30 April 2013

Rayala Dialogues: Little Bebengisms

I have collected some of my darling amiga's antics that she said the whole month of April. Some were funny, some were just plain aww-worthy. Enjoy!

~ ♔ ~ 


My husband Rhambo and I are exuberant conversationalists. So whenever there's something that really interests us, we tend to raise our voice a bit. Our unica hija, being not used to seeing her folks talk [personally], is always shocked when it happens. One day, we were making chismis. I totally forgot who or what the topic was, when ----
LB: Guys, stop. Stop fighting. You should be NICING.
Ah. Present tense po ng nice. 

27 April 2013

This is to You, the Military Wife

I just want to share this article with you my fellow military wives that I came across upon doing my regular affairs with Google. Some parts were US-based andwar-related, most made me shed a tear and gave me a lump in the throat. It's a long read but  really, really worth your time.

By Ashleigh Baker 
This is to you, the one who married the uniformed man. To you, the one who stands beside him. You, the one with whom he links arms, but not hands, because, of course, intertwined fingers aren’t authorized while in uniform. 

26 April 2013

Nanaygosyante of 2013: April

It gives a special seal on relationships when people go matchy-matchy with what they wear --- watches, shoes, flipflops, shirts, etc. When my then-boyfie, now husband, had our first out-of-town trip, we bought matching slippers. When I had my daughter, I tried to always match my outfit with her; actually, until now. Though I know we would be looking like we'll go on a dance number, it gives me so much joy. 

It became a trend now as mompreneurs started to open their online stores to mommies who want nothing but the same as what their children are wearing. I usually see outfits for mommies and little ladies, and nothing for fathers and sons. Perhaps, we think men as macho and serious; that wearing the same shirt with his son might lessen his masculinity. Wrong. It actually gives them a more welcoming aura; the aura that is called fatherhood. Good thing one courageous wife of a lawyer broke that machismo goings-on in our society. She opened a clothing business that makes matching outfits for moms and daughters; and yes, for dads and sons, too. 

Review: Zest-O Slice

As much as I want to shield my daughter from carbonated drinks that do no good to her health, the inevitable always happens. Of course, when she sees us sips from a glass full of ice and Coke, she'd think she can, too. So yeah, I usually let her. My mothering style is basically democratic. But please don't think I'm raising a brat here, I minimize my softdrinks intake so she won't take at all. 

We love water. Water is THE only thing that really quenches my thirst. But there are times I look for variety --- iced tea, flavored drink, fruit shakes and juices. I have tried a lot already, especially when I see something new in a convenience store near us. My latest discovery, which I am very grateful to have received samples of, was Zest-O Slice. 

It was delivered to our house one humid day. My thrilled girl instantly grabbed one and she chose the pink bottle --- the Grapple. After a long gulp straight from the bottle, I heard a "mmmm, it's deleeeshaus, Nanay!"

24 April 2013

A Mom's Life: 13/48

I almost forgot I have this weekly feature. My thoughts and soul are still on vacay.

Well, we're back home and Rhambo's back in the camp, too. I am actually feeling a bit lethargic because of my husband's come and go status but I felt the need to just go on with my life as a mom and blogger. Sigh, it's not easy. We've been doing this long-distance hullabaloo since 2007, so I must not complain. But really, I still cry every time he leaves. I'm such a wimp. 

Anyway, enough about me and my drama. 

Today's A Mom's Life star is a fellow Army wife and Mandala (Philippine Military Academy Class 2006) lady. I met her through this blog. She was one of the few who messaged me about how she appreciates the articles I share in this shack of a site. It is just fitting to feature her here as she is also an inspiration to other military wives, regardless of religion, race and weight. Below are some quick facts about her.

