27 September 2017

Currently | 04

Whew! Finally got to find time to update this loving blog. It's not that I'm too busy or that I'm taking this space for granted but sometimes, having a smartphone can kill a blogger's blogging mojo. Just like most social media enthusiasts, I'm into sharing snippets of my day on Instagram Stories and I interact more on my Facebook. I like that I can see the faces behind the comments on my posts. With here kasi, there's the anonymous option. Minsan kahit gusto mong chumika, nakakawalang gana if they don't want their identity to be known. Malay ko ba kung bad person na yung ka-chikahan ko 'di ba? On my Facebook that now has 57,000 plus followers, when there's a comment that won't do good for the community, I delete it. Mga nagmumura, mga halatang naghahanap ng away or yung spammer (haha). I have banned several people na rin because of going beyond what is proper. That's what social media management should be naman, right? As a blogger, it's my responsibility to share and make sure that we use these platforms responsibly. 

Anyway, speaking of blogging, I am sincerely hoping that the old school days of blogging will be back. Yung tipong bloggers just blog to bleed thoughts; to reach and inspire people. Nakaka-sad kasi to read blogs that are purely commercial na. Nakakatamad na tuloy magbasa. there's nothing wrong with monetizing blogs naman because I certainly do that, too but most blogs these days kasi (especially yung mga bago) write the same things na. So for my blog, as a promise to you and myself na rin, I won't change into that kind. After all, I have gone through a lot of rebranding already, haha! 

So to bring that old school blogging vibes back, here's my 4th installment of CURRENTLY.

08 September 2017

A New Season

It's been six months since I last wrote here. Not proud of it but it surely gave me the blogger's rest that I deserve and surprisingly, taught me a few lessons, too. 

You see, I went back to work on March; coincidentally started on International Women's Day. After five years of being a stay-at-home mom that shifted to mompreneurhood to working at home as a Social Media Manager, I wore my best working mom hat again as a Marketing Manager of a group of companies. I accepted the challenges and won it over - from the daily commute to office politics to unapproved proposals. What I dreaded most was missing my daughter, Sophia every minute that I was not home with her.


My usual day starts at four in the morning - cooking and preparing our baon, having some quick but hearty breakfast and helping my little lady dress up for school. By the time she leaves at 5:30, my exhaustion is starting to creep in into my nerves. But instead of slowing down or going back to sleep like I used to, I'd wash the dishes, tidy up the house then prepare for work. The office is relatively near home but I still travel for an hour. Initially, I get Uber but it leaves a painful scar on my budget so I decided to simply become a warrior and brave all unpleasantness that riding jeepneys give.

One of the companies.

Before I started on March 8th, I bought a cellphone for Sophia. It's the most basic - just for calls and texts. I call her when I know she's already home from school. Sometimes, my mom accompanies her. Once in a while, my mother-in-law visits her and waits with her until I come home. But sadly, most of the time, she opens the gate on her own and would be greeted by no one but our pet cats. It was the most heartbreaking moment. There was even an instance that the landlord locked the gate without notifying us. Imagine how I panicked! My daughter ended up waiting for my brother-in-law in her bus driver's carwash shop. 

Back then, we go with the flow. The inevitable happened - my #baonserye posts went down the drain eventually and I found myself overstaying at the office once a week due to heavy workload. Sophia and I only had a few minutes before bedtime, sometimes none, to talk about how our day went. And though my husband, R fully supports me, I felt a disconnection. When he's home during weekends, I'm too tired to fully become the wife that I want myself to be. Yes, we had extra money to go to the mall, watch movies and eat out but it's nothing compared to the simple things we enjoy doing together - like walking the dog, visiting our moms or dining at our favorite pares place. 

I may not have financial woes for having money of my own but deep inside me, I knew there was something wrong.