28 November 2013

I Don't Know How She Does It

I'm not going to tell you how I do it. 

I don't think I'm that great enough to give advice on how I do my mommy stuff on a daily basis. Though there are moms who tell me that they wish they're a stay-at-home mom (SAHM) like me and that they wonder how I budget my husband's salary; I still believe that what I do is nothing compared to moms who bring home the bacon. Well, as far as this society is concerned, I am no good if matched to them. No matter how I show people that my daughter behaved more when I chose to stay at home with her, there will still be some who'd say that modern moms should earn for the family. I'd love to earn, of course! But I just can't leave my daughter to just anyone anymore. That's why I think work-at-home moms (WAHMs) are the modern day heroes of this generation. They are present for their children and at the same time, can contribute to the family's financial stability. In fact, I know some WAHMs who are solo parents. Special creatures, they really are.

I wanted to be a WAHM, too, in the first few months of my SAHMhood but I guess it's not for every mom. I get sick when I do too much. Yes, even with Sangobion. I remember being so stressed in preparing Sophia's 4th birthday party at school that I got hospitalized and eventually undergone a major medical operation. From then on, I decided to take things slowly but surely. I'd rather enjoy the moment with my 5-year-old preschooler, who's growing up soooo fast I can't blink, than be a career-driven mom who's always stuck in traffic. Haha! Choz lang. Honestly, I miss working. Especially now that it's almost Christmas. I miss getting a salary, Christmas bonus and presents from colleagues. I miss being commended for a job well done. La-dee-da. 

27 November 2013

A Mom's Life: 44/48

It's not hot news for you my royal readers that I super salute solo moms; solo moms who are really good moms. Yup, I know some solo moms who aren't. Anyway, here's another work-at-home solo mom for this week's A Mom's Life.

NAME:  Ghezzi Santos

AGE: 29

CHILD, AGE:  Gale Avelin, 5

OCCUPATION: WAHSM. J Currently, I’m a freelance web all-rounder — I do SEO, make websites (html and CSS), graphic designs, write articles, and web research.  Sometimes I help with the family shoe manufacturing business and planned on putting up my own line of bridal shoes, but last year I decided to study another course so I have to set aside my plans. Next year, I will finish the computer course I took, so hopefully I can continue my plans, if not, I might take up another course.

FAVORITE OUTFIT: spandex shirt, jeans, flats, and ponytail

MUST-HAVE BEAUTY COSMETIC: moisturizer, eyebrow liner, face powder, lip tint

HOBBIES: crafting, sewing, sketching designs, printing stickers, collecting cute stuff, reading craft blogs  

CURRENT READ/WATCH: Audrey Hepburn movies, ABS CBN primetime shows, Elegant Musings by Casey

FAVORITE DOMESTIC DUTY: mending torn clothes

The Captain Has Been Promoted to Domestic King

Few weeks earlier, I had the light that Sophia accidentally blew up in the bathroom upstairs repaired by a neighbor, who used to work as an electrician. Originally, I wanted to wait for my husband to come home and tell ask him to do the much-needed repair. I thought that it might not happen anyway. Ugh *rolls eyes*. He is not a handy daddy, unfortunately. It's a very sad fact for a damsel who's always in distress, like me. Well, to be fair, he painted our old home in 2009. Bad news though: he has problems with colors. Our house looked so Avril Lavigne kind of purple. So emo, so rockstar. It was supposed to be a little of lilac-ish but he was the one who bought the customized paint, as I was taking care of an infant then. So there. I just made do with what we already had - paired it with black, glass and stainless stuff to give the old apartment a modern vibe. 

That's one skill that any woman married to a man working away from home must acquire: Learning the art of make-shift.

I remember when we rented a shoebox of a house in Pasig and that I needed to put up curtains and that he was not around. I was silently cursing him in every pound of the hammer in my finger the nail. LOL.

My husband is the only boy and youngest in the brood of four. According to MIL, my late FIL never wanted him to touch any womanly domestic duties at home. He was designated as their errand boy. In fact, when the rebellious teenager R disappointed his folks, as a punishment, he was tasked to do the laundry. Well, FIL should have taught him to do more "dirty" work! Hehe. Seriously, I can't question him for not doing what most by-the-book dads do. His being a military officer doesn't really require him to do such things. So yes, I understand him.

