26 June 2015

Chicken and Banana Stew

Some gutsy souls have asked what I do all day as a stay-at-home momma. Well, for those who still wonder, just please stop, haha! Well, look at my healthy and happy child as an evidence of "my work". And I think you already know that one of the not-so secrets to successfully raising a healthy and happy child is feeding her with quality food. Yup, not junkies.

Heads up, it can be tricky. Sometimes, there are parents who only think of vegetables as healthy. And that vegetables can make their kids "fat". What? What's up with that? Fat doesn't mean healthy, right? 

12 June 2015

Learning Through Play with Ogalala World

Three years ago, I decided to send my daughter to a Progressive School. In my judgment as her primary caregiver, I believed that she'd learn more without the concrete structure and routine that most traditional schools offer. Any four-year-old learns best through play. And she did, with flying and sparkling rainbow colors. Now, she'll be a first grader on Monday, in the same school. She can now read a bit, has a good handwriting and is overly excited to learn. "It's fun, 'Nay", that's what she always says. In the deepest corner of my competitive heart, I want her to be on top, I want her to be best in everything. But my mommy heart pounds for something else. I just really want her to have fun and enjoy her daily life as a student. After all, my parenting goal has always been to raise a healthy and happy kid. 

So when Ogalala World invited us to attend a bloggers workshop cum playdate, I nonchalantly said yes. You see, I decided to go to blogging/media events only if it will help me enrich my life as a woman, wife and mom. And my decision was right. 

05 June 2015

Revisited the Academy

We attended the wedding of our friend last month, which was held at St. Ignatius Chapel inside the Philippine Military Academy in Baguio City. Before the rehearsals, we got to walk around the place that was once home for my husband and his mistah for four years. The "Pamantasang Malapit sa Airport", as joked by many graduates and cadets, is one awesome venue for photography and Instagram. Although I am an IG addict myself, I only managed to post one; didn't want to waste our precious time posting our every move, hehe. It's a rather important keepsake since anyone's visit to the academy will not be complete without having a touristy photo in front of the Melchor Hall. So it's still special and also, I took several snapshots in this particular spot. It's practically new so the two Cpt Rs and their brats (term for PMA graduates' kids) had fun posing. And oh, jumpshots and more craziness from my darlings, too! It's really one of my life's greatest pleasures to see them having fun. 

02 June 2015

Lysol To Go: Perfect for Moms on the Go!

Long before motherhood happened to me, I have already been used to packing a lot of things whenever I leave the house. I don't want the feeling of needing something and not having it on my bag. Like what I said in this post, my husband thought I was insinuating to run away with him when I packed a week's worth bag for our 3-day trip to Baguio, haha! It was crazy, I know, but I'm glad I didn't end up buying clothes or anything that I forgot to bring. 

And now that I'm now a mom to an amazing girly girl with an energy of four rowdy boys, I can't always bring a big bag of my regular everything because #backache. In almost 7 years of learning the ropes of child-rearing, I have realized that I only need to make my little miss healthy and happy. Everything else will surely follow.