21 January 2017

No Oven, No Problem

With Valentine's Day nearing, it's quite a given that pastry stores, even chocolatiers will take advantage of the needs of their customers. Aww-worthy gifts for their loved ones, that is! But what if you actually have not allotted a budget for it? Well, you might probably decide unleashing your inner Martha Stewart, right? But then, what if you got no tools to back you up? You only got a few spoons and bowls and a brand new refrigerator (from last Christmas or perhaps, a wedding present from one of your wedding godparents, lol). 

Fret no more, royalties! MoneyMax.ph sent me this awesome infographic on how to make a No-Bake Cookies and Cream Cake under Php200. 

09 January 2017

One Word, One Year: 2017

I have shared in this post how 2016 was like for our small family. Thinking about the massive amount of merriment and mayhem that happened then, my one word last year pretty described how the previous events took place. Whenever I have to make a decision - be it great or minor - I have always gone back to my whys, my purpose. And for that, I was so glad I chose that word no matter how common it is, no matter how related it is to Justin Bieber, lol. 

For this year, it took me a few words before I arrived to one. I thought of "now", "kindness", "focus" and "accept". All these have strong impact to me as 2017 began. It was only when my husband finally left home to go back to work that I realized what I would love my one word to be. 

And that is, HUMILITY.

04 January 2017

The Year That Has Been

Where were we on the last day of 2016? 

Just a quick backgrounder, a confession that none of our families, except my selfie queen sister, and friends knew - my husband R and I had a serious fight. We were not talking days after Christmas until a few minutes before the year ended. Sophia knew. Some kids would have complained about how miserable to have spent the holidays with cold-hearted parents and most probably took sides already. But my girl - she was the voice of reason, our sunshine that kept us warm and melted the ice that enveloped our home. 

Back to the question - oh, our family of contradicting characters and mood swings spent it in a non-extravagant but meaningful way! We had dinner at a 24-hour KFC along Marcos Highway then went to Marikina River Park for fair rides and games. Our little miss adventurer had fun even with that one scary ride (that made me repent my sins over and over lol). But R and I? We were still ignoring each other. He still ignored me even if I was actually trying to impress him when I shot targets consecutively in exchange of cheap toys and candies. What a snob, that guy, haha. Then we drove up to Antipolo for fireworks sighting but went home disappointed. Drizzles and smog, that's why. It was so polluted down here that night; we didn't see anything! 

Anyway, up to this very moment, no apologies were made. But I guess, the evening I hugged him while he was sleeping gave it away that whoever was at fault, I didn't care anymore. All I ever thought was how I longed for that hug and that I just cannot let the next day happen without us being our old selves again. So there. And of course, don't forget - having sex after a fight is always the best idea.

29 December 2016

Cleaning with Domex

Merry, mad, murky; it's a bit weird to put these three words together but you know, these best describe our home the past pre-holidays as a servantless family. While it's true that celebrating the birth of Jesus made us all nice and sweet to each other (I tried my best, haha), we can't deny that the stress it brought us was maddening. I have matured, though. I chose to prioritize the things that make me mad. I focused on what's purposeful. To be honest, cleaning one of the most important parts of the house wasn't in my list. My kitchen's my top priority, for obvious reasons.

Well, it's the bathroom. There were days when I just come and go in that little cold place of ours. The only fortunate thing about it is it's not a common ground for everyone (the word everyone pertains to the three of us plus my kitchen assistant, fyi). My only child, Sophia, has her own bathroom in her playroom slash dressing room. She cheerfully shares it with anyone who'd ask where they can do their thing. So I regularly clean it for her health. We used to have a wash room for guests beside the laundry area but I converted it into the new laundry area 'cause of the midyear storms. Gosh, so many banyo stories, hehe. Anyway - 

22 December 2016

Shrimp Pesto Spaghetti

It was 10 years ago when I first tasted a pesto pasta dish. Tbh, I didn't like it! I wonder why it tasted so minty and leafy and starchy when in reality, a real pesto dish tastes super good that even kids (who, according to a lot of studies, do not like any food that is colored green) would eat. I'm glad my little foodie likes pesto. As for my husband, let's say, it puts him in a real good mood.

So when I was luckily invited to Contadina's Supermarket Raid last month, I was excited when I found out that they have Pesto alla Genovese Sauce in 190-gram jar. You see, they got me at the jar. I have this thing with bote, you know, hehe. Seriously, a pesto sauce in a jar with an affordable price? Only kusineras-who-budget like me would know why it makes me happy! Sure, there are local brands that has pesto sauce / mix, which are actually way cheaper but let's admit it, it doesn't taste like the real deal. Theirs also aren't in a jar. Heehee. This one, though? I'm not just trying to please Nigella (as if she'd care about whatever I'd say) but Contadina is true to its word when they said in the packaging - "using the finest ingredients that deliver rich and authentic flavours worth savouring". 

16 December 2016

Last Minute Online Shopping

For real? It's almost Christmas and I still haven't decorated the house with anything celebratory?! What is happening? 

Well, I know it isn't healthy to cram all the time but I know I can manage. I've been like this since we lived on our own. Not that it's okay but we still had happy holidays the past years so I just feel like this year won't be different. After all, decors last until January the next year so my tweenager would still see the merriment it brings. 

12 December 2016

Baon Serye Talks at Accenture

The only time I talked about my #baonserye passion project here was when I wrote this article about how I feel about my *15 minutes of fame*. I haven't done a full-length feature about it. Perhaps, the things that happened right after it went viral were a bit overwhelming that it kind of consumed me I didn't have the time to elaborate it here. Say, my fan page's inbox was flaming! I remembered I woke up with 60+ unread messages and what - thousands and thousands of followers. So intense. For this bloggy mom, who worked so hard to get at least a hundred people to follow me four years ago, getting 32k (as of this article) was truly nakakakilig! Anyway, I hope this post will suffice for now. 

Those were just, let's say, the first of many happy things that this passion project has given me. I got interviewed by Asian Parent Philippines and was featured in Psst.ph, a local e-zine. But the most rewarding of it all was when I was invited by Accenture Philippines to do a baon-making workshop with the Accenture Technology Women Leaders here in Manila.