29 November 2012

Mommy Mundo Bazaar 2012: The Aftermath

I first knew about Mommy Mundo (MM) late last year. I immediately applied for the Privilege Passport when I saw it on their website. But busyness, lack of chance and laziness happened that I didn't get to pay for it, which resulted to prolonging the processing to start. Procrastination, I knooow. Don't judge! But when I have already embraced my SAHM life, I made sure I'll be a part of at least any of the many MM events they hold every year.

Ta-daah! My first is the Mommy Mundo Bazaar 2012, which was held at the Rockwell Tent in Makati City on November 24-25. Together with my Mommy Best Friend (MBF) Mommy Evie (ME), we got high over freebies, Priscilla Meirelles-Estrada, new finds, and of course, the most wanted MOM 24/7 PLANNER! Cheers! :)

28 November 2012

A Kingdom Will Never be Complete Without the King

When R and I started dating, we were very sure about our love for each other that we already saw ourselves as husband and wife. But I never really expected that to be his wife entails me to do what I avoided to happen - be a solo parent. Well, geographically. Being a military wife is something I am proud to be. Not all women can achieve to get married, submit to a man, do things by herself and decide on her own all at the same time. Others just get married, you know. ;)

I hope he'll give me a handsome washer and dryer. ;) source
R is currently at "work" and like what his phone told me, "cannot be reached". He's not updated about our moving out/moving in event but he knew that I already found a new place for us. He doesn't know that I bought plastic chairs for our dining area that we could temporarily use along with our glass table. He doesn't know that Sophia recently had her 2nd assessment. He doesn't know that I need him now more than ever (okay - this is an exaggeration). Well, he texted me earlier that I shouldn't wait for him to move out from MIL's house anymore and that I can just hire a closed truck van because he can't come home to help me. Sigh. And what did I just reply? "Okay, ako na bahala."

27 November 2012

Let Go and Let God

Any single human being alive in this messy-happy world we live in gets into trouble one time or another. The only difference it would make is how a person reacts to it. When I was younger, I just easily cry whenever problems arise. I used to sulk in to my emotions. I skip meals and sleep all day. And then when I learned to fight back, that's just what I did - fight, fight, fight - without even thinking about it. As I get older, I feel I get a bit wiser. Since I'm now surrounded with friends and family who have armed themselves with so much positivity, I have tried my best to never jump into my roller coaster of hormonal changes and quickly decide on something then regret it after. 

I have learned to hold on to my faith.

26 November 2012

What Hat Should I Wear Next?

Well, aside from wearing hats of being a wife, mom and blogger, I am at an urge to wear another one. No, I don't want to feel like I'm Wonder Woman (single pa siya and wala naman atang anak) and all, but I want moooore. A new hobby? For extra income? Self-worth? To secure my daughter's future? I'm still deeply thinking about it.

Photo courtesy of Pink Hat Sport

I was with my mommy bestfriend, ME, at the Mommy Mundo Bazaar earlier and while looking at all the booths, we noticed that most of the bazaaristas are pretty. So I was like "nakikita mo na ba tayo diyan, Bez?" And we giggled. We had this daydream one time we were texting (or was it FB chat?) that it's should've been a lot better if we live next door. Or at least live in the same city. We could've open our own business. She could've quit her job in Smart Communications, Inc. to focus on her baby Raine (who will be turning one on January 2013!) and just be a full-time mom like me. But things aren't as simple as that. She lives in Laguna and I'm from Marikina. That's one BIG challenge. But I won't take that as a hindrance. I pinned a note on my mental cork board that I have to schedule a sit-down meeting with her to talk about this vision. We got to brainstorm. 

Well, this meeting of some sort doesn't necessarily mean that it's a hundred percent concrete plan. I'm sure there'll be few bumps on the road, and I bet our friendship would be tested, but I'm very positive about it. So, is a mompreneur hat really the next that I'll be wearing? Oh, let's all pray for that! How about you, what hat do you want to wear next? :)

24 November 2012

When a 15-minute Tantrum Challenges a Fabulous 4-year-old Motherhood

As a human being, I have a love-hate relationship with life. As a woman, I'm into pink, floral, Hello Kitty, chick flicks but I fart aloud and can lift the fridge if I need to. As a daughter, I remembered that I always have something for Mama's birthday when I was younger; be it a 10-peso single white rose or a DIY greeting card but I also answer back when I think I should. As a friend, I'm tactless and sometimes uncaring but when someone hurts one of them, I make sure I'm there not just to back them up but to leave a bitchy speech for the assaulter. As a wife, I can cook good food that R likes, I wash his clothes with and without complaining and I believe love-making is the best exercise. As a mother, well, uhm, I love my daughter. Is that enough?

