10 November 2012

Baby Carnival Bazaar: The Aftermath

I am very grateful that the event organizer, Ms. Jade Ceres-Dolor, sent me an e-mail few days back telling me about the Baby Carnival Bazaar that was held at the Filipinas Heritage Library yesterday. I was thrilled by the idea that someone really took notice of my blog & invited me. High five! So I came. I tagged along my daughter who will be so kawawa if I leave her at home. And since I know she will be a handful & I'm basically invalid to do super strenuous activities, such as walking around Makati with a hyper kid (to my OB & husband's dismay for sure), I told Ate Maritess to join us.

Before going to the event, I asked my Little Bebeng (LB) to sort all her toys and choose which ones she could give to the children of the orphanage that the bazaar is supporting. It was such a scene! Feeling ko cast ako ng isang musical play with my up & down tone. As in, I wooed her & explained in my most Ate Shena (Batibot storyteller) kind of voice that sharing is what a real princess do. She gave in. Hurray! Bet na bet ko yung time na yun kasi finally, marunong na siya ng empathy.

She chose some of the toys na kasama ng Jolly Kiddie Meal & McDonald's Happy Meal. I told her to give one book, too. I personally chose the Alpha-bears (about the alphabet) pero sinoli niya sa book shelf. Dumugo ang puso ko ng slight sa pinili niyang book, but I guess she didn't like it that much kaya yun ang binigay niya. Or she wanted to teach the kids of the orphanage about friendship. Mapapa-aww ka talaga sa kakyutan. I had that moment when she uttered "this is for the bata with no mommy & daddy." PROUD NANAY HERE. :')

I'm unfortunately a commuter so we took the trike, FX, MRT, cab and a little walk to go to the place! My little girl is such a trooper, she doesn't complain when it comes to traveling. She rarely misbehaves when she's inside the car (okay, FX or cab). But it's a different story when it's time to walk. Good thing we have Ate Maritess. :)

When we got to Ayala Triangle, we were welcomed by a giant clown. Carnival theme nga pala kasi. Now I realized why Ms. Jade was also wearing a hat complete with a lacy skirt & black blazer. Too bad I didn't have a photo with her as she was so busy. I noticed there was no entrance table whatsoever. Perhaps the place is too small for that. But I was all giddy & excitement when I saw my bestfriend and fellow mommy, Evie Lou, buying in our most favorite booth of the event --- Bug & Kelly Music Inspired Kids Wear!

What's up with my face?
I even shrieked like that of an haciendera to one of its owners, "Julio!" then shook hands. Kakatawa lang. Kala mo close na kami. I also met his very soft spoken & sweet wife, Raquel. I bought a shirt for LB, a shirt for someone na reregaluhan for Christmas & an infant shoe for another reregaluhan. Ano ka, they gave us a bonggang discount! Mommy Evie (ME) & I agreed that we both love B&K na. Just like what we were in college, sharing on our favorite things. :)

Epic ang appearance ni LB. Hehe. Ayan oh, look at her sweaty forehead, it's that hot in there.
While we're having chika with B&K, I noticed Tiffany Tuazon's booth of My Baby Dragon. Photo op ulit. She was so eager to explain to me how it goes. And I made a mental note that I will try her Baby K*Tan Baby Carrier once God blesses us with another baby. Fyi mga mudrabelles, I was wearing a bit of eye make-up (liner, shadow & mascara), almost-super-red lipstick & a tinge of blush. But it looked like I didn't because the Makati weather was not cooperating. Bipolar ang peg niya yesterday. Umambon ng konti then super init na. I wished that the place has air-coolers, at least. Jusko, ang lagkit ng hair ko & pinagpawisan singit-singit ko. Buti my other girlfriend, Pink Sherry (PS), came & join us for a quick tour around the bazaar. It enlightened my mood. But I still sweat. Darn.

Pumayag si LB na maiwan sa play area ng  Rent-a-Toy PH. Oops, ako pala ang pumayag nang bigla-biglaan siyang pumasok. Ayun, napabili kami ng socks. Okay naman the play area. Colorful toys, balls & mats. Yun nga lang, mainit & madilim sa place. I guess it'll be more fun for the kids if they have enough light. But they didn't complain. So I guess they enjoyed! LB found a drawing partner pa nga. They were both wearing polka dresses. Nagkaintindihan naman sila. Hehe.