 I'm a kikay handy mommy.
But hey! I love him to bits despite that and I will not end this post with wifely complaints. The previous paragraphs were just the prologue to what I wanted to tell you. I am actually a very lucky wife. My king came home for 4 days and though I was physically, emotionally and sexually (of course) prepared, the house wasn't. A pile of freshly-laundered clothes welcomed him at the couch. Dirty plates and glasses were smiling at him when he entered our kitchen.

Guess what?

I woke up one morning with folded clothes. Though not neatly done, it was still frikkin' folded!!! Wait, there's more. I turned on the light in my cute kitchen and saw newly-washed almost dripping plates! Hallelujah!!! He was lying at the couch like a boss in front of the TV when I saw all of those. I felt as if he was a lifeguard in Baywatch, looking so gorgeous and all. LOL. I gently hugged him, smelled him like a lola and showered him with kisses. Woohoo! My captain, oh captain is now a domestic king. Insert flowers, hearts, birds sweetly chirping, angels singing bonggelz-ly and sexbomb dancers doing some Jean Claude Van Damme epic splits here.

And so when we passed by Sesou's kiosk in Trinoma, I bought a bottle of Droplets of Nature dishwashing liquid. It's his current favorite sink buddy! My R, a stern and strict military officer, is a homebody domestic king. He really kept his promise that he told me 5 years  ago  he will be a blessing. Oh yes, he is! Naks.

What about your husband, my fellow dear queen? Can he make Martha Stewart look lazy?

25 November 2013

Royal Ramblings

10 days. Where have I been? 

If we're friends on Facebook, you most probably know where I am. I'm just there and on Instagram, too. This will start as sad my dear royal readers, but I do hope it will end in a happy note. So I hope you'd bear with my drama queen moments in a bit. OK, here it is.

Let me bleed with thoughts.

I love blogging, I really do! This is the only thing I have. As in, I don't have any "formal occupation" to put in when I fill out any form (like when King R and I bought new specs in Quiapo). Bebengisms gave boost to my slowly-going-down confidence when I quit my job last year. This cyber palace opened new experiences for me. I have been invited to events that I never thought had ever existed, I received items/services I know I won't personally spend on (like an Enjoy Philippines membership card and Revlite facial treatment by AIP) and most of all, I've met people -- mostly women -- who, may not be like me but are also blogging. The latter's the coolest, I guess. My being a SAHM won't make me meet intellectual, conversationalist kind of people every day. Well, conversationalist -- I can get that from cab drivers. Intellectual -- I rarely get that from the people I encounter. So yes, I officially love bloggers' events for that reason. 

20 November 2013

A Mom's Life: 43/48

I'm not sure about you, my dear readers, but I guess most mom bloggers in my circle know who my 43rd AML royalty is. She is ze Fancy Girl! She designed most of the well-read mom blogs here in the country. I have yet to set aside a budget but I'd soon have this cyber palace fancy-fied! I'm sure that with the help of her magic wand, errr -- mouse (?), she can turn this site from drab to fab. Meet the creative genius behind Fancy Girl Design Studio, Patrticia Alix-Villa.

NAME: Patricia Alix-Villa

AGE: 42

CHILDREN, AGE: Vito (8 1/2), Raoul (3 1/2)

OCCUPATION: Graphic and Web Designer, but I’m really a Psychologist by training :)

FAVORITE OUTFIT: My go-to outfit: a shirtdress with sandals, or jeans and a nice top with ballet flats or wedges. And pearls; I never go out without mypearls.

MUST-HAVE BEAUTY COSMETIC: I never go out without these: SKII Facial Treatment Essence + Sunscreen SPF50+ Face Shop BB Cream. At my age, these are absolutely essential! :) My other essentials: MAC Select Sheer Pressed Powder, NARS Orgasm blush, Maybelline Hypersharp Liner, ANASTASIA Beverly Hills Brow Powder Duo, Crabtree & Evelyn Vanilla Creme Brûlée Lip Butter, Lancome Juicy Tubes lipgloss, Elizabeth Arden lipstick in Cranberry Cream.

15 November 2013

Bounty Fresh's Top Torikatsu: More Than Just a Katsu

I love food! Who doesn't? I mean, check Instagram using the hashtag #food and you'll see like 68M plus plus posts. So when our friends from Bounty Fresh sent me packs of their new product Top Torikatsu, I was really excited to cook it.