I am a four-year-old mother.

Isn't it FPJ that said "marami ka pang kakaining bigas"? That's what I am as a mother! Oh, we don't eat rice grains, Mr. FPJ, we eat rice, as in kanin. Hehe. Anyway, I just had one of these mudrabelle kudos moments for myself earlier at school today after Sophia's 2nd individual assessment. She was cheerful to go to school as she was wearing her tiny purple tutu skirt. She played a bit while waiting for her turn. When she was already inside doing the tasks, I saw that she's happily doing it. Whoa, when she got outside asking for more time to play and the routine-conscious soul in me told her she has to wear her slippers first without my help, she went wild - literally. She wailed loud enough for the birds in the nest to fly away and for the cocoons to eagerly transform to be a butterfly. Yes, it was such a scene! One of the teachers who passed by told me to never give in. When Ate Maritess tried to get the slippers as I am ignoring my little drama princess' telenovela-worthy monologues, one of Sophia's teachers told her not to. I think it took her 15-20 minutes to finally stop from her what-seemed-to-be-endless bout of tears. 

23 November 2012

Review: Beauty Soaps by Droplets of Nature

If we are going to ask 100 Filipino women on their definition of beauty, more or less, we'll get 20 different answers with the same thought. And one of it is being fair-skinned. Another could be being young. In the advent of technology, along with the instant existence of multifaceted gadgets, humans never got tired of discovering new things to improve one's life. Though old folks feel that these technology trends had somehow ruin the true essence of an industry, we can't avoid but to be amazed at how we could benefit from using it. 

Taken for example are Methatione capsules that could whiten skin for 4 capsules a day. A lot of Filipino people had tried taking it, since most of us are born with beautiful sunshiny skin, and they weren't contented with it, because they think that to be beautiful is to be as white as Kristine Hermosa. Some of them had settled for a monthly beauty inject. Others through a slow but safe process by using whitening soaps. Anything just to get fair skin. 

One of the fast-rising beauty soaps in the market today is from Droplets of Nature. Right now, they have Beauty & Bright Skin Lightening Body Soap and Anti-Aging Serum Bar and Beauty & Bright Facial & Body Lightening Moringa Soap. 

21 November 2012

Review: Kid StarMaker's Ballerina Princess Book

I haven't met a parent, or a mom per se, who do not give so much pride about having her child. I know you know what I'm talking about! Like what my former guy (& single) assistant told me when it was Christmas season in  the office last year, when you get to be a parent, all you got to brag are your kids' achievements. Or your kids themselves. When LB wasn't born yet, it was my boyfriend (now husband) that I was so proud to talk about. I have "branded" him as the best boyfriend ever despite our endless fights & arguments. I always sounded like I am selling Rhambo to my friends & family, dishing out to them the juiciest stories about how he made me feel like a natural woman! Okay, that's a song. But yeah, I think it's really my nature to get that "marketing/PR" vibe in me. Now that I am a mother of a 4-year-old drama princess, I never changed that. Well, for some parents, they find it not so nice. It's like I'm pushing my two loves (Rhambo & LB) to limelight, which they weren't really asking for. But that was not my point, I wanted to let the people see & know how wonderful they are! 

Thank you so much Kid StarMaker for my little girl's book & CD!
Her AWESOME face just proved how happy she was. ;)
I have learned my lesson though. Rhambo's not really the type of guy who wants so much spectacle about him so I minimized the details on his what-seemed-to-be-my-husband-press-kit. I just let myself be the proof of his being the great man that he is. How? To be a fabulous woman that I am! Charot. But really, he takes good care of me very well. And yes, he spoils me like a baby. Alright, enough. But LB? Ooh, she loves it! Being the only girl grandchild of my mom (Lola Leny or LL has 5 grandsons from my sisters), she gets to be cooed a lot. Though it's not the case in my MIL's side because she's the 3rd granddaughter already, she has still kept that BIDA COMPLEX alive, as being the unica hija of MIL's only son. 