NAME: Sharijane Cazandra B. Dinayugan

AGE: 26

CHILD, AGE: Hamzalahdin "Youme" B. Dinayugan, 7 months and 16 days

OCCUPATION: I'm a Registered Nurse. Pero dahil sa Army ang jowa ko eh 'di ko carry ung 10-hour shift so now I am a part-time Publishing Consultant (managing a small-time printshop as well). Most of the time, I'm a SAHM.

FAVORITE OUTFIT: Basic jeans and shirts and cardi's

MUST-HAVE BEAUTY COSMETIC: My most-loved Skin79 BB Cream and shimmery lipstick

HOBBIES: Telebabad with my poging asawa (that's how my day starts and ends) or read manga comics

CURRENT READ/WATCH: Read - Sun Tzu's Art of War / Watch - Rurouni Kenshin Oav

22 April 2013

The Soldier, the Queen, the Mermaid and Hundred Islands

We paid Php1500 for the boat that toured us around, brought us to Quezon Island (the most commercialized out of 100+) and picked us up so we could go back to reality. It's big and sturdy enough to hold around 20 people. The manong bankero was also kind to inform me (his most inquisitive passenger, btw) of what the islands are known for. Turtle Island because it's shaped like a turtle; Crocodile Island because it's shaped like a croc; Bat Island because that's where thousands of bats live; Children's Island because it's small (most well-thought name noh?!); but he didn't tell me there was an EMPI ISLAND there. The island looks like a floating bottle of Emperador. Hehe. #imbento (no photo though). It was a great experience; except for 1) the population of Quezon Island's vacationers during weekends, 2) my burnt shoulders that Beach Hut didn't cover up well, 3) the 100-peso payment for the 5 gallons of non-salty water you can use if you will take a bath, 4) one fresh buko juice costs Php100; and 5) the sleeping bats in Bat Island, which were supposed to show off. I'm 28 and it was my first time there so the complaints observations I made were very petty. I only knew about Hundred Islands during HEKASI class in gradeschool and now, I actually stepped on it. I think if there were less people, the trip was close to perfection.

What made my Saturday super worthwhile was that I saw how happy my little traveler was. Her pink Dora life vest helped her swim without my assistance. It's Php149 only! Her independence and enjoyment were affordable, in fairness. She didn't complain about having burnt skin. It was her tired legs that made her sleep for 14 straight hours! She woke up the next day telling me and her pop about the beach that she dreamed about. Cuteness. R and I promised that we will travel to different places more whenever we can. And now that our preschooler is beginning to appreciate what her innocent eyes can see, every trip we make should be worth for her to remember. I hope these photos could help her reminisce this experience once she gets to study Hundred Islands in school.

*photos taken using a Samsung S3 Mini, Samsung ST66 and iPhone 4s. 

19 April 2013

Rayala Dialogues Special: My husband can sometimes be a jerk but he's a great father!

Well, we're still here at the camp and so far, nothing so spectacular happened yet; just a few extraordinary moments. The officer's been talking to his men like they're honeymooners. Well, he's doing his job. I love that he's so into it. Guess I'm lucky to have him, right? At least he's not a bum or something like that. Anywayyyy, he has already planned about our Hundred Islands trip. One of the staff has his family here, too, so we might invite them to come along with us. LB and the 6-year-old boy have begun to be playmates; this can be a great chance for the two to play more. I just hope that my girl's cough will soon be gone. I gave her her well-deserved massage while she was watching Little Pony vids on my phone before bedtime, plus some Vitamin C tomorrow; that might do it.

Speaking of my girl, she just gave me a dilem-mom I will never forget.

