15 September 2016

12 Photos That Prove Kids Have A Mysterious Relationship With Stairs

Sophia with cousins Gabby and Garret in 2014.
Sophia was four when we moved out of my husband's parental house to finally live on our own. The house we rented was a 2-storey apartment. So obviously, it has stairs. I didn't know why but my little girl shrieked in delight when she saw it. Since we moved in then, she spent most of her time at home in the stairs. When I posted one photo from those many moments on my Facebook page three years ago, I was amused that other moms also have photos of their kids in the stairs! 

Does anybody know why?

13 September 2016

Lechon Paksiw na Manok

I was out one time the whole afternoon from a blogging event in Makati that I came home a bit late so I didn't have time to cook for dinner. Hence, I decided to buy one whole lechon manok from Baliwag's (honestly, I prefer Andok's any day; sadly, no stores on my way home). When I arrived, my mother-in-law said they just had Jollibee Chicken Joy! Uh-oh. So I just ate two cuts (I was starving, don't judge) from the whole and stored the rest in the refrigerator. The next day, I cooked the leftovers the best way it should be - paksiw! Yum.

It's so easy! In fact, I kind of realized that it's just notches higher than adobo. 'Di ba? Anyway, here's my recipe, in case you'll have too many lechon manok left. 

10 September 2016


Embutido is one of the dishes that I frequently cooked  when R and I were just starting our family. Most home cooks say that this is best for Filipino parties or celebrations. I agree! My mama always has this in her table for Noche Buena or Media Noche. In my opinion, though, this can also be categorized under freezer or make-ahead meals. 

You see, what I did then was to buy a bulk amount of ground pork. I'd make embutido, siomai and lumpiang shanghai for each portion during the weekend. When I'm at work on weekdays, the yaya would just take out a pre-steamed embutido from the freezer and she'd put it on top of the rice while it's still being cooked at its last phase. Yes, habang "ini-inin". Now that I have a gradeschooler, who brings packed lunch to school, I decided to make Embutido again. Not only would it replace her usual canned meatloaf but it's also an addition to my growing episode of #baonserye. ;)

Want to try making it, too? Here's the recipe!

07 September 2016

Sophia's New Travel Buddy

One of my longtime readers *hi, Joy!* recommended this humble space to Anneleen Van Dyck.  I'm so glad she did, to be honest. Leen, as she introduced herself in the email she sent me, told me about this social enterprise that she manages, which helps a group of women from the Visayan Forum Community of Pandacan. It's called Mayown. She teaches them how to make handmade crocheted items. She said, through it, the women can prevent themselves or their kids from going into human trafficking and slavery, as that is still a big problem in these communities. And I - I fully support it! All for girl power and enterprising for a good cause, of course.

Also, this rainbow unicorn is the most adorbs, right? It's well-designed and seamlessly crafted to perfection. The combination of colors is on point, too. Sophia lovingly named it Rainbow Blossom. She brought it once to school on a weekend when we attended a parenting talk about raising kids in the digital age. Felt like it's a bit appropriate. You see, she now plays with real toys instead of my or R's phone. It's been 5 months since we cut her off from using our phones. We don't have local or cable television as well. We only use our TV for movies. Will share more about that on a separate post.

02 September 2016

Look what I got from her ear!

Sophia had cough and colds since last week. I've been giving her the appropriate medications; making sure she's well-rested and all. She's still in her usual chatty self even as of this writing so what could possibly go wrong? Why did we have to go to the hospital yesterday?

It was Tuesday evening, right after we prayed, Sophia suddenly kicked and screamed and cried. Her right ear was hurting, she said. I used my flashlight and checked. When I saw a red dot somewhere down the canal of her ear, I heard my own heart pounding. Nakaka-panic! Thank God He gave me wisdom that night to put some oil to soak whatever was there for a few minutes. Then when the pain subsided after she took a teaspoon of paracetamol, there's this gross goo that peered from her ear. I pulled it out with tweezers.

32 Things / 12

32 Things is a series of fun facts about me; 
to celebrate my 32 years of living, loving and laughing. 


This is a part of my past that made a big impact to who and what I am today. 

I was in 2nd year, the same year when R and I were classmates, when it happened. It was a Saturday when our class had to meet in school for a project. After the meeting, some girls decided to go to the nearest mall to while away. I tagged along; I thought the girls and I were friends. The Monday after, I saw these girls talking to our guy classmates. They were looking my way. So I asked my guy seatmate about it. He said they were talking about me. I almost choked when I swallowed a lump in my throat that began to ball up. I'm a crybaby now that I'm 32 so imagine a 14-year-old me. 

01 September 2016

32 Things / 11

32 Things is a series of fun facts about me 
as I look forward to celebrating my 32nd birthday on September. 


In fact, even if it's just a viral inspirational video, I let tears freely flow regardless if Sophia or R or other people will see me. I think that completes my being an all-out human. By that, I mean, I embrace whatever emotions I will be having for a certain situation. Say, today is September 1st and I don't think I can finish this series before Sunday. What should I feel? What should I do? Oh well. I have the whole month to blog bout these, right? After all, I don't think someone reads this anyway. If you do, please leave a comment! ♥ 

Photo courtesy of Unsplash