19 February 2020

Of Faith and Diaper Needs

When I was pregnant with Sammy, I vowed to breastfeed her till she wants to. I was confident my girl would latch well, I also felt I would have an abundant supply. My intuition was right after all. I’m quite proud of actually doing it for two beautiful years now not only because I believe that breastmilk is best but also because we saved a lot of money! I’m sure you all know how pricey formula milk is. That was the motivation—to never buy formula milk.

So while I was preparing my body for breastfeeding, I gradually bought her things. With nine years gap between her and big sister Sophia, I literally have no baby stuff stored. I told my mother-in-law and my husband about my dilemma. My MIL said something like, “don’t worry, God will provide”. And He sure did! Few weeks after I gave birth, my relatives from the States sent us a huge box filled with US-made Huggies and lots and lots of clothes! I remembered I secretly wept that night as I prayed before sleeping. How God uses certain people to bless us still amazes me.

07 February 2020

Sammy's Jollibee Costume

It was mid-November last year when my husband told me about their office Christmas party theme for the kids. He specifically reminded me to prepare cartoon character costumes for our girls. In his cranky tone (via text, yes there is such a thing) because I was being difficult (his life would be so boring without me duh), he said he doesn't like it that we'd be the first ones to not follow orders. But because no one ain't the boss of me (not even his commanding officer hahaha, sorry sir), I decided on fast food theme costumes for us three. Passion on food and motherhood, yes?

Sammy wore it at Manila Ocean Park for her 2nd Birthday

Wait, before you label me as a subversive military wife, the truth was, I really can't think of cool cartoon characters that would separate us from the Elsa-Anna narrative. I initially wanted Phineas and Ferb for my girls and I can be Dr. Doofenshmirtz but the wigs would be a problem for sure. And most importantly, the people attending might not grasp the concept. You know what I mean? Like, sayang naman yung pagka-cool kung kami lang nakakaintindi sa amin. Nerd alert, right? Haha.

Then in the middle of my breastfeeding sesh one wee hour of the morning, I thought of Powerpuff Girls! Sophia will be Bubbles, Sammy of course will be Buttercup and I would be Blossom. When I told my husband about it, his text tone was unenthusiastic; he clearly was not impressed. I virtually rolled my eyes on him (like I always do). I couldn't give up just like that. Being extra is in my DNA so I squeezed whatever creative juice I have left in my brain.


04 February 2020

Why We Quit Homeschool

I shared here why we decided to homeschool Sophia last school year so I think it's just fair to also share why we quit. At first, I was ecstatic to tell our story, to say what needs to be said especially to those who want to try and were asking how and why. But as days passed, I grew little by little uninterested to even talk about this. My mind, heart and soul were shattered into pieces. That was how homeschooling and quitting it affected me, just like a toxic relationship break-up that I couldn't wait to move on from.

I want a happier us, that is why.

Please don't get me wrong, I don't hate homeschooling. In fact, methinks it's the best education for all types of children. It really is! Being hands-on to my two kids since day one, I have learned that a child's development in all aspects requires a good relationship with her parents. Isn’t it that adults with antagonistic behavior are tagged as someone with sad childhood? Or that when someone is being a troll online, people would be quick to say that that person is “kulang sa aruga” or that “hindi yan love ng mama niya”. It may sound funny especially on that context but it’s also the sad reality of the effects of a bad childhood.

08 January 2020

Manila Ocean Park for Samantha’s Second Birthday

I would like to think that we are creature of habits, my husband and I. We are sort of doing the same things we did with our eldest for our youngest; a bit better this time though ‘cause we have allocated more budget for it. Like a big joint party for their dedication and first birthday and pockets of celebrations for the next five years until it’s time for a fastfood restaurant party on her 7th. So for Sammybear’s 2nd, we spent it at Manila Ocean Park just like how we did it for her Ate Sophia 9 years ago. 

As always, when the husband comes home for the weekend, we all wait for him. Which means, we’d all be sleeping late... like 3am kind of late. Thus, waking up in the morning super late, too. But well, it’s our bear’s birthday, we don’t want to hurry. We just want to honour her and go on through the day according to her pace. So even if she didn’t want to blow the candle on her birthday cake aka a bucket of Dunkin Donuts munchkins, we’re good. We totally respected that no matter how small the candle’s flame is, she is forever scared lol. And yes, we bought her munchkins instead ‘cause that time, she can finish a dozen of munchkins in one seating but never liked cake. So I thought why buy her something she won’t eat anyway? As of this post though, she eats any flavor of cake to the point she gets really mad when you don’t feed her enough. Toddlers.

21 December 2019

Never Knew I'd Be a Mom of Two

For the sake of my new readers (hi guys), here’s a little background. I have always been a working mom. I only stopped for reals when Sophia had a pneumonia in 2012. Then after five years of trying my hand at being a work-at-home mompreneur, I went back to the corporate arena as a Marketing Manager of an iconic clothing brand. Despite the difficulties of commuting, dreadful office building and uncooperative superiors, I enjoyed every single minute of doing my job.

However, here’s a major plot twist. I got pregnant again a month later I got hired.

10 December 2019

My child is a picky eater! What can I do?

Ever since I shared stories of my love for food and motherhood, the usual question I get from first-time parents would be how to make their children have an awesome appetite like mine. First, I always tell them that there's no cookie-cutter formula to having a pickytarian-free home, as each child is different. But yes, there are many doable and foolproof ways even the moms before us have done to make eating time fun and filling for the whole family.

OK. Before we start, please know that this is just a phase. In fact, my eldest Sophia only ate a few dishes when she was a “threenager.” It was a struggle for me because she only liked soupy corned beef, chicken nuggets, adobo, and scrambled eggs just to name a few. During that time, I felt like the worst mom ever. But I knew I had to do something. I knew that if I'd just wallow in self-pity and self-blame, nothing's going to change my daughter's picky eating habits.

29 November 2019

4 Simple Bonding Activities for Siblings with Big Age Gap

When people knew I was pregnant with my second child, most of them were a bit surprised to find out the 9-year age gap between her and my eldest, Sophia. Some even insinuated that close in ages is better; saying that the kids will be instant buddies and that they actually worry if my girls will ever understand each other. Well, guess what? Their age gap is actually a huge blessing!

I mean, it seems as if our Sammybear has a second mom in her Ate Sophia. I think my firstborn prepared for it really well. She was 6 years old when she started praying specifically for a baby sister so when our little boss arrived, she started taking her job as a big sister seriously.