30 September 2013

10 Signs That It's Almost Christmas in the Philippines

Here in the Philippines, we still have November 1st and 2nd (or more famously known as Undas) to get busy with before we can officially declare Christmas. But typically Pinoy, it's the yuletide season for us once we hit the -Ber months. Well, for me, I start to actually feel, see and believe it when my husband's year-end bonus arrives, haha. Anyway, before someone else rolls her eyes with that statement, allow me to share you my list of satirical, funny, a bit scary but super spot on signs that it's almost Christmas in the Philippines! 

1. Cab drivers become more choosy than ever. "Dagdag na lang kayo ng bente, Ma'am", "tsk, tsk, ang layo yata nun", "trapik dun eh, metro ba?" and the endless taxi driver dramarama lines continue. Grabe 'di ba? Ay ako muther, I really make a scene 'pag salbahe ang manong driver. Even if I'm at the middle of EDSA 'pag pinaandaran ako ng ganyang emote, may I go down ako. I pretend, too that I'm talking to an MMDA officer on the phone. Minsan, si jowabelles kunwari. However, when I chance upon real nice ones, I make dagdag bente without him telling me.   
2. A platoon of Santa Claus figures displayed in the bangketa, along with parol and other holiday decors. See, even St. Nicholas loves to make tambay in the dusty streets of PI.  
3. Ninongs and Ninangs are practicing the art of deadma. This is my favorite. Sophia has 12 pairs of godparents but you know what? Gift-wise, I felt like we only get around 10 on her birthdays and during Christmas. Presence-wise naman (in person or online), 6 or 7. But we understand you, guys. Ganyan din naman kami sa inyo eh. Hehe.
4. Jacket-clad people, even in the afternoon! You know those glossy, cheap, jejemon and anghit-magnet ones? Such an eyesore, swear. And the color combination sometimes make me dizzy. Don't get caught wearing those please! I don't claim that I'm a fashion expert or something; I do have baduy moments, too. But making the breezy (but still sunny) weather as your excuse to wear a jacket in the noon is unacceptable. Unless you're sick or wearing one from the collection of Zalora's hip varsity jackets, I'll let you go on with your life peacefully. *winks*
5. The campaign for single-blessedness being with family (and fur babies) are getting stronger. Saying that having no partner means no problems or no expenses or whatsoever excuse. I don't want to elaborate anymore.
6. Wind burn. Chapped Lips. Dry skin. But I love my hair's texture as it gets colder. Hindi siya close to being afro. 
7. Hams galore: TVCs, print ads, radio jingle, etc. Get the finest cuts. Look for the net marks. 
8. Carolers who don't finish the song. Sad. Ay naku mga bagets, I will not give you my barya if you don't have that make-shift tambol and tambourine. I will not even open my door if you will just make palakpak ha. Everybody happy dapat ang peg!
9. Pick-pocketers / hold-uppers / snatchers / bad guys / evils / mumu / mga kaborkot na manong and manang are like mushrooms na nagsusulputan everywhere! Teh, sige na mayaman ka na ha. Pero don't wear naman the whole Karat World when you go to Araneta Center to witness the lightening ceremony of the giant Christmas Tree. Ingat lagi tayo! Maging mapagmatyag at mapanuri. 
10. Lastly, nagkakaubusan ng fruit cocktail, NESEL cream at spaghetti sows. Tapos lahat ng puntahan mong bahay pagdating ng pasko, may buko salad, macaroni salad, potato salad, at kung anik-anik na salad. Hanggang 2nd week ng January, may salad sa pridyider.
There you have it - My 10 SIGNS THAT IT'S ALMOST CHRISTMAS IN THE PHILIPPINES! If you have more in mind that you wish to share, type it down in the comments section. This will be one fun discussion on how we Pinoys celebrate Christmas. 85 days to go!

This post is brought to you by Zalora Philippines but all thoughts and opinions are my own.
Photo courtesy of  Pares, atbp.

27 September 2013

My Abstract Sequential Child

As what I have posted here, almost a year ago, LB was assessed by her former teacher as an Abstract Sequential (AS) child. AS kids need a quiet environment to think and work and like to debate about ideas and controversial issues. I automatically thought of her father when I read about it. Rhambo must be an AS adult. Hihi. Anyway, today was the second day of the issuance of their Developmental Assessment Checklist and narrative reports. Unlike other schools, parents of each PSS preschooler has the opportunity to understand their child better through a one-on-one conference with the teacher. 

Her being an AS still manifests even on her second year in PSS. Her teacher, TS, actually told me it's much more obvious now; such as getting grumpy when disturbed in the middle of being busy about something else. Well, that's an "okay" attitude but we, her folks, must practice her to adhere to a certain schedule. My being a very spontaneous parent must have something to do with this. Speaking of, it is advisable that AS kids have to have a parent who has structure. That's an oops moment for me. What kind of structure could a spontaneous momma give her AS child? Oh well, it'll be a real challenge. But guess what? Challenge accepted!

