04 November 2013

Please Forgive Me

For not blogging regularly, that is.

Like what I said on my The Captain's Treat for His Girls post, I felt sluggish these past few days. Actually, I still do. I've been minimizing my every move 'cause I easily get dizzy. My body's been acting up really crazy lately. I know you royalties understand. Don't worry, I would have a new giveaway up for you tomorrow to compensate for my shortcomings. Wow, may ganun. Oo muther dear, you and I have a relationship! I want to take care of you, my readers. I know the exact feeling of a reader who was ignored or treated not-so-nice by a blogger. Major turn-off! So I'm trying not to be that kind of blogger. I hope I'm doing good. Send me a message if you feel like I'm not ha. :)

Anyway, I recently discovered Bitstrips on my phone. Saya lang. Right now, I had four episodes na. Rhambo's my co-star! Yeah. I'll be doing more when I think of cuter punchlines/situations. And notice the length of my hair? My built? The color of my shirt? I did my best na maging kamukha ko siya. Para malapit sa katotohanan. Naka-shorts nga lang kasi I'm a SAHM. See my nose? That's kinda pango oh. Haha! Uy, follow me on Instagram - @deniserayala. I have quotes na #medyoemo, food porn stuff and some random shiznitz like this *ant art*.

Osha, I was just thawing the chicken for dinner. LB fell asleep in the couch while watching Phineas and Ferb. Obviously, puyatan na naman 'to. Keribelles. Hay, swear, I have so much kwento in my mind that I can't wait to share with all of you. Ano bang bet niyo? ;)


  1. Hi bebeng :-) I like the second frame "bakit ka lagi naka-bag?" Lagi ka ba naka-bag? haha
    I recently discovered Bitstrips too but I'm too shy to share my strips ...

    1. Hello, Jude! Naka-bag sa avatar na ito. Okay sana yung clothes kasi akong-ako --- pink top and shorts. Kaso kahit saan magpunta, naka-bagelya! Hahaha! :D

    2. Cute nga, kamukha mo avatar talaga.... At bagelya? I learn something new everyday :)

  2. i was wondering what app that was. ang damming nagpopost ng ganyan sa FB timeline ko. now i know, thanks to you. makagawa nga ng sarili kong comics. :)

  3. Hhhmmm...is this app available for Android phones? Matingnan nga mamaya sa phone ni hubby, at makiki-Bitstrips na rin ako. Andami kong friends na may post na ganito, nakakatuwa lang basahin. :)