25 February 2014

That 45-Second Shopping Spree

That's it. These are what I got for 45 seconds from the free shopping spree when we were invited at the press launch of Puregold's latest partnership with Globe GCash.

Rowena, ze Animetric, hoarded tissue, fabric conditioner and panty liners. OK, I'm confusing you, I suppose. Here's a short background: The press launch started with media and bloggers registering as usual; then event host Giselle Sanchez stepped on stage and did her thing. She announced that there will be exciting games on the latter part of the program. To be honest, I was just expecting that there will a raffle contest and that they will give Puregold GCs as prizes. I really shop in Puregold (I think Marikina has more than 6 branches of PG) so to say that I was excited was an understatement. Oh no, no, no! The agency, Virtusio PR, that handled the account surprised us: They wanted us to shop in Puregold for free! Upon hearing her announcement, I was already shaking. No kidding.

24 February 2014


"My daughter's photos, once a week, every week, in 2014."

As much as I'd like to avoid posting sad things here, this photo pretty summed up my little warrior's week. Well, it doesn't look bad, it's actually colorful! We stayed at MIL's house (our former home) for five days. Pia was sick since Thursday morning, she had on and off fever and "tigdas hangin". A day before that, I tagged her along to an event, which I'd tell you more about in the coming posts. Perhaps, the long travel to and fro was when she got the "bad air". On a lighter note, look at this photo: It was so cool that she was on stage with Giselle Sanchez! Funnily and unfortunately, she walked out on her. Hehe. Anyway, even if it helped that MIL has a helper (meaning, I didn't wash dishes and clean house), I haven't relaxed a bit. I kept on checking the girl's body temperature, as in, every.freaking.hour! It's now back to normal though but I hate that she has blisters at the right corner of her mouth, which happened to her before. I'm applying Mupirocin to it, three times a day. So yes, I'm currently a mombie but I'm very, very happy we're home and she's doing good. Thank you to all who prayed for her. ♡

19 February 2014

Lovin' My Ash Blonde Hair by Cynos Inside Hair Care

As a stay-at-home mom who tries her best to be as frugal as she can, I rarely visit salons to have my hair treated. Haircut, yes. Treatments? Next question, please. I do care for my hair, don't get me wrong! But I'd rather go DIY than spend thousands of money to reach my mane goal (pun intended). 

Who the hell's the girl in the before pic? Ewwness.
I just got super lucky that this blogging thing happening here paved way for me to meet friends who could help! Cynos Inside Hair Care sponsored this domestic queen a bonggang hair makeover last year! 

18 February 2014

My Readers Make Me Feel Like a Rock Star

I checked my stats earlier in the dashboard. My average number of page views per month is 10,000. I'm not so sure if it's good enough so I asked a few people in my community and Marge said it is good enough. She even said I'm already "made" when I posted a status on my personal Facebook account saying that I have been receiving a lot of event invites lately. To be honest, I sheepishly accepted her statement. I don't think I'm in that stage already. I feel like I'm still at step 3 of 50. But yes, I am claiming that I am getting there not just for my ego and self-esteem and worth ― but also for you, my dear royal readers.

It's true when celebrities and actors say that if not for their supporters, they won't be at where they are now. I really believe that readers play a big part on a blogger's (and her blog's) success. Who would comment here? Who would tick that like button on my fan page? Who would retweet? Who would give me a heart on Instagram? Who would make me feel like a rock star when in real life, I'm a non-bra-wearing stay-at-home-mom? YOU.
You, who are real and royal.
You, who paid a visit here giving this blog a +1 hit even if you don't intend to read my posts.
You, who got bored with my current post so you decided to backread.
You, who'd later find out that before all these, I was a giveaway maniac.
You, who liked my statuses on Facebook but never read my blog posts.
You, who would go on "liking trip" on all my photos on Instagram.
You, who loved the way I tell a story.
You, who think I'm such a braggart.
You, who can always relate to what I am going through as a woman, wife and mom.
You, who I call my husband.
You, who roll your eyes when you read something you don't like.
You, who wonder how I manage to do things at home.
You, who wonder why it seems like I'm online 24/7.
You, who left a nasty comment here and got frustrated because I didn't publish it.
You, who actually married a military guy, too.
You, who laughed with me.
You, who cried with me.
You, who want to meet me in person.
You, who want to meet me in person and slap my face.
You, who want to meet me in person and slap my face with lots of make-up because I need it!
You, who think I'm fashionably-challenged.
You, who feel like giving me clothes because I always wear the same thing in photos.
You, who thought of me as a looter.
You, who hate me but actually read my blog.
You, who beki-talked with me.
You, who subscribed to my newsfeeds because you want to stay updated.
You, who joined my giveaways.
You, who read everything I post here.
You, who feel happy for me when I'm happy.
You, who blog, too.
You, who will feel sad if I'd quit blogging.
You, who accidentally landed in this cyber palace.
You, who may be good or bad, are a reader.
You, who make me feel like a rock star.
You, royalties, are the main reason why I still do giveaways! That's the only way I could thank you for reading my blog. When I was in 5th grade, my dream was to become a writer; that kind of writer who actually published a book, which I would sign for the readers. But now, I dream to become a writer, who would actually want to reach out to her readers... and yes, still sign that book. Thank you for reading my blog! You rock! As in... ng bonggang-bongga. ♡


"My daughter's photos, once a week, every week, in 2014."