THE RUNAWAY PRINCESS. We bought her a swimming vest then I looked for my swimsuit. While I was scouring the skimpy bikinis and mustering enough courage to buy one, LB ran away and Rhambo couldn't find her. I threw the black maillot swimsuit I was eyeing and helped him look for our runaway princess. It was the most terrifying 5 minutes of my life (next is a flying cockroach). I was panicking, my heart was beating so fast and I feel cold. Most of what I thought of were bad things I've seen in news. Media, you are killing me. Thank Jesus my husband saw her at the counter! She was paying for the big shovel and rake she picked for her sand castle session she's planning to do at the beach --- only she got no money. Hahaha! It was the cutest sight ever but I was in no cooing state. I immediately carried her and gave her a hug. I wept. I almost died but the girl was not worried at all. The thoughts of going to the beach was all over her, her door was closed for any negativity. The innocence of a child is breath-taking but nerve-wracking. Btw, I didn't buy myself a swimsuit. The husband said something like "pambata ba yan?" I was totally discouraged. And to be honest, my body was not beach-ready so forget about it. Sigh. He's really, really something else of a lover, noh? But you know what? He's a great dad.

FATHERHOOD BECOMES HIM. We were on our way back to the camp when LB asked where we're headed. So when I told her "camp, baby", she gave us an unforgiving crazy wail, nonstop. Rhambo, who was suffering from a real bad toothache, turned to be the most handsome father ever. He asked her princess if she wanted to drive with him. Of course, my adventurous tyke didn't say a word. She just sat on her pop's lap and held the steering wheel like a pro. I'm sure she will never forget that, too, like I can never forget the moment I lost her for 5 hell minutes. Rhambo may not bathe or feed LB now like he used to, but he's doing special things our daughter will surely remember. I'm loving him more because of that. But what can you say about the next paragraph? ;)

MY INNER (AND OUTER) BEAUTY. I was watching Dove's experimental video last Tuesday when I thought of what Martine of Dainty Mom has posted months ago, something like "dressing up for your husband". It said something like showcasing the body parts that your husband likes most; that left us with this conversation:
Bebeng: Beb, anong favorite part mo sa body ko? (while flirting with him)
Rhambo: Eto.. (sabay hawak)
B: Bilbil?
R: Hindi, eto. (tinaas ng konti)
B: Ano ka, masahista?
R: Ano ba, katawan ba?
B: Ay ganun, inner beauty lang ba meron ako?!
We were on laugh trip for the next 10 minutes of our bickering/cajoling then he said "hindi ko nga gusto inner mo eh". I was super shocked. He said he was just trying to see what my reaction would be. Well, I was saying the whole time "a-hole ka talaga". And we just laughed again and again. Natural high, it is! 6 years of togetherness made me realize he likes my curves and behind. It's not as wholesome as eyes or shoulders, but at least there's something in my body that he likes. It's not just an inner beauty. Oh, I don't think I have that anyway, haha!

17 April 2013

We are all created in God's image and likeness. We are beautiful.

I saw this first at Dainty Mom's site earlier then now at Patty Laurel's blog with a shorter version. I must be spending some QT with husband and the girl (who are now driving around town for some daddy-daughter date) but I just felt the need to share this. Because this video is very inspiring. I hope you'd learn a thing or two, as I did. ♥ 

A Mom's Life: 12/48

This week's feature has so many things in common with yours truly. We're both SAHMs, we graduated from the same high school and we were both crushes of the husband of this blogger. Yes, Mommy #12 is Rhambo's ultimate puppy love. Hahaha! Even before his one and only ex-girlfriend, he had laid his eyes on her already. This is one big secret that I'm sure most of his closest highschool buddies did not even know, until now. So, don't squeal ha? Hehe. 

Who won't, anyway? Christine is tall, pretty, nice and girlfriend-material. Unfortunately (and fortunately!), she never noticed him. Because she was meant for another guy, the guy she was with for more than 10 years, the only guy she loved and married eventually. Lucky man, indeed! (and I hope Rhambo feels lucky with me, too. Lol) 

Get to know her more as she gave us some quick and fun facts about her.

NAME: Christine Rivera-Guerrero

AGE: 29

CHILD, AGE: Una Aura Czechri Guerrero, 3 months


FAVORITE OUTFIT: leggings + large t-shirts/ blouses that will hide my baby fats.. (haha..baby fats daw talaga oh!!)

