yun ay itong pagbabalik ng kalokalike ng bestfriend kong si C, ang Wit Ka Lang Mawawaley. ;)

It's a story of Anessa, a mag-aasin from the province who fell in love with Eros, a bulol rich guy from the filthy wealthy Diomedes family. The Diomedes family has shipping lines as their physical business pero in reality eh diamond smuggler sila. Here's a more elaborate background story if you are interested: click here. So eto na nga, earlier eh knows na ni Eros ang pagka-beki ng pudrabelles niyang si Romulus, played by Tirso Cruz III, who I think portrayed the role very well. Tomorrow na ang ending mga teh! 

21 August 2013

A Mom's Life 30/48

When I was a newbie mom blogger last year, I was always on the look-out for moms who are writers. As in those who have lengthy posts and not just product reviews, giveaways, event aftermath, etc. I wanted to read their stories and be able to connect with them; as I felt that I was after storytelling like they do. Unfortunately, around July of 2012, I started to do some 'commercial blogging addiction' that I forgot that originally, I was a storyteller. One of those mom bloggers I read was Janice of The Roller Coaster Ride. I think the first post I read from her blog was a book review. I grew up loving books and actually reading them in one sitting (or two). Then I read her 'about me' section and was surprised that she has a 'blended' family. Eventually, I 'backread' her past posts and would always check if she has new. We instantly became cyber friends. 

Grabbed from Roller Coaster Ride's Facebook page. Like her page here.
Come May 2013, we finally met at a mom bloggers event in Serendra, which I blogged about here. Janice is just quiet and listening, as opposed to my talkative hilarious self. We haven't really had a serious 'talk' but I felt like I knew her for so long 'cause I always read her stories about her partner and her three kids. Get to know a little bit more about my 30th AML through my slum book-ish questions. ;)

On SIDS, Safe Sleep and Halo® SleepSack®

When I was 7 months pregnant with LB, I was hospitalized because she wanted to come out already. We mothers know it's a critical stage. Yes, she can make it but it would definitely be a risk. What made it so hard for me then was when my OB-GYN told me she couldn't make it if she'd be out too soon. Her lungs were not fully developed yet. And that she was underweight. Her honesty almost killed me when she told me she will eventually die. So of course, I didn't want that to happen. By God's grace and my OB's amazing medical expertise, LB was brought into this world two days after her scheduled arrival. 

LB in her 500-peso bill pose.
So when I brought her home, I made sure no dirt could ever touch her. My siblings were required to wash their hands (their whole body if possible) before touching my baby. I made sure she had enough ventilation as there were times she had difficulty breathing. I made her wore comfortable clothes that an infant must wear. There were nights that I never slept because I just stared at her and checked if she was still breathing. I was paranoid like that. I also researched on morbid baby stuff. You know, the dreadful things that could happen to an innocent little angel. I stumbled on a write-up about SIDS in a Smart Parenting magazine I bought then. It scared the sh*t out of me because babies born with low weight are most likely to experience it. I thought that it could come into our lives like a thief in the night.

20 August 2013

What You Read is What You Get

That's me. But first, allow me to tell you more about why I said that.

I remember my sister N and I had a text-versation few days ago about the bag she bought from an online store on Instagram. She said that she originally ordered red but what was delivered to her was pink and that the one who received her order was not accommodating. I told her she should have written that in her caption to serve as a warning to other people who might order from them in the future. She said that she doesn't like doing that. I didn't argue with her. I thought it's really her personality ever since - keeping mum to avoid arguments - a personality I will never ever have. 

I can be a tactless b*tch; my family and close friends know that. I just learned to mellow down a bit when I already had a child, who looks up to me. I want her to be the girl I was not. There are times, though that I just can't help it. I really speak up when I think I should. 

