27 June 2019

The original #BaonSerye is back!

My pre-teen Sophia is now on 5th grade. I think her level of appetite for her age, built and height is just right. I mean, standing at 5 feet tall with an effervescent personality, she literally gets hungry every hour. So now that she's back to regular school (read: homeschooled for a year, will tell the story why we quit soon), which we all welcomed with warm, excited hearts, it means this mama is back to her baon-making game again! If you're not familiar with how I make my kid's lunches, you might want to read this lovely feature about me by theAsianparent Philippines entitled, Meet the Foodie Mom Behind the Popular #baonserye

For two school years, I prepped Sophia's meals with lots of love, cute bento tools and wide array of snacks. Nothing much has changed this school year. I'm just gradually minimizing the cute factor in each baon since she doesn't really mind how her food looks lately. Again, something from her tummy sends message to her brain that cuteness can't make it full, anyway. She has days that she appreciates that her baon looks like it's straight from an Instagram feed (like today's pancake, chocolate syrup and fruit crisps combo) but generally, she's totally fine with whatever I serve her as long as it's healthy and filling. I'd like to believe that I'm a cool mom so I try my best to include fun in everything I do for my children. This was one of the major reasons why I created #baonserye in 2016.