MUST-HAVE BEAUTY COSMETIC: foundation/ powder, blush on + pink or red lipstick

HOBBIES: DIY (Home Decorating), sewing, cooking, baking.

CURRENT READ/WATCH: Read- What to Expect When you're Expecting. WATCH- Mama

FAVORITE DOMESTIC DUTY: Cleaning our room.

16 April 2013

So you ask, what happened lately? Well, blessings galore!

My last post was only 3 days ago but I felt I didn't blog forever. If you've been seeing my Queenstagrams (which go directly to my Twitter and Facebook fan page), you most probably know where I am. It's an Army wife blogger's favorite place to be --- the monobloc chair inside the bunks. ;)

Yeysterday muthers, LB and I were fetched by our soldier to spend a few days with him at his post. It saddened me when I realize I won't be able to attend Dainty Mom's Blog Inspired seminar so I emailed them right then and there and told them I'd be giving my slot to another mom blogger in the wait list. Hay. My blogging "career" is important to me but these opportunities are very rare so I chose this instead. This is what a military family, who values time, looks like. Of course, we're not just going to bury ourselves in this land where the brown crayola came (dust everywhere!), Rhambo and I have plans to visit the nearby town: Pangasinan. I told him that I want to see Hundred Islands. Some said it's not that breathtaking as we have learned in HEKASI in gradeschool, but I just really want to see the place. Imagine, I was like 7 or 8 years old when I learned about it; and here's my 4-year-old, my little budding traveler, will actually get to step on it. Isn't that a great experience? Life gets better everyday, you know. I'm just so blessed. ♥ 

12 April 2013

Military Marriage and Pork Pochero

One of the biggest tasks of a military wife when her husband comes home is to prepare a sumptuous meal that will fill his tummy, heart and soul. I've read from the story of a fellow military wife (the comedian Jon Santos' mother) printed in one of PMA's publications that  it should be a conscious effort to make our home a heaven on Earth. So aside from taking a great shower, using the best underwear (please don't be a killjoy and roll your eyes), cleaning the bathroom and changing the bed sheets, I enslave myself into thinking of what kind of feast could I prepare for my Army kind of guy. 

Enter Pochero. Usually, most cooks use beef. I do, too, but have bought pork that day so I used it anyway. For those unfamiliar with the dish, it's like nilagang baka but with tomato sauce, garbanzos and some oomph. What made my pochero different (but doable) is that I didn't have garbanzos (who's prepared?!), I used Hunt's Pork and Beans instead. It added more flavor to it, actually. 

Without much further ado, let me share with you my easy home-style recipe of Pork Pochero.

Barbie Magazine: Sunny Adventure

My little lady and I can't wait to go to the beaches of Zambales or if the king's blessed with time, Hundred Islands of Pangasinan. Truly, summer will not be as happy as it should be for my water baby without getting tanned. It's not only us mortals who celebrate the season with a bang. The 50+ year-old Barbie is into it, too, through her monthly magazine!

Last Monday, LB got her copy and instantly colored the pages. There were stickers, stories and poster about A Mermaid Tale. The back of the poster featured another photo of Barbie in the movie, The Island Princess. My little peacock was giggling like crazy when she saw Barbie's peacock-inspired gown. ♥ 

11 April 2013

I Want.

Suddenly, I became a materialistic whore that I felt I want to go shopping. Oopsie, I'm a woman. I'm entitled to feel that. Hihi. Here are what I found over the net that if I have extra moolah, I'll rush to the nearest SM and get the look.

Cute slip-ons!
Yes, umbrella included.
Breezy, fresh, love.

Not the earrings though.

No to the fedora hat.

You like it, too? Sigh. Blessings, come to momma and let's go shoppiiiiiiiiiing. :)

All photos are courtesy of Ellen Arandallo's summer outfits board on Pinterest.