20 November 2012

Bebeng's Bet na Balur

Aside from giveaways, reviews and press releases, I also blog about how my usual life goes. And what? What am I up to? Sensha na mudraks ha, medyo serious mode ang peg ng blog ko lately bilang ang mga pending ay inaagiw na sa drafts. But yes, I will make a short kwento before bumorlog with this snoring froglet. Pramis, short lang 'to. Eto nga, R & I decided that it's time to build our own kingdom. No, hindi kami kumuha thru Pag-Ibig at lalong hindi kami nanalo sa Lotto (dahil hindi kami tumataya) para makabili ng bahay agad-agad. Magrerenta kami ng aming humble balur. Bubukod kami for the 3rd time! 

Perpol House with Mister Suave. Mwah! ♥ 
You heard it right. We first lived with my mudra nung ako'y hindi pa Mrs. Rayala. Then siyempre, nanaig ang pagmamahal sa isa't-isa kaya bumukod kami at tumira sa aming old-school apartment sa Marikina!

18 November 2012

A Letter From a Bipolar Parent

Dear Sophia,

Let me vent out. I just want to tell you how pissed I am at how you always cling to me even when I want to poop. It irritates me when you ask me to teach you how to play the games on my 2-year-old C3. It can never be as good as your Tatay's iPhone so don't whine if the characters don't move as you slide the screen. My nape aches when you insist to eat banana instead of rice and monggo.

Today, we went with Lola Leny and visited the apartment for rent that she recommended. It's painted in pink, just like what you wished for. But when we were there, you don't seem happy about it. I will get it in the blink of an eye, not because it's pink but because it doesn't flood there. It's near everywhere - hospitals, supermarkets, wet market, ride going to malls. The only problem is, it only has one bedroom, which Tatay will surely disapprove of. Now I'm so torn. I just want to give us our own kingdom.

And yet you stress me so much about your 4-year-old issues.

When you threw up in the dining area earlier tonight and I saw bits of chocolate, I wanted to scream. No, I wanted to poke my tonsil and throw up, too. You just made me feel like a bad mother. I bought you that chocolate-flavored wafer because I know you could have made a scene if I didn't buy it. And now, it caused you a suicidal cough. As far as my migraine is concern, that was such a show. I felt the back of my head throbbing and your little voice seemed so far away as I saw you hugged the toilet and puked for eternity. I wanted to faint but I know you needed me. A sudden thought passed: A 20-year-old you getting drunk and hugging the toilet. I can't even.

You said it's us when you saw this.
Babe, as you peacefully went to sleep tonight after a book about monkeys and a prayer about your cough, I realized I shouldn't be this to you. What, this? This - strict but spoiler. Damn (sorry for the word, young lady)! But it's hard to be a military wife. I am your father most of the time. But should act like a mother 'cause I am. That makes me a Bipolar parent. I am a mix of two at the same time. And I despise it. As much as I want to coo you when you're sick just like any doting moms do, I need to be firm and stern in making you take your meds. I needed to use my iron fist as to make you avoid sweet foods to lessen the risk of extreme coughing at night. There are times that I only want peace and quiet with you, reading our books and just sitting beside each other. But your blood has your Tatay's warrior genes, you want some rough play that I can't give. Hence, my patience twine snapping off.

Okay, enough with my rant.

I'm very sorry, my dear girl Sophia. I know you somehow feel insecure as I am always at this computer instead of watching your toons with you. Yes, I will limit my time with this pink evil and dance with your Hi-5 friends. You're only four and don't know how to differentiate EASY from HARD when playing games on my phone; so yes, I will do my best to patiently teach you how to "kill" (ugh! How can you say that to a 4-year-old?!) the red snake in Diamond Rush. Lastly, I will never force you to eat something you don't like. Because I myself can't eat balut, "helmet" (grilled chicken's head) and mussels even if Tatay will tell me to do so. I will respect that.

I only have a request. Please stay as protective as you are when Lola pretended that she's going to beat me up. I was in tears of joy when you did your best to shield me from her and you suddenly cried when you realized you can't do anything because she's bigger than you. I know I'm bad to play with your feelings. I just wanted to let Lola see how much you love me and wants to take care of me even if you're your usual masungit self. It was all part of our theatrics. I just hope I won't go wrong along the way of raising you up, so I know I can make you become a better version of me.

I may have my librarian of a face when I tell you to sleep, eat or clean up; but in the deepest corner of my heart, it always has its best intention for you. I love you to bits. ♥

We'll go to church tomorrow (er, this morning) 'cause I only borrowed you from God,

Never marry a soldier if you don't want to be a Bipolar parent like me.
But they're hot, I can't blame me if you will. ;)

No, I'm not really Bipolar - sick and all. I hope I made that clear in the 5th paragraph.

