15 November 2013

Bounty Fresh's Top Torikatsu: More Than Just a Katsu

I love food! Who doesn't? I mean, check Instagram using the hashtag #food and you'll see like 68M plus plus posts. So when our friends from Bounty Fresh sent me packs of their new product Top Torikatsu, I was really excited to cook it.

"Bounty Fresh, the award-winning makers of innovative, quality chicken products, has launched Top Torikatsu, the first and latest in a line of delicious heat-and-eat items made especially for young people with busy, active lifestyles who hardly have the time to prepare a good meal."

I've been buying chicken katsu at the supermarket long before I was introduced to this product so I basically know how it tastes and what to expect. But no, this one's different! It has two flavors, which you can actually see inside and taste eventually, when you take a bite -- classic (sweet tangy mayonnaise) and cheese & chives. While most of my fellow mom bloggers rooted for Cheese & Chives, I think that I prefer the taste of the Classic variant.

I cooked it as it is and paired it with sauteed veggies then topped it in steamed white rice! I made sure that the sauteed carrots with red bell peppers are a bit salty as to contrast with the sweet tangy taste of the classic variant. Yummers.

I easily get sawa with paulit-ulit na ulam so the next time I cooked it, I tried mixing it with pasta and the flavor of the cheese and chives variant blended well with my pasta sauce which has the strong taste of roasted tomatoes. :)

"Top Torikatsu is made out of 100% chicken breasts coated in breadcrumbs and comes in Classic and Cheese & Chives flavors. It is available at P179 per 450-gram pack at major supermarkets."

For more information about Bounty Fresh's Top Torikatsu, these links can help:
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/toptorikatsu
Instagram: http://instagram.com/toptorikatsu
YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/toptorikatsu

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  1. I keep on forgetting about this when I'm in the supermarket. It looks really yummy. I will look for it next time. :)