"Bounty Fresh, the award-winning makers of innovative, quality chicken products, has launched Top Torikatsu, the first and latest in a line of delicious heat-and-eat items made especially for young people with busy, active lifestyles who hardly have the time to prepare a good meal."

I've been buying chicken katsu at the supermarket long before I was introduced to this product so I basically know how it tastes and what to expect. But no, this one's different! It has two flavors, which you can actually see inside and taste eventually, when you take a bite -- classic (sweet tangy mayonnaise) and cheese & chives. While most of my fellow mom bloggers rooted for Cheese & Chives, I think that I prefer the taste of the Classic variant.

13 November 2013

A Mom's Life: 42/48

Yay! Another WAHM royalty in the palace, yo. And beat this, solo mom, too! Tell me, is she a superhero of some sort? She should be one of mom-vengers. Hahaha! I don't know much about her but there's one thing she already is that I'd like to be -- a mom of a kiddie model. Says my 42nd AML royalty --
"A lot of people have convinced me to let my son join the limelight, having stage mom friends whom I just also met online (multiply and Friendster era). Some started their kids' modelling career by submitting photos on magazines; my child didn't. He started by joining amateur fashion shows (in which we registered and paid) in 2011, then had his profile at an agency. Then we attended casting calls one after another. We tried auditioning for a year before hed had his big break. 2013 has been a blessed year for his career. 
So far, here are his projects:
SSS print ad, Mucosolvan print ad, two fashion shows for Ceelin Plus, Chiz Escudero campaign ad, Globe telecoms viral video, SM UN and Halloween print ad, 7-eleven print ad,  and Pagcor tv commercial."
Oh 'di ba, so bongga lang! LB has been in a billboard-sized tarp for her school's ad for almost a year already and until now, I still love looking at her candid sweet smile. Eh yung known brand and with talent fee pa kaya? So I'm sure this queen here is one proud momma.

NAME: Donna Donor

AGE: 36 (second debut, haha)

CHILD, AGE: Kib, 7yo

OCCUPATION: work from home mom (online teaching and events management, sometimes getting VA jobs on the side if there's any)

FAVORITE OUTFIT: shorts (para sexy pa rin kahit chubby, lol), cotton top (dahil ayaw ko na magplantsa, haha), slippers from Ipanema or ballet flats from SM. Footwear must be light on the feet because I drive.

MUST-HAVE BEAUTY COSMETIC: Pretty When Pinched from Bench (easy application and right on the budget), colored lip balm from Human Heart Nature (flame tree color).

12 November 2013

Pray Without Ceasing

Two hours earlier, I was really really sleepy. Obviously, it changed. In between my yawns, I almost wanted to get pissed at my daughter who didn't show any signs of sleepiness. While she was putting herself to sleep, I scanned my Facebook and then my Instagram. 90% of posts in my newsfeed are about Yolanda. It woke me up -- literally and figuratively. Honestly, I didn't watch news, I didn't get too involved by posting updates on my social media accounts; and yes, I haven't donated anything. I must be a selfish witch, you can say that. But hey, I actually do not care about what other people will think of me for not getting involved, for not posting about #YolandaPH updates and for not donating. Why? Because I know that God sees what's in my heart. I am not worrying because I know He is in control.

I am sharing with you these thoughts because it is something that I'd like you to realize. I know that Yolanda's victims need clean water and warm food; and that my thoughts wouldn't be of great help. But let me tell you this my friend, Zamboanga recently suffered what man has done. It was not mother nature's rage. It was a man-made destruction, but they have survived and by God's grace, moved on. 

11 November 2013

What an eventful weekend!

My Samsung S3 Mini's battery was sick this past weekend; hence, lack of photos that serve as microblogs on my Instagram account. I bought a new battery earlier after doing some errands. The battery was so swollen kaya pala it's not working. A blogger with no camera in a bloggers' event is like a soldier in a battlefield without a gun. Yes, epic fail. I brought my point and shoot camera but guess what? Battery's low. Why?

Anyway, my mantra lately? I am too blessed to get stressed!

I'd be doing separate posts for each of the events I've been to but these are some snippets. I had my most-awaited hair makeover courtesy of Cynos Inside Hair Care. I love my ash blonde crowning glory. Really. As in, this is my #ggss moment. Hehe. Then I went to see TriNoma's Merry Musical Nights launch. Was I tired? A bit. But I didn't forget Sophia's bilin: donuts for pasalubong. I bought Krispy Kreme. She wolfed down one with sprinkles before we went to slumberland.