Photo courtesy of Kaleigh Somers

17 November 2012

Review: INDIGObaby's Jar of Love

There's no better feeling than seeing your child well and smiling, after being sick for 3 days. LB was down with flu since Tuesday night. I was like a 24/7 roving guard monitoring her fever with my digital thermometer (which I find so awesome as it beeps when it reaches the body's temperature) because she reached 39.8 and it was almost two in the morning. I felt a bit sad for her as she didn't go to school for 3 days, missing out on a lot of activities.

I had her take paracetamol and massaged her back, feet & legs with INDIGObaby's Jar of Love Healing Balm. It was a bit funny though that while I was applying it on her back, my super inquisitive sickly daughter said in her weak voice, "is that your toothpaste, Nanay?" ;)

16 November 2012

Bagfull & the Woman Behind Its Success

I know you've been waiting for this. I just prolonged the agony because I really wanted to share with you how HR is connected to Rhambo & I. We are not just HS batchmates, we were once in a puppy love triangle. Haha! So sino ba si HR? If you have read this & this, you'll get her name. But I don't want you to think like you're solving a Math problem, so I'll give it to you. It's Honey Reyes --- the woman behind the master pieces of Bagfull.

What started out as passion for fashion & selling has now turned into a full time serious bag business. And not just something like what you can say as "extra income". This is HR's bread & butter. Like what I said in my previous post, she took BS Entrepreneurship in Miriam College. According to her, "mas nadevelop na din, passion ko talaga".

15 November 2012

Hawaiian Chicken Adobo with Sesame Seeds

It accidentally happened. I was mixing the spices, had it in low heat first then decided to put in the remaining sugar I got from the suman I bought from the wet market last Tuesday. Lo & behold, it has sesame seeds! I got the shock of my life when I saw them floating. Ano itong tila mga insekto na lumalangoy sa niluluto ko? I wondered if it would change the distinct taste I always give my adobo. But thank heavens, it didn't. Well, why is it called Hawaiian? Answer: pineapple tidbits. I am going to share with you my take on little foodie's ultimate favorite viand: ADOBO.

Provincial Tour Part 1: Nueva Ecija

Two weeks had already passed since LB & I lived the barriotic way, but I haven't shared with you on how we spent it. To make the little girl's sembreak worth it, we went to Nueva Ecija from October 23 to October 27 to celebrate my kumare's daughter's 1st birthday party. Please allow the photos to tell you our story. But wait, dahil madaldal ako by nature, I will make side comments. :D

Super arte. Kanino kaya 'to nagmana?
Thank you Tito Gq (Rhambo's mistah) for picking us up at home.

14 November 2012

When HR Met B

I will put the When Rhambo Met Bebeng love story behind for now as we give room to how HR had hers. Promise, babalikan natin yun. Especially now that I remembered that we'll be celebrating our 2nd year anniversary as a married couple. Anyway, if you read my previous post, for sure you know who HR is. Yes, she was the other girl who had a crush on Rhambo when we were in 2nd year HS. But I heard she was not the only one. There were more that I didn't know of. Haha! Naks Tatay ha, huma-heartthrob. Sabagay, hindi man siya ganun kapogian like that of Dingdong Dantes or Piolo Pascual but he has this alindog. Yane, alindog pa?! Nakikita niyo din ba yun or ako lang? Uy, Rhambo, I deserve a full body massage after this. :*

So eto na nga, what happened to HR naman? I guess nawala din yung pagkagusto niya kay Rhambo nung 3rd year. Nagkahiwa-hiwalay na kaming tatlo. Pinaghiwalay ng tadhana. Charot. Si Rhambo, napunta sa section na may Furniture & Cabinet-making elective; Si HR, sa may Home Industry at ganun din ako, 2 batches lang nga kaya magkahiwalay pa din kami. If my photographic memory serves me right, nagkajowa si HR nung HS eh --- si J. Pero alam ko short stint lang yun at medyo kontrobersyal. Hihi. Ngunit magandang marinig din natin ang panig ng magkabilang kampo regarding this. The Buzz lang?

12 November 2012

Review: Dishwashing Liquid by Droplets of Nature

If there's one thing I least like with all the domestic motherly brouhahas, that is dishwashing. I remember a time when my younger brother & I fought over dirty dishes. You can make me do the laundry (which I love), cook for a feast or clean the house while a toddler is playing, but it would take time to prod me to wash dirty dishes. I abhor the long time to stand while washing, so when I was a maarte kolehiyala (but a state U student naman), I got a chair & sat while doing it. Whenever Rhambo was home & we don't have a helper, he's the sink-in-charge. I know it's weird that I love doing the laundry but I despise being in the sink with a basin full of greasy plates & forks; but that's me. However, when I don't have Rhambo or a helper around, I have no excuse not to do it.