Mommy Evie as the mini cupcake model.
We stopped by this booth & tasted their mini cupcakes. Sa sobrang sarap, I forgot the name na. Zoom in sa photo --- The Bee Sweet Unlimited pala! No kidding, very yummy the cupcake!

There's free cotton candy, too. Pero mabilis naubos yung stick so pagdating nung gabi, kinakamay na lang. But my sweet tooth baby loved it! Excuse me na lang po sa langis ng fez ko ha. 

Hindi ko pinalagpas this chance to buy anything HK when I saw this. Pero teh, may kamahalan eh. Php50 sa sticker? Sampu lang yun sa palengke, so I bought a towelette na Php50 din. At least ito, mas mapapakinabangan. Wais na misis ang peg.

Nagyaya for dinner si PS sa Bonchon. Sakto! Hindi pa ako nakakakain dun. Bet ko yung chicken at iced tea. But I never liked the kind of rice na parang puto na ang texture. But the chikahan & abrupt tawanan (nakakabitin!) was so worth it. Thank you sa libre, PS. ♥

Gusto lang niya magpapicture diyan. I think LB will be a fashion blogger at age 7. Move over, Laureen Uy. Haha!

ME & I decided to go back to the venue. She bought a book for baby Raine & another shirt from B&K. Suki na kami dun! Super love na namin their shirts. B&K, see you at the Mommy Mundo!

Good thing LB had a dose of her favorite chocolate ice cream, a Belgian chenelin from Golden Spoon, so she suddenly got a sunny disposition & decided to have a face paint by Make Believe Productions. She chose the butterfly design. When she was asked what design she would like to have, she said "bat-tuh-flay!" She was all giggling and it was contagious. Kilitiin pa kasi ang bagets. Ending, dahil mainit nga sa venue, humulas kaagad. :(

Thank you Bagfull for my floral sling bag! Watch out for our upcoming giveaway.
Good thing I didn't choose to take a cab home 'cause yesterday's traffic jam was phenomenal! And while we were on our walkathon going to the MRT, nakasalubong ko si Mommy Kim of Coffee with Kim. She was with Daddy A & cutie Kelly. I guess she'll be posting her experience din with the bazaar. So visit her blog if you want to read her story. :)

These are what I bought. The Desitin is for my kumare from Nueva Ecija, pinabili niya lang. They were selling it for Php775, but I haggled so they gave it to me at Php700. Oh darling, I don't take no as an answer. Chos. And the owl hair clips were bought by PS for LB.

With our long travel and numerous rides --- MRT, FX, trike --- going home, I saw LB in this state while I was fixing our things. What a pitiful sight. Naisip ko she won't get sick naman siguro if I won't clean her up kesa naman i-hassle ko siya to do her before bedtime ritual. So I just asked her to change clothes instead & I wiped her face, hands & feet with a towelette dipped in warm water with Vinagre Aromatico.

When I made sure she's comfortable, I soothed my tired feet with Nanny Rose's Foot Salve & wore my "vintage" socks. Hehe. College pa 'ko niyan eh. Btw, I still have an ongoing giveaway of NR products. Click here to join.

Ayan, blissfully sleeping na ang bagets sa pagod. Now I'm really contemplating if I will tag her along again with me in the Mommy Mundo bazaar, which will be in Makati, too. Though I want her to experience how fun it's going to be, I bet super dami ng tao. 'Cause it's a Mommy Mundo event. Perhaps, she can go with me at the Babypalooza Bazaar in Ateneo instead. It's nearer from our place. Or I will depend on Batman again, like many modern pinoy moms around. He knows naman what's best for us 'di ba. Ika nga nila, "bahala na si batman!" Haha!

This is the Baby Carnival's first time on having this bazaar so let us congratulate them for a job well done despite the few minor bumps along its journey! Kudos to everyone who made the event possible. Cheers! :)

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  1. Thank you so much for posting sis!

    Noted on the feedback. Working on an indoor venue for the next one. Haha, believe me gets ko ang init at ang bi-polar weather nung Friday. Imagine full costume pa ko and I had my 8-month old baby with me. Pwede na pagprituhan ang face ko pagdating ng gabi. At hellish ang traffic ng Makati! Pambihira talaga, di pa payday Friday yun ah.

    Just doing the accounting for the bazaar profits and will do my charity Christmas shopping with all the proceeds. Thank you so much sa book and toys. Congrats on raising your daughter well, ang bait niya to give up her own stuff for charity :)

    Hope to see you at the next event!