26 January 2018

One Word, One Year: 2018

I was not into this whole idea when this year started. For apparent reasons, the ordeal of having a clingy newborn baby makes me want to ignore the things I regularly do to nurture my soul. Also, I didn't feel like having just a word rule my year. "Who knows what the future holds" was kind of my mantra since the arrival of our new baby, Samantha a month ago. Savoring the moment, yes?

But when I saw my post about my 2017 one word, I realized how it truly helped me live the year. It served as my guide. Won't go into all the gory details, though. Let me just say that I now have more than 80% humility than I had in 2016. Getting wiser as the years go by, I suppose. So even if I didn't feel like doing this, my past one word post motivated me to do it again in the hopes that the word will reflect the life that I want to live.

18 January 2018

God Heard Sophia's Prayer

When our faith was tested with ectopic pregnancy in 2012, I caught myself strongly believing the possibility of not having a child ever again. You see, it's not a simple EP issue that can be treated by Methergine. Sure, I took that med but the doctor cut my right fallopian tube where a 6-week-old baby blood got stuck. Therefore, giving me only 50% chance of conceiving again. Many times I cried alone just thinking about that.

The desperation and depression got worse months after. I blame no one for what I felt but you know, the society we have is cruel to moms.

13 January 2018

The Wonderful Year That Was

Hey 2017, thank you. Can my family and I give you a big bear hug?

You see, we may have started on a different note - lost my regular homebased job the previous year that paid half of our bills - still, I'm glad you turned out and finished well. 

On January, not just making it as "eveyone's New Year's resolution" but truly doing it, I chose to have a more active lifestyle. I jogged in the morning and did HIITs as regular as I can. We also ate more nutritious food. The next month, I decided to go back to working away from home. I love my chill SAHM life but there are times that we just got to adult real hard. So on March 8th, I bravely headed the Marketing Department of an iconic clothing brand while mothering my gradeschool girl and managing our home. Our family was slowly adjusting to the changes, I was doing well at work but God, being the Alpha and the Omega, had other plans for us. I got pregnant on April.