20 July 2016

Free Printable Finds

With all the many hats that a mom has to wear, she must always organize and plan things ahead in order to accomplish the tasks as she wanted it to be. It can be planned at least a day ahead, sometimes a week before; months even if necessary. I know some moms who can peacefully manage her household without a journal or to-do list, at least; I am an exemption. I need a handful of post-its and a decent pinboard beside my office desk so I will be reminded of what I need to do. But post-its can be a bit boring albeit its loud colors - my penmanship makes it as such, perhaps. 

I'm glad that there are creative bloggers who are so generous to share their digital art skills with us here in the cyberworld! Planning my #baonserye is now easier with Living Locurto's Lunch Box Planner. I write what I can prepare for Sophia there then I list down the items needed to make it in Hello Cuteness' Grocery List. Here are the other free printables that can help you organize your tasks (and maybe your life, as well, haha).

12 July 2016


R, Sophia and I are like most families who always look forward to traveling together. My girl first rode a plane at 15 months when I didn't have a camera phone yet so there were no documented photos. It was a crazy trip - flight was a day delayed and my baby vomitted her milk during take-off. Yikes! But having to spent the holidays with our soldier daddy for 13 days in the farflung province that is Surigao del Sur, the crazy things that happened were worth it. What we are looking forward to now is to travel by plane altogether. Prayerfully, it will happen soon.

This year, last summer, we had a 3-day semi-planned vacation up north. It was exciting as it was the first time that we have been to a new place we've never been before. Sure, it was also our first time to see Potipot in Zambales and Hundred Islands in Pangasinan but we went there while we were at R's workplace. You know, it was just due to a spur-of-the-moment, itchy feeling to swim on the beach. But as for our long drive to Ilocos, I booked us a really nice hotel via Deal Grocer a month ahead. We also researched (aka read blogs) on where we should frolic and grab some grub. Just like in all the travels we did, I enjoyed taking photos! I then posted a few on Instagram and later found myself creating a hashtag that would collate all the travel photos so we can easily go back to it for posterity and nostalgia. The hashtag was called #RayalaTravels - by obvious reasons, haha.

04 July 2016

Kris Aquino's Advice to Moms

I am not a fan of hers. Some people said I'm like her when this blog was called Bebengisms. Not sure if it was because I was featuring too many products here. Or was it because I was too full of myself then? I don't know about you but despite the many intrigues and controversies she has put herself into, she's an amazing media personality. Well, on TV. Hindi ko siya keri on the big screen eh. She's a good host kahit minsan hindi na niya pinagsaalita ang mga ini-interview niya but acting isn't for her, imho.

So, netizens were abuzz when photos of her in the GMA Network studio circulated around in the interwebs. Ayun nga, she guested on Yan Ang Morning, Marian Rivera's morning show on GMA 7 last week, July 1. Kibitzers said it was to make the rival network's show feel bad about themselves as it looked like they replaced Kris. It was just sabi-sabi. Kris said that she promised her "inaanak sa kasal", Marian that she would guest on her show once she's back from her vacation. 

And she kept her promise. 

01 July 2016

Exciting Things Ahead

Today is the first day of the second half of the year. Isn't it amazing how quickly time flew? So, what do we have here? We got changes. The Philippines has a new president! My girl is in a new school! And to make this post a bit egocentrically silly - this blog's initials share the same with the new president's! Cool, right? LOL. Mai-relate lang. Tbh, I didn't campaign for him but since he was the people's choice... well, congratulations! I have read his simple but meaningful speech yesterday. It was good. Kudos to his team for putting up a decent inauguration. Let us hope for the best! After all, his win is our win. 

Now, off to more personal stuff.

23 June 2016

A Fun Family Day at Ruby Spa

Whenever my husband is home (for those new here, he's in the military) and there are no scheduled activities for our family to do, we while away our weekend evening with going to our favorite spa. Sometimes, we leave the girl to his mom so we can have each other to ourselves. Or when we have extra budget, we bring the girl with us that pampering and relaxation become a family affair. We're very clingy like that. 

We are loyal to one spa for more than two years now but we also try the new ones when we feel adventurous. Or when we haven't booked early, hehe. So we feel happy we were given a chance to try the services at Ruby Spa. I also invited my mother-in-law, my sister-in-law, her husband and her kids. Well, it wasn't relaxing to have three kids with us but we had fun albeit their kakulitan, haha!