Last Saturday, we attended Pia's cousin's 7th birthday party at Villa Ronar in Marikina City. With her in this photo is her Ate Angel, her 11-year-old cousin from the Rayala side. I was amazed at how she gracefully attended the event. Dressing up and "being at a party" thrilled her. She laughed at the magician's antics and happily participated in the games. She ate all by herself in the kiddie table without any mess! During the program, she was one of the "7 candles" who gave birthday wishes for the celebrant. As usual, she made us, my husband and I, so proud by saying nothing but beautiful things for the birthday girl. I guess, I have to make sure that we attend children's parties we would be invited to 'cause Pia is a little party babe. ♡

16 February 2014

That Big Kilig Feeling: Plants Edition

My husband isn't a big romantic guy with big romantic gestures. OK, wait. He did ask some of his then-cadet friends to paint my name on a white blanket and hang it for everyone to see that a certain Denise is loved by somebody from the academy. He also left a big, big stuffed toy in my apartment in 2007 as his Valentine's gift. Remember, Bobbie? I like that he bought a mouse to remind me of his big ears. Haha! He organized our civil wedding in 2010. As in, I just bought our clothes and went to the Mayor's office to marry him and be Mrs. Rayala. That day made me feel like a real queen, despite the simplicity of everything. Also, he bought me a pink Samsung point-and-shoot camera for my birthday two years ago. He bought that when we were having a fight. Imagine that! 

*flips hair*

12 February 2014

I'm gonna blog my best this year!

I told myself I'd be ready for whatever challenges this year might bring but since I'm God's fave chick, He surprised me with good things instead. Faith is my word for 2014. So far, in truth, I haven't lost faith ― in my Master and Personal Saviour, in my husband, in my daughter, in my friends and in my readers. But I almost lost faith in myself a few days after I declared my word. I was thinking of going back to work [out of home] so I could feel "that fulfillment" of spending my hard-earned money, "that honor" when a stranger or a relative asks me what I do every day and "that appreciation" I get for a job well done. Really, a SAHM's life has its complexities. It comes with dedication... and boredom... and worthlessness... and sadness... Oh wait, I'm blogging! It's not that boring. I am worthy to you, who reads me every time I post something here. Sadness is a choice made by unhappy people, I am deciding to be happy because I have no reason to be sad. And perhaps, that's why God gifted me with something blissful. I shall tell you about it, soon. Ooh, I can't wait. 

10 February 2014


"My daughter's photos, once a week, every week, in 2014."

Since my husband's car was housed in the repair shop for a few days last week, he was also at home to become a daddy-nanny. Aside from washing the dishes for me, helping me out in the kitchen and looking after Pepper, he also took charge in reading Pia her bedtime stories. Here, they're reading Piggy Book by Anthony Brown. I think, one of my daughter's favorite books that she wants her Tatay to read to her. She adores him, which I find really, really amazing! She gets kilig whenever she knows he'll be coming home. I hope when she gets to choose her boy in the future (of course when she turns 30 lol), if not better, I hope he is as good as her father. ♡

07 February 2014

Drama Mama

"If you don't need me, let me know so I could go back to work!" 

That was what I told my daughter two days ago during my first biggest meltdown of the year. It was past midnight, she was still super active and totally ignoring everything I told her. And the icing on the smashed cake? I was really, really, really tired. Chores and PMS... who wouldn't just wish to rest? 

05 February 2014

Sunday at the Rumble Yard in Trinoma

I scheduled our past Sunday for the second leg of Rumble Yard: The First Action-Inspired Kids Event hosted by DC Shoes and Res|Toe|Run held in Trinoma. I tagged along Lollies and Lipsticks and her son Elijah with us. While at the car, on the way to the venue, we briefed the kids that we will play there and would have fun. While we were doing that, I was secretly praying no one will go hulk (the worst would be me). 

03 February 2014


"My daughter's photos, once a week, every week, in 2014."

Pia welcomed our new furry addition to our family with shrieks of excitement-slash-fright. She was originally uncomfortable being around dogs and cats, small or big, for a reason I'm not so sure of. So when the opportunity to own this cross-bred pup came, we didn't think twice about it. Right now, our 2-month-old furbabe and my daughter are finally playmates! They both enjoy each other's company. We named this Spitzu (Japanese Spitz and Shih Tzu), Pepper, after the character Pepper Potts in Iron Man trilogy. Can't wait to share with you more #piaandpepper stories. ♡

Let Us Help Rebuild Visayas

I was given the chance to witness the launch of one of the biggest campaigns to help rebuild Visayas after Typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan, international name) hit the Philippines last year. I decided to go to the event, despite it being scheduled on a weekday, because spreading the word about the campaign is the least that I can give to the victims of the typhoon.

Coca-Cola Philippines teamed up with Philippine Red Cross and Habitat for Humanity for this project hoping that more people, in and out of the country, will donate and volunteer to help the victims of the devastation.