10 April 2013

When Motherhood Becomes Scary

We all know by now that motherhood is not all flowers and hearts; that is, if you've been reading my blog religiously. Or you got a terrible two. Or a soiled white trousers from your babe's poop. There are mayhem and mishaps. But it's still a happy ending. After all, I got a girl. Sweet and innocent. Someone who will open her elegant abode's fancy door for the gracefully aging me and her old gray-haired Tatay. The lady who will become a boss, a wife and a mom, too. She will take good care of her children like what I did for her. Bliss, isn't it?

Today changed it all. I got scared of the future.

A Mom's Life: 11/48

One of my greatest achievements as a person is to have few true friends. 

It is obvious that blogging can mean more followers for me, but in real life, I prefer intimacy. I choose the best people in the world to be my friends. This week's featured mommy is one of my dearest, dearest friends in college. Okay, I'm sure she'll go senti once she gets to read this. Just like what she did when she kept the letter I gave her. But let's go senti all the way. 

I feel guilty for not having time to visit her when she gave birth 5 months ago. She was one of the 3 friends who visited me when I gave birth to LB. Whoa, I'm the one who's being senti now! :') But I know she understands. She's the one I feel who can always understand. She's funny but she's not sarcastic. I mean, I'm the kind who gives out Vice Ganda of comedy and she's like the Dolphy of punch lines; laugh trip but still in good faith. I think that's what Rhambo likes about her. You read it clear, my husband likes her. I mean, it's just so awesome when your husband likes your friends, right? So I'm just super glad that she got Rhambo as Ninong to her daughter, who will be dedicated to God on Sunday.

So who is she?

09 April 2013

Gotta Love the Army, Gotta Love my Hubby

R and I had a short talk about this couple who are very close to us when he was home last Sunday. This couple has a tampuhan/fight/issue. We don't know the real score but they're obviously not okay. Then earlier while doing the laundry, I realized that I'm blessed to have my husband.

Clockwise from left: Cadet no more, first time to hold his baby, one random day in the bunks and Sophia's 1st Simpsons-themed party.

Don't get me wrong, we're not a perfect couple. He's not a perfect husband. He is actually somewhat an a-hole.

05 April 2013

King Sue Ham Married Cheese

When I received a hefty package of ham products by King Sue (pronounced as King Sweh), I was giddy like a gradeschooler with new scented stationery (so 90s, sorry). The chef part of my brain started working. Hmm. I'm not really that creative though; but I'm more of making the practical and doable dishes. 

Everybody loves ham and cheese sandwich, right? So I thought of doing it without bread and have it paired with rice instead. LB loved it! She just went a little imaginative when she said "look at the cheese Nanay, it's like yellow lava". #crazykidsarebeautiful

Rayala Dialogues: Busted!

I don't know, for some unknown reason, LB asked me what my job is. So I answered her in a form of a question, too. This was how our conversation went:
B: Oh, what do I do ba everyday?
LB: Mmm... Cook.
B: What else?
LB: You bat-bat me. (bat-bat: our term for bathing)
B: That's it? That's what I do lang everyday?
LB: You watch Ina, Patid, Anak. (it's not a typo error, she pronounced it that way)
B: Haha! Eeeh, night pa yun eh. How about in the afternoon?
LB: Ooh! (got excited) You wash clothes, Nanay!
B: Right ---
LB: (butts in) And clean room and toys and stairs.
B: So that's what a mommy does everyday. And that's my job, I'm a mommy.
LB: Mmmkaaay. And you play candies in the laptop? 
Uh-oh. Time to hide your affairs with Candy Crush Saga from the kids, alright? ;)

04 April 2013

She's Complex But Very Creative

I'm always honest about how LB could be such a handful. That's why I'm one proud momma when she bagged the Most Improved Award {Behavioral} during her school's Moving-Up Day. But no matter how complex a child can be, there's always something good about it --- my daughter's good in sketching. Yup, that is according to how I see it; according to a non-artist human being who grew up with artist relatives. All of them are from my father's family. Oscar Redrico, Elmo Redrico, Red Redrico of Creative Manila, Valerie Redrico, Bryan Redrico and Manuel Redrico III of Traces of War (my not-so baby brother). I don't want to sound like bragging so I'll just let you read what you can find in Google. 