19 August 2013

Joys of Fatherhood

R shared this video on Facebook yesterday and I watched it over and over again. The baby cried for 50 seconds but guess what stopped her? The preview's such a spoiler. Still, you have to watch it. Cuteness overload. ♥♥♥

P.S. My husband tagged me in a comment that said "nakakamiss". Aba, does he miss Sophia being a baby or does he want a new baby? Can you tell him to come home first so we could open the "baby factory"?! LOL 

17 August 2013

Rayala Dialogues: The Girl's Hair

As a wife to a husband who's not always at home, one of my biggest obligations is to update the father of my child on what our daughter's up to lately. It's not a tough job at all. I'm a blogger and a social media fan so I just do the update through FB, IG or here. So earlier, I did a "general sweeping" all over the house; as in every nook and cranny. If you're following me on Instagram (which I encourage you to do if you haven't yet #shamelessplugging), you already know what LB just did. This ---

Grrr-worthy, right? I inspected her hair when I found the bunch under the couch. Good thing the crime was not obvious at all. It did get mixed reactions from my friends on FB, but what stood out was from my solja boy via text. 

Anong bang head?! Stand in the corner!!!
Hahaha! So weird that when I found the poor strands of hair, his common sense got lost somewhere. Can't wait to be with him again, I'm pretty sure there'll be more #kamotulo moments like this. ♥ 

How 'bout your husband, mare? May ganito din ba kayong eksena? ;)

14 August 2013

A Mom's Life: 29/48

When I got married, I thought that it was such a privilege to be a "military wife".  Like what my 18th AML mom Cherry said, it takes a special woman to be one. With the pain of waiting so long for the husband to come home and the responsibility of solely raising a family, I'm very sure an ordinary wife will easily give up. But sorry to burst your bubbles ladies, there are stronger breed of military "misis". Not that I have met a lot, but I am proud I know one. 

Does Magdalo sound familiar to you? I am not equipped with the correct information as I have to ask help from my husband first but this link might help. What does it have to do with my blog, you ask? My 29th AML is the wife of one of the 321 soldiers who took part in the 2003 Oakwood Mutiny against Arroyo administration. Where were you during that time? For Mrs. Mabulo, I don't where she was and what she was doing, but all I can say is I admire her strength for braving it all. If you are to look at how her family is doing now, you will not even think that they have gone through that phase. What you would actually see is that she is the proudest mom of Junior Master Chef Pinoy Edition finalist, Louise. During our interview, I gave her the liberty to introduce her daughter because we both know that what Louise has become could be an inspiration for us, who dream nothing but the best for our children.


Slow Down, Breathe and Savor Each Moment

When I was not at my bestest self, which happened here and here, these were what I have at home.

12 August 2013

Three Girlfriends and a New Kind of Hope

I am a walking contradiction. I am brave but a wimp. I am strong but a crybaby. I am funny but always searching for happiness. Tunog Bipolar na ba? Hehe. I know myself well, that I actually have the power to manipulate my own feelings whenever I want to. I think all of us could do that as well --- the manipulation of our own emotions. Do you agree? You see, I was not at my best self lately. I cried over the littlest of things. I started to have that moment, I think a week ago and I "over-shared" it with my husband. Rhambo, not used to having a Judy Ann Santos of a wife (read: teleserye queen) ignored it. Ugh. It was the lowest of low, muthers. As in. It's hard when that one person actually caused you to be more emotional when all this time you thought he would be the saviour of your emotions. I extended my drama scenes over at Instagram. Mega-post ng quotable quotes na swak sa nararamdaman ko at that moment. Ang sarap eh, masokista lang ang peg. Hahaha! But when I realized it didn't help me lessen the burden, I spilled all the beans to my best girlfriends: E, my 1st AML from the North; C, the fitness trainor from hell; and S, the spelunker video editor from SG. Yes, we had brunch a la SATC, only virtually. Oh, you just didn't how I felt so much better after that! But the husband was still dedmadela to the max that I can't afford to smile yet.

07 August 2013

A Mom's Life 28/48

I got pregnant with LB out of wedlock and it honestly didn't make me feel that good. However, I realized that it didn't matter as long as she was healthy and normal. When I gave birth five years ago, Rhambo was not at my side; I even had a really bad experience the day after that, which I'm trying my best to forget. Filing for her birth certificate took me long 'cause I originally didn't want to name her after her father. My mom told me to forget about my pride and do whatever it takes to give LB a family she deserves. Yes, I did it all for my Sophia, my wisdom. Until now, whenever my husband and I will loathe each other to death, I can easily forget that because I need to keep this family for her. Some people have admired me for being so strong despite all the hardships I've been through but I guess, there are stronger women than me --- the single moms. And one of them is my 28th AML mom. 

06 August 2013

Hoop for a Hoopless Hand Towel

I love Martha Stewart's kitchen towels! I bought mine in SM Department Store. It has so many designs that could add a touch of cuteness to your kitchen. I have pink polka, cupcakes, stripes and plaid. I am actually planning to add more. Yes, you can never have too many hand towels, you know. But I noticed one thing, only a few have hoops sewn on it. Among my 5 towels, the polka has it. And since I don't have an oven yet where I could hang it and neither I have installed a hand towel bar in my humble kitchen, it has nowhere to go. It became a messy love affair between me and my towels. So I thought of a great idea! I sewed a DIY hoop for my hoopless hand towel! 

05 August 2013

Anonymous Comment

I started this blog without the intention of making myself famous. I didn't even think that I would be a mom blogger. I just wanted to write. Well, I'm a mom so might as well be one. I opened a few pages of my book of life in the aim of making my readers relate to what I'm actually experiencing. I love reading comments from people I haven't met, I feel like they're also sharing their lives with me. It kinda makes the world small and I find it so cool. However, this morning when I checked my dashboard, I saw an anonymous comment. After reading it, I shed tears. I was deeply saddened. The attack was too personal that I deleted it right away. I knew it'd linger on my mind for so long if I didn't. It said something about how I was raised, that no wonder I was just at home, that my husband only married me because he didn't have a choice and that... I was already shaky by the time I reached that part - it was about my one and only child. It crushed my heart. I went to my then sleeping daughter and kissed her and hugged her. Sigh. 

04 August 2013

One Before 29

Exactly a month from now, it'll be my last year on being in my 20s. Yes, I'm only 29 or I'm 29 already! If you think I look older, I'm planning to take anti-aging moisturizer na, promise. If you think I look younger naman, uy salamat. Saka na yung jacket ah, nasa pagawaan pa. Hehe. 

Well, I don't have a particular wish for my birthday. I'm not even asking the jowabelles to come home on that exact date 'cause LB's birthday falls on the same month. I want him to be with her on her special day. I do have few 'material' wishes though but when I calculated the amount I might be spending on the girl's 5th simple birthday party at school, I changed my mind. 

I'm Beautiful and I Know It

These thoughts have been in the deepest corner of my brain that eventually traveled to my heart so I'm letting it all off through this post. Uunahan na kita ha, if you are a hater in disguise and plans to roll eyes the entire time reading this eh tigil na. Click the x now. Exit. Shoo-shoo, bawal ang nega vibes sa aking palasyo.

Alright, game.

There are times when I'm #GGSS; for my non-nakikiuso readers, it's gandang-gandang sa sarili. It usually happens when I'm freshly showered and fascinatingly admiring my face in the mirror. Hehe. Aminin niyo, you have reached that point in your lives din minsan. Yung iba nga madalas eh: may isang album sa Facebook ng selfies. Haha! Iiwasan ko na silang i-judge, promise. Pero nawiwindang talaga ako sa mga kabataan ngayon. Kahit saan masandal eh aanggulo at magse-selfie with super duper pa-cute face. Oh well, dumaan din ako sa ganung stage --- even in my late 20s. Eto ang ilan.

Hey, banyo shot! May batang tulog pa sa background. Lol.