Photo courtesy of Zazzle

When Rhambo Met Bebeng

Whenever people would ask me or Rhambo on how our love story started, we would always tell them that we've known each other since highschool. Pwedeng pang Valentine special ng MMK. That's true. But we became a couple when I was already working at ABS-CBN, two years after I graduated from college & he's a fresh grad from the academy, a 2nd Lieutenant of the Philippine Army. We were never friends in highschool. We used to live in the same village & nakakasabay ko siya noon sa jeep pero hindi man lang niya ako nalibre ng pamasahe. Grabe! Now that we're married, he confessed that he can never pay for my fare kasi nga nag-1-2-3 siya. At umamin din ako, I was praying na ilibre niya ako kasi balak ko mag-1-2-3. Haha! I was kilig pa that time kasi nga "crush" ko siya nung 2nd year highschool kami, the time we were classmates, nung makasabay ko siya sa jeep. Ayun, nalaman ko kung san siya nakatira --- now the house where I currently reside (which we will soon leave).

Left: PMA Alumni Homecoming 2007; Rhambo asked his 1st Class cadet-friends to do that for him. Haba ng hair ko.
Right: I wrote that in the sand of Opol, Misamis Oriental beach when I visited him in Mindanao

11 November 2012

Review: Hand Sanitizers by Droplets of Nature

I never claim I'm Mrs. Clean & not really that of an OC mom, but I always make sure that my hands are clean. And so's LB's. If water is not accessible & there's no trash bin near to throw my used wet wipes after, there should be a hand sanitizer in my bag. And it never fails, I always have one. Well, sometimes it's a bottle of alcohol. I recently discovered a brand that produces hand sanitizers made of natural ingredients, Droplets of Nature. Their hand sanitizers are made from plant-based lactic acid, fruit-based alcohol and essential oils. The plant-based lactic acid acts as the main anti-bacterial ingredient, therefore the scent of the alcohol is not too strong. The lactic acid and essential oils acts as the natural moisturizers. Their hand sanitizer is also safe for the baby's hands.

10 November 2012

Rayala Dialogues: Of Catfish & Carly Rae Jepsen

Here are two episodes of Sophia's Rayala Dialogues.

Inside Save More Supermarket in Marikina City, we were looking for hotdogs & nuggets nung magawi kami sa seafood section. Sa aquarium, may hito...
LB: Nanay, let's go back. I wanna see there!
B: Okay.
Pushed the grocery cart near the aquarium where the catfishes are. (Yes, feeling toddler pa siya. Tired daw to walk.) After a few seconds of staring at the naglilikot na hito, while I was picking up 500gms of TJ jumbo hotdog, I heard her:
LB: Oh no, don't look at me! (at kumuha pa ng resbak)
       Nanay, the catfish is looking at meeee!
Eh 'di ba banlag ang hito?
~ ♥  ~

LB reading her Disney Junior magazine & I was on my laptop, I was humming/singing Call Me Maybe, then...
B: Where you think you're going babyyyy... ♫
LB: Nanay, I'm not going anywhere.
(in her bored tone)
B: ... (nganga)
Wala ba 'ko sa tono at akala niya siya kausap ko?

Baby Carnival Bazaar: The Aftermath

I am very grateful that the event organizer, Ms. Jade Ceres-Dolor, sent me an e-mail few days back telling me about the Baby Carnival Bazaar that was held at the Filipinas Heritage Library yesterday. I was thrilled by the idea that someone really took notice of my blog & invited me. High five! So I came. I tagged along my daughter who will be so kawawa if I leave her at home. And since I know she will be a handful & I'm basically invalid to do super strenuous activities, such as walking around Makati with a hyper kid (to my OB & husband's dismay for sure), I told Ate Maritess to join us.

