15 September 2018

Why We Homeschool

Finally, you will now know why we are doing this rather unpopular lifestyle. Yes, homeschooling isn't just a type of education for children. It's a choice that families make to achieve the success they all want for themselves as a unit and as individuals. 

Here's our story. 

It was few minutes before 4 in the morning of a regular school day, I just finished breastfeeding our one month old baby and had put her back to sleep. I was about to prepare breakfast for my firstborn Sophia when I heard her sniffing differently. On most days, I would have still woken her up and have her take medicine before she goes to school. But on that day, my heart said otherwise. I allowed her to sleep. The next few hours proved to me that momtuition will always be correct. She got high fever, sore throat and really bad case of colds. After three days, she got better. I then overdosed her with veggies and fruits and vitamins and rest and TLC. But still, she got sick again. Like, she had it every other week until the school year finished. 

30 August 2018

This #BaonSerye Mama Made Real Bento with Gold Seas

When I was invited to attend Gold Seas' bento workshop last month, I thought that I'd just go for the heck of it. After all, my firstborn doesn't need baon anymore as we are currently homeschooling her. But when Kat Maderazo, the bento master behing #BentoByKat no less, taught us how to make a snail rice using a cling film and some beet juice, I was so thrilled. It even gave me an idea on my next homebound projects for my fourth grader.

Since I'm a visual learner, it helped a lot to actually see Kat did the snail-shaping in front of all of us. It was hard at first since I really can't copy how she exactly did the raindrop-shaped rice that will be the body of the snail. But eventually, it definitely looked like how it should be when I was done.

20 August 2018

5 Books That Can Help Children Understand Emotionally Sensitive Topics

When I became a mom a decade ago, just like most new parents, I did my best to learn the basics of raising a child. Having the opportunity to take care of all my nephews though, let's just say I'm in the advanced level. I have already mastered bathing rambunctious boys, feeding picky eaters, and playing with kids that by the time I had to do those to my own daughter, I didn't have a problem. It is only when Sophia started asking whys and hows that I realized parenting is such a tough job.

You see, whatever seed of life we plant in the hearts of our children, it will grow with them. These seeds will become their thoughts, which will turn into emotions and eventually into actions. This is why my husband and I are intentionally raising our daughters with the teachings of the Bible, what we have personally experienced and learned in life, and as for I who dream to have a book published under my name someday, I also get help from books.

03 August 2018

Samantha's First Six Months

Our little ball of sparkle has started to learn to scream. No thanks to my yelling when her big sis decides to rebel without a cause. Or maybe it's just a phase. I'm still hoping she'd turn out to be a fine lady as how it matches her feminine beauty. Oops, how can I forget that I'm no lady myself? She does not have anyone to epitomize so why will I expect her to be one? Oh, to be a mother of girls.

Well, my baby being a lady is such a topic too far from today. Can we just talk about how her drools amuse me? Or how she wanted to fall from the bed agonize me I have actually dreamt about it? Such a magical experience to feel – this stage of having a baby after 9 years of believing we will never have a child again. It was Sophia's prayer answered in the most unexpected timing. If you haven't read my post about it, click here and please come back. Will ya?

31 July 2018

Tuna Patties

When I attended the Gold Seas bento workshop two weeks ago, the featured dish was Tuna Cakes made of Gold Seas Tuna Chunks in olive oil and mashed potato. It looks like any other tuna patty but surprisingly, it was so delish! It's really that yummy that I actually thought of recreating it on my own kitchen yesterday at lunch. Instead of mashed potato, though, I used mashed carrots. And I added more characters to my tuna by putting garlic powder, thyme and Parmesan cheese. This dish is perfect for kids who loves fried food so much! But since I fried it in a non-stick pan, I only used a tablespoon of oil.

Sophia and I loved these healthy and filling patties! Who would actually think this is fish and veggies, right? Hmm. You think your pickytarian will eat this? Well, try my recipe and let's see how it'll go!

25 July 2018

Chicken and Broccoli Stir-Fry with Crispy Tofu

Please don't hate me – I'm one of the lucky moms who has a kid and a husband who regularly eat veggies. In fact, my not-so-little foodie, Sophia actually requested for chopseuy when we had lunch in Baler last summer. With that said, I usually find it easy to serve them veggie dishes. In my close to a decade experience of homemaking (I feel sooo good writing that, wow 10 years can you imagine), it's apparent for me to have already memorized the food my husband likes. As for my growing girl, every new meal is a discovery.

One time, I served her fried tofu. She asked me what it was then said she doesn't like it. I urged her to try it first and dip it in the sauce I made. I knew she loved it when I saw a tiny smile in the corner of her lips as she chewed. My homecooking mama heart was so happy! That's when I was sure she will love it added in dishes that she already eats. Hence, I served her Chicken and Broccoli Stir-Fry with Crispy Tofu. Yum.

12 July 2018

Ginisang Labong at Saluyot

My husband's family has been in this neighborhood since the early 1980s. So they basically know each and everyone in the area. In fact, if you get lost coming here, ask for our surname and they will direct you to our house. Just don't do bad things to us; you won't like what can happen to you, haha. Anyway, my favorite benefit of living here is the good number of community vendors that often knock on our door, er, gate. One of them is Grace, an old woman who sells fresh produce from her own harvest. My pure Bicolana mother-in-law, Mama A, gets fresh gabi leaves from her that she cooks into laing. One day, Grace cheerfully arrived with fresh labong (bamboo shoots). I was so excited I bought it all! Then Mama A prepped it for cooking by boiling and extracting the not-so-pleasant taste of its liquid. Para daw "walang kati". The next day, she bought saluyot, tomatoes and ginger. I bought bangus. We were on a serious mission for some tasty dinengdeng! However, Mama A had allergies that day so I skipped using bagoong isda for this recipe, making it a simple guisado. 

You know what, okay lang naman 'cause I used fish sauce (patis) instead and the natural flavor of fried bangus made it more delish. To be honest, this was the first time that I cooked this! I was so happy it was a success and that my tweener foodie loved it so I'm sharing this with all of you.