26 September 2013

Nanaygosyante of 2013: September

I posted about how threatening SIDS is and why safe sleep is important, which you can read here, all because this month's Nanaygosyante was really good in her advocacy. I met her one sunshiny Saturday in Shaw Boulevard, Mandaluyong City for a sparty she organized for her bloggy guests. She discussed how Halo® SleepSack® could help give your baby the safest sleep she deserves. 

Ivy Lim-Esteban is the mompreneur behind Halo® SleepSack® Philippines, which she started May of this year. The drive to start this business actually came up when she realized there's no one selling the product here, which she and her husband found out about when their first baby was born. She wanted to educate more Filipino parents about the threats of SIDS and that hopefully, through Halo® SleepSack® Philippines, more Filipino babies will have safe sleep. How passionate and caring is she, right? Read on and let's all find out how she is a woman, wife and mom.

25 September 2013

A Mom's Life: 35/48

When I became a mom (luckily to a girl!), I was the most excited to dress her up and buy her clothes, shoes and hair accessories. Too excited actually that I almost forgot myself. While my little budding fashionista has lots of clothes, there's my closet looking like that of a candidate soldier's: neat and only with a few basics. OK, my husband will surely disagree. I have enough, but for a woman's standard, it's nothing but a pitiful sight. Hehe. 

I was really excited to do this AML post for this week! I think I was one of the many people in her cyber community who was pushing her to start a fashion blog. The blogosphere needs another fab momma who knows her style. I hope she could squeeze in a little blogging into her already busy schedule. So muthers, get to know a bit more about the fashionable accountant from Australia, Florabelle Fallorina-Santiago.

24 September 2013

Review: Casa de Lorenzo Castile Soaps

All work and no bath makes Queen B a stinky mom. Haha! One of my favorite relaxations is to take long showers. I usually do this when the little girl is already asleep; because if she's not, I'm very sure a 5-minute bath is long enough. So yes, I make sure she has this baby snores already before I could really take my time. Don't you just love scrubbing your body with loofah after what --- cleaning, dusting and just polluting yourself the whole day?

23 September 2013

Five Years of Royalty

ONE YEAR. You started to walk and was the cutest ball of energy alive in this planet.

TWO YEARS. We both learned what the word patience means. Your endearing bulol words melted me and your tatay. I adored how rectangle was tengtanggauhl to you. 

THREE YEARS. This was when the word patience had to be stretched a bit longer. You just didn't walk, you ran and ran and ran until my legs ache; but yours, never. Your energy doubled. No, tripled at this stage. But the cuteness factor you delivered was unlimited.

FOUR YEARS. You have tested my patience with your talk-backs, choice of toys and clothes, picky eating and kickass attitude towards other kids your age. But there's no denying that despite your "fierceness", you were one awesome preschooler. 

19 September 2013

A Mom's Life: 34/48

Whenever I see some mommy friends being able to buy whatever they want using their hard-earned money, there goes the feeling of going back to "work". Yes, there were times I wish I could go out of the house and shake away the vibes of being a stay-at-home-mom (SAHM). Being a SAHM's not easy. Others think, especially oldschool peeps, that we are forever loshang and kawawa having to take care of the kids and the house chores. Uhm, excuuuuuse me? Do I look loshang na ba to you? Haha! Actually, this week's AML can also prove to you that SAHMs can still be as fab as any earning momma --- all it takes is a spoiler husband. ;)

18 September 2013

Royal Makeover Project: The Write On Workshop

Bebengisms is a representation of who and what I am, so I'm taking good care of it. I am a work in progress and so is my blog. Let this series take you in my journey of doing a royal makeover for my cyber palace. This Royal Makeover Project will not be over as long as I welcome change in my own life. There is no deadline to achieving royalty, if you may ask.
While others change their blogs' design in the goal of doing an 'overhaul', I thought of cultivating its heart and soul first: the content. 

I have a confession: I used to tap brands and online stores for giveaway sponsorship so this could gain traffic. There is nothing wrong with that, IMHO. I searched on ways to make this little pink space get noticed by netizens and one of which is to host giveaways. To be honest, I found it very, very addicting. I wanted an easy way to reach the top so I did it (as compared to comment exchanges, etc). I am not someone who could just wait to succeed. I do what I can to get what I want. So one year later, I got it; but somehow, I got tired. It saddened me that some giveaway winners weren't really my readers that until now, they haven't replied to my email. I just asked if they have received their prizes. And I got pfft. Nada. Zero. Sigh. So I decided to makeunder my giveaway posts.

Sorrowful rant over.