08 November 2012

Review: Lactation Cookies by Crumbs & Grubs

It was more than a month ago when I received a package from the owner of Crumbs and Grubs, mommy Jeanne Marfal. No, I'm not feeding my 4-year-old Little Bebeng through my breast, but I just wanted to try their products & she sent me the cookies. I might not get the best of the other products (brownies & other breads from its sister company) if it will be shipped to me so she advised me to meet her instead. We have already scheduled a meet-up but we both got busy with some personal things that it ended up her shipping a pack of cookies to me. That was a little after I had my dramatic ectopic pregnancy

07 November 2012

The Teleserye Princess in her Pink World

Today, I was the one who went with Sophia to school & not Ate Maritess. We got an invite yesterday from one of her classmates who celebrated his birthday today in school. Happy 5th birthday, Kyle! So I needed to buy a gift that's why I let some Marikina sunshine touched my skin. The invite that we got was a Spiderman card. Hmm. So Spiderman ang ireregalo ko. I went to a nearby gift store after I made sure my LB's in the safety of her classroom. I looked for a Spiderman toy & saw lots of it. Bumili ako agad-agad. Dinagdagan ko ng marker pens & Spiderman drawing book. Voila! All below Php100. Kasama na ang paper bag. Hihi. Wais na misis. Hello, petsa de peligro. 

This is what she wore yesterday. She wore it the whoooooole day.PINK is my fev-rit, Nanay! ♥ 
When I got back to school, I tapped their glass door to ask for Sophia, who was in the middle of an argument with her Teacher Pau. It looked like she was in her maldita streak again. She went out to get her gift for Kyle. I saw a trace of tear in her left eye. I asked her why she cried. She said she wanted the PINK marker pen. Pinapagawa pala sila ng birthday card for the birthday boy. She said she can't find the PINK marker pen. Howmaygoolay. Bad influence na ba ako sa anak ko? Na hindi siya gagawa ng card kung hindi PINK ang marker pen? Kaloka. Yun lang iniiyakan na? Pag-aartistahin ko na talaga yata 'to. :p

05 November 2012

Do Crabs Bite?

When Sophia started to learn to sing nursery rhymes & children's songs, it never occurred to me to teach her  the usual pinoy ones. Kasi nga pa-soshal ako. Gusto ko tunog nag-aaral siya sa international school. Kaya mga "Littah Petah Rwabbit" ang bet kong i-demo sa kanya. Pak! But now that she's a preschooler, araw-araw iba-iba! Medley pa! I was a momma-in-kilig when I first heard her sing Bahay Kubo. Her version sounded like that of a foreign kid attempting on her Tagalog --- "labanos, mustasas". Plural ang mustasa niya. 

One day she came home after school (tulad kanina), and she was humming this famous Tagalog nursery rhyme:

Tong tong tong tong pakitongkitong
Alimango sa dagat
Malaki at masarap
Mahirap hulihin
Sapagkat nangangagat
(repeat until insanity gives up on you)

I know this song; I used to sing this, too. But I suddenly realized something was wrong when LB asked me what "nangangagat" means. I said it's bite. Yun naman talaga translation niya di ba? Then Rhambo asked, "may ipin ba ang crab, wala naman di ba?" Good thing LB didn't mind us as we continue to converse about the song. I even thought too much of the English term of naninipit, which the crab really does & not biting. Hay naku, ka-stress pa naman mag-explain sa inquisitive preschooler. I deserve an apology from this song's writer. Chos.

02 November 2012

Rayala Dialogues: Sophia's 2nd Name is Frank

Nakaantabay si Tatay sa kung anong hihingin na tulong ni Frank
Part two of our provincial tour is almost over, but things hadn't changed --- the Bebengs are still in front of the pc. We were done with kite-flying and we went to a nearby beach yesterday. There's nothing to do anymore. So eto, nganga sa laptop with anything we can make kalkal. Ako, busy with my "social" life. Si LB, sa kung anong laro meron ang laptop ng pudra niya. Ayun, she found Plants vs. Zombies and she played it. Ayun at humingi ng tulong ni Super Rhambo, kasi hindi na niya alam gagawin. They were doing okay as a father & daughter in PVZ-training until I heard my theatrical character actress of a daughter said:
"Akin na, you're bully!" 

01 November 2012

Rayala Dialogues: Sophia Daldalita

Sapagkat ako'y mapaghandang ina, nilinis ko kagabi ang aming mga mapuputik na tsinelas para sa maghapong pagtambay namin dito sa dagat. Habang pinagkaka-busyhan ko itong gawin sa CR ng kwarto ni Rhambo sa kampo, eto ang naging eksena:
Bebeng: Ang putek! Hirap kasi walang sabon.
LB: (sa kama, nakikipaglandian sa pudra niya) Nanay, what's sabon?
B: Soap po.
LB: You calling me, Nanay?
B: 'Nak, soap. Not Sophia!
Rhambo: Ahahaha!
Ang kuliiiiiit.