31 October 2019

Pork Ribs Caldereta

Caldereta is one of my favorite dishes ever! If a Filipino kiddie party will never be complete without sweet spaghetti, I think any Pinoy handaan (basta mahanapan ng something to celebrate for) will not be as special without a tomato-based meat dish. Afritada, menudo, mechado, caldereta—whichever way you like it—at least one of them is surely ever present. When I was a kid, I always looked forward to having menudo with pancit bihon. But as I grew older, my food choices have changed. I'd have caldereta any other day. Its thick and savory sauce plus the non-complex number of ingredients make it so enjoyable to devour.

I read (or have watched) somewhere that caldereta originally has goat meat but I guess, our ancestors have actually taken it from beef bourguignon of the French that we also started using beef. For a lot of Filipino families though who'd like to eat caldereta on a regular day, beef can be a bit expensive for everyday cooking. Good thing a more affordable and very versatile meat has entered the picture—pork. Of course, there's nothing like beef caldereta but if you're on a budget and craving for this Pinoy handaan staple, this recipe that uses pork ribs is a great alternative! 

09 October 2019

Salmon Teriyaki

Do you know that salmon is a stress-busting superfood? I didn't know that, too and actually can't confirm if it's true. I just read that somewhere and thought it can be quite a cool opening sentence to this recipe post lol. Kidding aside, fact or fake, eating salmon really does bust stress away! At least for us, my husband and I, who love the fish down to its pink meat. So when I knew that Seaking, a brand I love buying at the supermarket, now has wild-caught Alaskan salmon, I got excited for my salmon-loving better half. 

You see, Seaking's salmon cuts are not farmed so they don't feed from chemically-enriched fish food. It's clean, fresh-smelling and so convenient to use! It comes in three cuts  slab, steak and chunks. It's a life-saver, I tell you. Allow me to share with you this latest recipe that I've tried doing and had been successful at for the first time!

27 September 2019

11 Things Sophia Said

My firstborn is quite a chatter. I really wonder where she got it from! Haha, fine, my genes must have something to do with it. In fact, when she was a baby, not even turning a year old yet, she can copy whatever I or her father say. It was the cutest! But now that she's a pre-teen who actually has a reaction to anything that's happening around her, it can be pretty annoying. So yeah, cute isn't exactly a good word to describe it.

But of course, it also means that her responses can be funny just like when she started talking non-stop. And for her 11th birthday, here are 11 memorable things Sophia said.

12 September 2019

Caring for Your Baby Efficiently With Timeflys Baby Monitor

When I was a first time mom to my now 5th grader Sophia, my mother helped me with my brand new responsibility of caring for a little human. But for the second time as I gave birth to Samantha two years ago, who's now a chunky toddler, I was mostly on my own. And guys, just like most moms who breastfeed their babies, I didn't have enough sleep, we were literally together 24/7. While I love my rainbow baby very much, I cried deep inside when I wanted to just poop, err have coffee, in peace. Well, Sammybear was and is still an easy baby. It was just that I can't leave her in the room on her own in the fear of her falling from the bed (she didn't like sleeping on the crib) or worst, SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome). Guys, I survived it all. We're alive and that's what matters. But had I known there are products that can make parenting a bit easier, I shouldn't have sold my soul to online shopping sites just to stay sane lol.

And what exactly is this? Omg moms, it's a baby freaking monitor from Timeflys! So what does it do? You can read more about it on Celerhina Aubrey's and K Figuracion's blogs here and here. But here's a quick rundown of its features that my friends from Timeflys shared with me 

04 September 2019

35 today

Well, well, well. What do we have here?

But first, lemme take a selfie.

When I was 10 years old, I looked at people my age now like they're so old. Like when they don't have their own house, don't drive their own car and have zero career, I thought that they are failures. The younger me even swore to never wash my own laundry! I said I'd have maids to do the house chores. I said I'd be wearing stilettos to work. I said my future children would have their own bedrooms at my house with a beautiful garden. Such dreams I had as a child. God bless every kid who dreams like I did. 'Cause guess what? None of those came true.

30 August 2019

Making My Ukay-Ukay Find Look New Again with Ariel Instashine

I'm not an expert in fashion and finance but I know where to go when I need to look decent without spending too much! It sure is a feat to explore ukay-ukay shops but I tell you, once you score an amazing find (read: the style you love + super affordable price), you'll get hooked! And boy did it happen to me. I was in college when I have managed to look like the 6th member of Spice Girls with my outfits worth less than 200 pesos. Aside from getting in the Dean's List, dressing up was in my top priority, lol.

But now that I always have to stick to a budget (wais na misis moves, yo), shopping for my clothes has been classified as extinct. Hence, going back to exploring ukay-ukay like I used to. This mama loves looking good no matter how busy she gets, you know! Good thing the shops in the nearby city are fully air conditioned and are now located safely in the main road (sa madidilim na streets in Manila sila marami dati beshie, so scary hehe).

03 July 2019

My Formula to Be a Zero Worries Parent

I have two daughters, Sophia and Samantha. They have a 9-year age gap. People are always amused when they learn about that miniscule fact about my kids. Comments about how difficult it's going to be when they become adults are inevitable but is it really necessary to point that out?  I mean, isn't parenting a tough task in general no matter what gender and age gap our children have? I don't think there's a cookie-cutter way to follow, you know. I believe, though that there's no harm in doing what those ahead of us have done already especially if they actually succeeded. Well, this is a huge topic that a single blog post won't do justice but as a mom for more than a decade, please allow me to share with you a few things on how my husband and I raise our girls with zero worries.

My best ever life is to joyfully spend it with these two. ♥

Okay, before you judge me for being so internet-fake with the zero worries phrase, I hope it's clear with you that it's figurative. It's not possible to raise a child with zero worries! Moms worry all the time, I worry all the time. Anxiety is synonymous to my name. In fact, there are times when I can't even sleep at night thinking about my girls' future - career, first boyfriend and will they ever learn their way in the kitchen like I do? See how I worry for them 20 years ahead? I can be a worry freak, I tell ya. But worry begets wrinkles and palpitations, which I strongly avoid at any cost. So as the primary parent of our offsprings, I created a formula to actually make the impossible hopefully possible. The results cannot be seen and enjoyed yet but I'm holding on to my goal because I got a great God who got my back.

Would you like to know the formula? It's quite simple. Basically, a kid must have these three in order for a parent to have zero worries: