Woot-woot, you are here! It means you believe in me and want to work with me. Right? Please stay, let's talk. 

Royal Domesticity (formerly known in the mommy blogging community as Bebengisms) has been around the blogosphere for half a decade already. It gained a strong and steady readership, with an average of 40,000 monthly page views and 15,000 unique visitors, because of its authenticity, intention and sometimes, humor. The readers, mostly composed of Filipino women aged 25-34 years old living in the Philippines and abroad said that my stories are real, delightful and simple.

Below are my social media statistics as of February 2017. My blog went through a quiet rebranding on May 2015, on which I created a new Twitter account (hence, its small number of followers). I use it mostly for my showbiz-related brain farts; nothing much is to be expected there - to be honest. But you must check my Facebook page, where there's daily interaction! It's growing as the days go by. How exciting, isn't it?

Our stories are stories of most Filipino families today.

In my four years of sharing stories about our family life, people have been telling me that I inspire and entertain them. And most of all, they try (read: consider using) whatever product or brand I have wrote about here or on my social media platforms. So when I realized that my readership and threading of words can pay bills, give my family a bountiful dinner or a vacation to remember, I started to collaborate and make this humble space an extension of my work. You love women who work, don't you?

So, if your market is my tribe, shall we get into business? Here are the things that I can do to help you.

SPEAKING ENGAGEMENT. As a Communications graduate and former Training Specialist, I have the confidence and skills to speak in public. I once gave a talk to Advertising students of Polytechnic University of the Philippines about Internet Etiquette. I can also do anything that revolves around home, food and motherhood like my Baon Serye Talks with Accenture Philippines' Accenture Technology Women.
EVENT ATTENDANCE. If you have an event for women, kids or families scheduled on weekday mornings or a weekend, let me know at least a week ahead. It's nice to put on make-up once in a while. You would love to have me around, I promise! 
PRODUCT EXPOSURE. Sure, you may send me your products for social media posting (Facebook or Instagram). Please check this album for reference. Yes, I will use the hashtag of your campaign, if necessary; I am a millennial mom who's used to it, anyway. However, there is no guarantee that a blog post will be given to each product I receive. Should you wish to have your brand appear in my humble kingdom, though, perhaps I can write a sponsored feature for you. Please read below.
SPONSORED FEATURE. I dedicate time and a part of my heart in every article that I post here - writing is my bliss. You may want to look around the blog and my sponsored posts to check what I mean by that. I strongly believe that social media exposure isn't enough. Modern and smart consumers Google everything first before purchasing anything. I am a consumer myself so I know what the decision-makers (also known as moms) search for. It also helps that I have background in sales (I used to train real estate agents for a living). Don't worry, I don't have that "home TV shopping" tone in my articles. Hehe. Lastly, please note that Royal Domesticity does not publish guest posts or guest-written content submissions, exchange links or accept payment for positive reviews.
GIVEAWAY HOSTING. I can host an online contest for your campaign for free in one condition: I have tried your product and loved it! If not but it can reach my audience, I charge a minimal fee for this. After all, holding giveaways takes time, effort and stress (some contest joiners can be a bit aggressive, I tell ya!). Most of my giveaways run for a week or two. Prize must be worth at least Php500.  
BANNER ADS. A 250x250px space is available on my sidebar. Your badge is directly linked to your website or Facebook page. There's one-month, 3-month and 6-month packages. 
For us to discuss more of what we can do together, please email me at