17 September 2013

Rayala Dialogues: Tickle Tuesday Edition

I am not at least a quark doubtful that LB is mine. She may not look like me but her character says a lot about where she came from. She really is her mother's daughter --- a mini me in kadaldalan, that is! Here's a sample ---
LB: The Filipino frog says ribbit!
B: I think it's kokak, 'nak.
LB: Noooo. Chinese frog says 'rokak'. Kai Lan said datt.
B: Ok.
Ikaw na ang multilingual. Sakit mo sa bangs teh. o_O

~ ♔ ~

13 September 2013

National Teachers' Month 2013

When my daughter started going to school last year, I doubted if her teachers would be able to woo her to listen to and follow them. It sure was tough, especially on her first week. Her former teacher even confessed that she wanted to give up. Of course, it didn't happen. In fact, LB bagged the Most Improved Award in the Behavioral Category during last school year's recognition day. So yeah, there were better days. My little punk may still have you know, punk-y days, but it's nothing compared to what she has been prior her schooling. I really have the PSS teachers to thank for.

11 September 2013

A Mom's Life: 33/48

My heart swells everytime I think that I'm blessed to have been given such an opportunity to feature fab, real moms. Moms that we all could relate to one way or another. Moms who share the same passion in child-rearing and happy parenting; but honestly admit that she can never be perfect. For this week's AML, one look at her Facebook or Instagram account and you will conclude that she's perfect: she's beautiful, married to an equally beautiful man, has a beautiful baby boy, frequently travels to beautiful countries and is living a beautiful life abroad. No. She actually told me during our interview that she sometimes complains on how tough motherhood is; staying up late or no sleep at all. But she doesn't care, all she ever wanted was to be where and what she is right now as a woman, wife and mom.

What I'll Be Writing About Soon

I felt like I owe you a post but I needed to collect myself and thoughts first; thus, this. The last was posted on Sunday, right? Actually, I feel a little too overwhelmed by the isms I wanted to share with you all that I don't know which to write first. I don't want to just write about anything, just so I have a new entry. I have to be in "that" state of mind, so I could reach out to you all. Naks! Anyway, here are what to expect from me, the Bebengisms' list of future blog posts:

08 September 2013

Rayala Dialogues: Weather Forecast

Just a quick post while waiting for my best girl C and her sister to arrive. C will be at the US the end of this month to work as a badass physiotherapist in Florida. So well, as my sole HS realest real friend, we have a little despedida slash birthday (mine and LB) salu-salo here at home over Bebeng's Bonggang Bicol Express and fried eggplant, as C requested. She said she'll bring some desserts. I have a basket full of fruits though, in case my fit and fab sistah won't eat what she brought. ;)

My first ever Queenstagram, April 2013

04 September 2013

A Mom's Life: 32/48

I can't think of a better introduction to this week's AML but this: she is my ultimate momspiration. I wanted to write about this after the first time I personally met her, which was at the Halo SleepSack Philippines' sparty, but I waited for this moment. I was starstruck. Hehe. This is cheesy, but true --- she helped me become the better woman that I am right now. When she went back to blogging blissfully (more stories and less commercialism), I felt like I got an ally in living a more purposeful life. I felt so much connection with each of her every post that I always find myself nodding at whatever she has written in Dainty Mom. Yes, my 32nd mom is no other than zee Martine de Luna.

Bebengisms Birthday Cyber Party


September's my and LB's birth month! I turn 29 today and LB will be 5 on the 23rd. And as promised, I'd like you mommas to celebrate it with us. We will virtually hold a ball like royalties by having a bonggang giveaway. The prizes at stake are:
Yay! Additional sponsors! 
*Since there are sponsors who only provided one item, these items will all go to Royalty Package 2, except that from Au Pair Addizionne.
**I will update the list of prizes should there be any changes.
***If you're a company or an online store and you would like to be added to my list of sponsors, kindly contact me at bebengisms@gmail.com


Happy Birthday to Me

There. Instrument or tool? 'Di ba pareho lang yun? Hahaha! Apologies if I pronounced some words wrongly and if there were grammar lapses; perstaym, muthers eh. Kaloka, nag-emote pa. Bwahahaha! I'm really like that in person; ask my husband, family and close friends. Well, I just realized... Ang arte ko pala magsalita. Hihi. Anyway, when I opened my Google today, this is what I saw ---

03 September 2013

Rayala Dialogues: Sinister Sisters

OK, my sister N is not a Rayala, so technically she shouldn't be in this segment. But she's a part of our small family that there are times Rhambo and I talk about her. Haha! Why? Because she is such a senior citizen commenter on Facebook! LOL. Alam mo yun, yung wala sa hulog. Minsan pa, flooding. Kakaloka. Here's a sample, when I posted a photo of the buko pie and espasol that our mama gave yesterday ---