03 December 2016

Pork Binagoongan

I was in college when I realized how I seriously loved fried eggplant with bagoong. Well, my college life was all about siomai and rice. Or pancit canton and rice - so that's very understandable. Yup, carbs on carbs most of the time! Haha. That's what being in a State U is, you know. 

Anyway, when my husband R and I got together two years after I graduated from college, the siomai and rice combo still exists but that's when I realized the importance of mealtimes in our relationship. Him being in the military makes us get together for only three times in a year! So this homecooking ladylove should make it a bit more special each time. But let's be honest, my entry-level salary can't give him a restaurant-style dinner at home. I settled for whatever my budget can do. I believe, though that budgeted meals do not mean it's not delicious. 

02 December 2016

What's Christmas Without the Lights?

I remember that one bizarre conversation I had with a friend where we talked about that one disability we fear to have. I forgot hers but mine is to be blind. I fear how I will see nothing but darkness 'till the end of my days. Thank God it's just a thought and not a reality. Well, although I have told my husband that I'd rather have no electricity than no water at home, it's still not true at all. How can I cook if there's no light? How can my daughter, Sophia do her homework if it's dark? What's Christmas without the lights? Isn't it what makes this joyous occasion merry and bright? 

For some families, having no light does not matter. It doesn't dampen their spirits to live their lives. The kids still go to school, the folks continue to work and they still smile despite it all. What matters to them is their togetherness. Isn't it that Joseph and Mary did not care where Jesus will be born as long as they are together? 

18 November 2016

Italian Baked Chicken with Potatoes

You might think that this dish looks and tastes very similar to Chicken Afritada that most Filipino loves cooking in instant tomato sauce. Trust me, it's not. It definitely has that Italian kick to it, not that I know a lot about their cuisine. Thanks to McCormick's Italian seasoning, oregano powder and dried basil leaves. Also, this Italian Baked Chicken used fresh tomatoes. They are small, red and juicy resulting to thick and fruity sauce. Topping it with quick-melting cheese in the last five minutes of its cooking time in the oven has sealed this dish in comforting perfection.

My little foodie, Sophia brought this in school once for lunch and proudly told me she finished it! She even commented that she liked chewing the soft tomatoes. I felt accomplished - cooking something that I just tried for the first time and having the kid finished it. Win-win! So I thought of sharing it with you all, because I believe that sharing is caring. Hehe, bagong-bago.

10 November 2016

Lazada's 11.11 Online Revolution

To be honest, even if I love online shopping, I haven't tried buying anything from Lazada. Well, you can't blame me. I have read so many bad reviews about them that I actually got scared of trying. Lo and behold, I guess the shopping spirits of the universe heard my murmurings (that I need some extra moolah for shopping, lol) - I got invited in the launch of their latest shopping event exactly a week ago! I-try ko daw muna, huwag daw kasi akong judgmental. Heehee.

Anyway, bloggers and members of the press were treated to an afternoon of delish food and awesome finds at Ascott Hotel in BGC. Here are some of what you can expect during the revolution! 

27 October 2016

Make Your Party Fun and Fuss-Free with Joe's Kitchen Delivery

I'm the #baonserye mom, alright. I earn extra by cooking savory sidekicks at Bebeng's Kitchen. And most of the people close to me know that I'm a foodie... But there are times that I choose food deliveries over my own cooking. Why? Well, who won't? When all you need to do is click and choose the food you want to eat. Right? 

My birthday the past month was not an exemption. Sure, I baked vanilla cupcakes with pink buttercream frosting and still cooked some birthday noodles, pork siomai, baked chicken and roasted veggies but it wouldn't have been as special as it was if not for Joe's Kitchen's super delicious dishes.

12 October 2016

Sophia Saves Money With Security Bank

In all honesty, I can't say that I had a truly happy childhood. When I was my daughter's age, all I remember was my father's death that resulted to my mother's financial struggles as a housewife, who was left with nothing. Our hardships caused our family's many heartaches. And personally, though it taught me resilience, I never learned how to save for the rainy days. Whenever someone gave me money then, I always spent it all at once. It's only now that I'm a mom myself that I am learning the ropes of budgeting, spending and saving. 

When Sophia received monetary gifts for her first birthday party and dedication, our original plan was to open a savings account for her. But then, Ondoy happened. Our purple rented house got flooded waist deep. Most of of our stuff got muddy and broken. Unfortunately, we needed to use her money to help us start anew. Fast forward to the many Christmases that she received thousands of money from her godparents; she has used it all up for her needs, which we should have given her. We never saved any, not even a single coin. 

05 October 2016

I Am Raising a Girl Who Practices Two Religions

I grew up in a Born Again Christian family. My mama said that I was two years old when she and our papa started attending a Born Again Christian church in Quezon City. Inevitably, in most Christian families, we went to church together every Sunday. It was where I first learned how to dance. I also memorized some parts of the Holy Bible because of Sunday School. I love being a Christian and I am proud to be one. 

So when I posted this last night, I got a few private messages about it. 

Why does it sound so easy for you? Aren't you afraid she'll choose to be a Catholic in the future? How come a Born Again Christian mom found it adorable when her daughter looked for a purple rosary? 

I'd like to make it simple but please allow me to share with you this story.