29 November 2019

4 Simple Bonding Activities for Siblings with Big Age Gap

When people knew I was pregnant with my second child, most of them were a bit surprised to find out the 9-year age gap between her and my eldest, Sophia. Some even insinuated that close in ages is better; saying that the kids will be instant buddies and that they actually worry if my girls will ever understand each other. Well, guess what? Their age gap is actually a huge blessing!

I mean, it seems as if our Sammybear has a second mom in her Ate Sophia. I think my firstborn prepared for it really well. She was 6 years old when she started praying specifically for a baby sister so when our little boss arrived, she started taking her job as a big sister seriously.

21 November 2019

Life Lately: Do you have someone who believes in you?

Few days ago, I fought real hard against sadness brought by envy.

As a blogger, may mga gusto akong ma-achieve na unfortunately, hindi ko nakukuha. Siyempre, diyan na ako magsisimulang mag-doubt sa kakayahan ko. Am I not good enough? Do I really have what it takes to be the next top model este to be an influencer? I even questioned myself once if my posts are still relevant. Pakiramdam ko, wala na akong bagong maihahain sa mga readers and followers ko.

But guys, may nabasa ako. Daig daw ng consistent ang magaling. Mahabang usapin yan, pwedeng topic for debate, pero pinanghawakan ko yan ng bongga. I spoke to the little girl inside me and said, “tie your hair tight and neat, marami pa tayong gagawin.” So kahit napaka-steady bordering to boring na ng #BaonSerye posts ko, tuloy lang ang daily hanash ng momshie niyo. Sa baon-making stories niyo ako nakilala at sinubaybayan eh, kaya hindi ko ito basta-basta bibitawan.

To further leave the puddle of toxicity that I created, I did my best to shift my mental gears. I strongly believe that clarity fosters calmness.