19 May 2014


"My daughter's photos, once a week, every week, in 2014."

I tag her along with me to events I'm interested to attend to, whenever I can. For this brand's launch, we went to Philippines Educational Theater Association (PETA) in Quoezon City to watch a stage play entitled Hashtag Pimples Anonymous. It was full of acne-related hilarity that even if my little girl can't understand how ridiculous it must be to have pimples in front of your crush or on the day of your final school presentation, she laughed with us like a teenager. It made me realize that I'd like to bring her to stage plays, especially those that are more appropriate for her age. What actually was funnier that night was when the announcer's recorded voice was played (theater reminders, etc), she kept on making me stop taking photos. As in like a grumpy old maid! LOL. One of the reminders was to not take photos, but since it's a media launch, with all the huge cameras rolling, it's OK. See how obedient she could be to a recorded voice? I think I should just record mine. ;)

14 May 2014

I ❤ Being a Mom Project at Nazareth Home

When Jen Gana of Wooden Kidikrafts and Jlofied.com told me that she's getting me as one of the mom ambassadors of her project with a women shelter in Quezon City, I didn't think twice about it. In the middle of product reviews, brand events, mom blogging communities and royal stories, I'd like my blog to be an instrument to greater goodness. I actually prayed for it on my birthday video message last year! Remember? So one day, despite my mind too preoccupied with our moving in to a new kingdom, my little girl and I went to Nazareth Home.

12 May 2014

Nido Fortified's Mother's Day Surprise for the #1Moms

Yesterday was Mother's Day but unlike most moms in my cyberworld, I was not with my family dining out in some fancy schmancy restaurant or I didn't get an extravagantly-styled bouquet of flowers from my husband. I paid the bills, ate street food, packed endlessly, cleaned endlessly and was a forever parent. It's tiring and not as beautiful as others described it, scaring away my single friends to dive into what seemed to be a filthy, murky mud puddle that is motherhood. But hey, it has its rewards! They say it comes with unlimited subscription to baby bear hugs and sloppy kisses, others attest to how they felt more meaning in their lives when they gave birth, breastfed and used cloth diapers, and some are thankful enough to hear "thank you". As for me, I'm cool with everything. I don't demand gifts anymore, I demand time! Time for myself, 100% quality time with my husband and fun (yes it has to be) time with my kid.

I am one lucky momma to have been given the chance to have time for myself, with my husband and my kid all in one afternoon. 


"My daughter's photos once a week, every week, in 2014."

Last week was the start of this hectic schedule we are experiencing right now. We will move out of this two-storey apartment we lived in for more than a year and will move in to a cozy bungalow that's 4 years older than me. But that didn't stop me from attending some of the pre-mother's day events I was invited to for this blog. You see, I don't go to all blogging event invites that were sent my way. I only go to what I think will be something beneficial for me and you, my dear royal readers. I learned from some of you that you actually don't read posts flooded with press releases and event aftermaths that don't have story. 

Anyway, I went to one of the best blogging events two Sundays earlier and got this yellow blindfold (you must have seen the video already so you know what it was for). My preschool popstar immediately liked the idea of being blindfolded she thought of using it so "I can sleep better, 'Nay!" Hah! If only I knew she's gonna like this, I could have bought a dozen of this so there were no I-don't-want-to-sleep-yet-cause-I'm-jumpy-like-that bouts that happened before. 

08 May 2014


I know it's three days late for Cinco de Mayo but I am sharing with you the recipe of one of my preschool popstar's favorites that has something to do with the celebration! Picadillo is a traditional dish in Spain and many Latin American countries that is similar to hash. It is made with ground beef, tomatoes, and other ingredients that vary by region. In the Philippines, it is commonly known as menudillo or the ground meat version of menudo.

But like what I said, since I cooked this for dinner on May 5th, I made it a bit Mexican. I love Mexican food ― burritos, nachos, tacos, empanada, etcetera! There's something about paprika, cayenne and chili that makes me want to eat it again and again. One spice that adds that certain Mexican oomph to my menudillo that can make it pass as picadillo is the cumin. I bought my McCormick ground cumin seeds ever since I knew how it would distinctively make my ground meat tastes so Mexican-ish. So do you want to try cooking Sophia's paboritong Picadillo? Here!

Mommy Bloggers Love Johnny Rockets!

Mommy Bloggers Philippines (MBP) is one of my favorite blogging networks. I've been to numerous blogging events where I got to meet new people and tried out new products through MBP. It is through this group that I get to have regular blog comments, too! You see, you royalties are a bit shy. I don't know how I can let out that chikadora living inside your royal bodies. So I'm glad my fellow bloggy mommies are here to make me feel I'm not alone! Haha! Anyway, one of the fun events MBP has been invited to was Johnny Rockets'  Bloggers' Day. We were treated with their super filling Original Hamburger and their latest offering: the super cool Summer Shakes!

05 May 2014

Basic Beef Burger

Sometimes, browsing Instagram or Facebook can do something about our appetite or diet. One time, while doing my usual IG routine, I saw a mean food post! Yes, that kind of post that makes you want to unfollow that person who posted it because it's 2am and you just brushed your teeth. It's a #foodporn at its finest: A juicy slab of burger resting on what seemed to be its bed of cushion-like bun, fresh lettuce and seductive dressing. Well, I resisted to dive into the temptation of dialing McDonald's delivery because I'm sure it will all go to my already big belly. But I made sure my cravings will be justified the next day. To the supermarket I went and bought the essentials in making this basic beef burger. It's not that visually enticing but it's royally satisfying. 

Creamy Corned Beef Rice

I love breakfast food! I love corned beef! I can eat breakfast food for lunch, snack or dinner. I can cook corned beef with anything. I have tried it with the usual potato cubes, sayote, carrots, shredded cabbage, tomatoes and also added it to my omelette. You see, the possibilities are endless. I buy canned corned beef whenever I shop for groceries. It's usually the last can standing in my grocery cupboard. Yup, it's my "emergency food".

And today, I cooked it with the rest of what I have in my kitchen. So it ended up as Creamy Corned Beef Rice. It's easy to cook and super kid-friendly, too. In fact, my preschool popstar finished her share without me prodding her to. Here's the recipe!


"My daughter's photos, once a week, every week, in 2014."

The house has been a big mess for almost a month already! I have no one and nothing to blame but me and my laziness. I'm not sure what my preschool popstar thinks about it but I guess she's fine and happy and cool with it. You think? ;)

To know how this project started, click here.
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03 May 2014

Innocence in Time by Chai Galapon

Right after the Get Hooked on DIY event at Megamall, my fellow bloggy mommies and I went straight to SM Supercenter Pasig for Chai C. Galapon's book launch and signing. The program was already starting when we arrived and was glad to see Chai acknowledged it by smiling at us. I don't know her personally (hi, Chai if you're reading this) but I felt so excited and happy for her. I'm one with her dream to have a book published. I, too, have dreamed and still dream about it. 

02 May 2014

Rayala Dialogues: Brutally Honest

I'm not quite sure if it has something to do with her being an innocent child or it simply runs in her blood, but my preschool diva is one brutally honest little lass. 

01 May 2014

Lovin' Hooks and DIY with Good Housekeeping and 3M Philippines

As a self-proclaimed domestic queen and Army wife (whose husband is not at home all the time), it's inevitable that I do 99% of the house chores ― laundry, dishwashing, changing light bulbs and even making pukpok some concrete nails on the wall to hang the curtain rod or framed photos. However, the latter will be quite a task for my weak arms. The last time I attempted to do such, I hit my thumb! So I'm glad for products such as Command™'s Damage-Free Hanging Solutions by 3M.