We're very fortunate to have a daughter with artist genes.

Below are some of her daily doodles.

LB says: That's me with my new bow you make, Nanay! (awww)

Getting Cozy with Cuarto atbp.

Ironically, when we're too drained from mommy/wife duties; we sometimes forget to relax, which we should be doing. Good thing there are women who care enough to open a business meant just for that. 

Taken for example is Celeste Goco's Cuarto atbp. I knew about the store when I attended the first Babypalooza Bazaar last year, which roughly was its opening date as well. 35-year-old Celeste started selling room and linen sprays, scented oils, scented candles and bath salt with a capital of Php5,000. As a housewife, she needed something to keep herself busy and found a part of herself with Cuarto atbp. Yes, just a part because she's also one of the people behind the success of Babypalooza Bazaars, which will have its 3rd event on August. Like any newbie entrepreneur, her goal is to be able to market her products to a wider audience that could eventually lead them to opening a physical store. 

Well, let's wish nothing but the best for Celeste and Cuarto atbp as she promises to continue innovating their products so she could serve and satisfy customers. I'm sure you're as curious as a cat that I will soon adopt (that's another story!) and would like to experience affordable relaxation right at the comfort of your own homes. I will soon have a giveaway in this blog (yay!), but in the meantime, below are their contact details.

Cuarto atbp
Mobile #: 09176091472

03 April 2013

A Mom's Life: 10/48

I just finished watching Ina, Kapatid, Anak in iWantv.com (because the li'l remote keeper just won't let me) and remembered about this post. Ever wondered to be actually living with another you? Can you imagine another Bebeng blogging? Grabe, if I'm like this already, can be my twin the Celyn-type or she's more on being the Margaux? What will LB call my twin kaya or how will she treat her? Well, these will all be part of our imaginations forever as I will never have a twin. But for this week's episode of A Mom's Life, the spotlight is on to the other half of the Mariano twins, whom I have met in highschool.

Reichenn or Chenn (but she's mostly known as N in HS) gave birth to a blessed baby boy on March 24 of this year. Yup, I have thought of featuring new mommies in a little celebration for my kumare who'll be delivering baby #2 any time this month. Read some quick facts about her and I hope you mommas can relate! Welcome to mommy bliss, Chenn! ♥

02 April 2013

Thoughtful Tuesday: Noted!

The Peacock Project

As a SAHM, I am blessed with time. 

I can scrub the bathroom tiles at 2am and have lunch at 3pm. That's how blessed I am, yes? No, I am bounded with house chores all throughout the day, bombarded with demands and weird questions by the getting-taller-as-ever preschooler and hooked on my social media thingamajigs. But as an educated woman who knows better than enslaving herself with her own hook-ups, wearing unwashed hair and oily face, I still find time to relax. I do it by drinking coffee or tea, just lying down with Sophia when she's watching TV or I do crafts.

And because I'm blessed with time (a little skill, too) and I have not set aside a budget for things like these, I made a DIY PEACOCK COSTUME for Sophia that she used for her Moving-Up Day days earlier. I promised I will make a tutorial of sorts; but like recipe-writing, I think I'm not that good in finding words to make my readers understand how it should be done. Let's make the photos do more of the talking, shall we? 

01 April 2013

Les Multiples Visages de la Redevance

"The Many Faces of the Royalties"
Learning the French language is in my bucket list!

I'm 6 Weeks Pregnant!

Gotcha! Well, I hope I'll be, soon. 

Sometimes referred to as All Fools' Day, April 1 is not a national holiday, but is widely recognized and celebrated as a day when people play practical jokes and hoaxes on each other.