08 November 2013

Squeeze Your Creative Juice with Planet Slate's JuiceBox

My being a stay-at-home-mom (SAHM) means I need to be as creative as I could be in entertaining my little artist. It'd surely be impractical and costly to go out every weekend. And it's not in my mom-vocabulary to basically stay at home and do nothing (though I personally would choose that in a heartbeat). The great Pablo Picasso said: "Every child is an artist; the problem is staying an artist when you grow up." 

See, our children could be the future Picasso. The possible key to that success would be the parents' consistency in developing the child's gift of art. Like what I said, we rarely go out. Commuting is a big production number. But hello, we need to shop. We go to the supermarket for groceries, mall for clothes that would replace the old ones and bookstores for books (duh Queen B, did you really have to mention that? lol). That's just about it. We forget that there are other things that my daughter needs. Say, art materials? Oh, I do need some, too. Crafting is something I love doing to relax and just create. 

06 November 2013

A Mom's Life: 41/48

I can't believe that I'm almost done with this challenge; which means the year's about to end, too. Hello, 2014 very, very soon! Speaking of new hellos. My 41st AML will soon say hello to a baby boy. Altogether now, awwww. Naku muthers, if there's one person that I'm really inggit with, yan ay ang buntis. Hihi. Yuhh, my jowabelle and I are really doing our best to get pregnant real soon. I think I need some preggynspiration from my featured mom here, Aimee. She's one of those mom bloggers that I really read! She's not the type who does reviews or attends events all the time but her blog's contents are very readable. I guess it's her charm (and crystals? chos) that wooed me to always come back for more of her stories. So glad she answered my a la slumbook A Mom's Life questions.

NAME: Aimee Diego

AGE: Turning 34 this November :-)

CHILD, AGE: 4 year old Tala and a soon-to-be-born baby boy. We're keeping the name a secret for now.

OCCUPATION: Events Manager

FAVORITE OUTFIT: I'm a t-shirt and jeans/shorts kind of gal. Flat shoes all the way because sadly, I can never walk in heels.

MUST-HAVE BEAUTY COSMETIC: I can't live without eyebrow products! I don't care if I have a bare face, but the eyebrows have to be groomed at all times because your brows frame your face. Yes kahit sa grocery lang ako pupunta, groomed parin brows ko.. hihi. My current fave is the K-Palette 24h Tattoo Eyebrow pen.

HOBBIES: Reading fiction, Biking, Blogging and blog-hopping, Instagramming (can that be counted as a hobby? haha), Playing with my 4 year old and once in a while indulging on simple DIY projects to keep my creative juices flowing.

04 November 2013

Please Forgive Me

For not blogging regularly, that is.

Like what I said on my The Captain's Treat for His Girls post, I felt sluggish these past few days. Actually, I still do. I've been minimizing my every move 'cause I easily get dizzy. My body's been acting up really crazy lately. I know you royalties understand. Don't worry, I would have a new giveaway up for you tomorrow to compensate for my shortcomings. Wow, may ganun. Oo muther dear, you and I have a relationship! I want to take care of you, my readers. I know the exact feeling of a reader who was ignored or treated not-so-nice by a blogger. Major turn-off! So I'm trying not to be that kind of blogger. I hope I'm doing good. Send me a message if you feel like I'm not ha. :)

01 November 2013

Remembering Papa

I was eight when my father died. I will never forget that I lied. They were busy preparing for Papa's hospitalization when I told my folks I was not feeling well so I would not go to school. I didn't expect that that absence from school would be the day we will lose the king of our kingdom. 

Honestly, I just cried because my sisters were crying. My mom was hysterical. The first thought that came to me: "paano na kami?"  He was our superhero. Come afternoon naps, when Mama was the fatter version of Queen Ravenna, Papa was our Thor – gwapo and strong. He protected us from whatever punishment we could have gotten from the jail warden. He worked nonstop to always give us what we needed. He brought me to school with our Lite Ace while my sisters commute. My last birthday in 1992, I had a classic mocha cake from Merced Bake Shop, lots of party food and a set of new clothes from Cabbage Patch Kids. New Year's of 1993, he woke me up to welcome the brand new year with the fam bam. He fed me grapes like I was Cleopatra. I was Papa's little Bebeng, I was his princess. But when he died, I knew my tears weren't because I won't see him every day anymore but because I knew this day will come. This day that I will miss him so much.