17 November 2018

Garlic Butter Shrimp

Sophia was around five years old when I finally decided to regularly serve her shrimp dishes. Yes, she started late. I didn't force her to eat those she wasn't comfortable to have yet. Then till now, I strongly believe that mealtimes should be fun. Even if I have a solid table rule (i.e., eat whatever I serve), I still made sure crying wasn't part of it. I came to a point when I had to unleash my inner theater actress, allowed her to "starve" for 5 minutes and made the broccoli speak just to make her understand that I will never feed her gross food. Guess what, it was effective! She's now a certified foodie. In fact, she now knows how to eat shrimp with head on. As in, the real shiznit – sucking it to really get its flavor. So proud of her, she's really her mother's daughter.

Okay, enough. That's already silly mom-bragging right there, haha. I'm sure you came here for the recipe so let's talk about that.

07 November 2018

Filipino Kiddie Spaghetti

I was raised in a home that enjoyed rice and ulam meals every single day. Rice and tinola, rice and sinigang, rice and fried fish, rice and tocino and even rice and macaroni soup. I think I speak for most Filipino families — rice is life. But now that I've been feeding my not-so-little foodie for a decade already, I sometimes question why rice always has to be present in our meals. No, I actually do not question, I rebel against the norms. When Sophia was younger, I created a habit of feeding her healthy dishes that I know she'd like. I didn't force her to eat those that I just started to eat when I was a bit older. Mealtimes should be fun, a fact I stick to up to this day. I guess, that's why she just had a quick time in the picky-eating phase.

One of the delish dishes that I frequently served her — spaghetti! When I had to scrimp on budget, I used canned corned beef. When I was slowly introducing seafood to her, I used tuna. When I wanted it healthier, I used real tomatoes instead of ready-made sauces. Sophia ate and liked them all. She would say after every meal, "I wish this is my baon, Nay!" Haha. But still, nothing beats the classic Pinoy spaghetti. The one with sweet sauce, ground pork, hotdogs and grated cheese. It's her most favorite! So it's safe to say that I have memorized cooking it as much as her ultimate fave,  adobo.

Do you want to know how I make mine? Here's my recipe!

30 October 2018

Tinapa Rice

As someone who truthfully loves eating regardless of mood, I have lots of comfort foods. But of course, I will always have a favorite – Pinoy breakfast! There's really something magical about our breakfast dishes that give anyone warmth and solace. Glad that the Filipino cuisine is starting to make its mark in the international scene. Have you seen the video where Gordon Ramsay chose an adobo-inspired burger in a cook-off on Good Morning America? I was so kilig for us! We're finally getting more attention now. Because really, masasarap ang pagkaing Pinoy! Especially the ones with rice. Actually, I can't live without it! Hindi ko kaya ang no-rice diet. 

So anyway, when the tinapa-daing guy passed by, I knew what I'd be making. This is just an easy recipe that even my 10-year-old girl can cook so I hope you would try it next time you serve breakfast food to your loved ones. By the way, do you eat brekky anytime of the day like we do? If yes, here's my Tinapa Rice recipe, perfect to pair with salted egg and tomatoes. Yum!

23 October 2018

Family of Four at Acacia Hotel Manila

My husband R and I didn't think of any way to celebrate our first girl's 10th birthday  exactly a month ago but only by having a hotel staycation. You see, Sophia wasn't born with a silver spoon but her taste in the lifestyle to her liking is impeccable. It's always of luxe and grandeur. Please don't get her wrong though, she isn't materialistic. Even when she was younger, she wasn't the kind who throws tantrums at a toy store when we say no. I can proudly say we raised her to be contented with what she has and what we can only give. But she knows what she wants when she's asked about it. So yup, we gave what we can – an overnight staycation at Acacia Hotel Manila.

I booked us a room a few weeks before September 23rd via the hotel's reservations hotline. Before we did, just as many of you would do, we researched and read blogs first. I also asked my followers on Instagram via my IG Stories which they prefer between Acacia Hotel Manila and Hotel H2O. The latter won on my poll but we still went to Acacia because the birthday girl said so. Also, she saw the bathtub and that's her only concern – to spend an hour there while listening to Taylor Swift's songs on Spotify.

08 October 2018

Sinigang sa Miso

One of the many things I am most happy about in my life now is the fact that my military husband does chores when he's at home! I mean, it may be trivial for a lot of women but it is for this stay-at-home momma. You see, he has to be away from us to be able to provide but he still does what he can to fulfill the responsibilities that raising a family entails. And I super appreciate him for that. Of course, I reciprocate not just by being a chill and fun wife but also through my kitchen skills. If other women shower their men with expensive toys for the big boys, I hit my husband's stomach (where his heart truly is) wildly. Like, I regret I created a monster kind of hitting, haha.

So when he was here for a short break last week, he requested for Sinigang sa Miso. I willingly obliged. Sinigang is a family favorite. We love it whatever meat is used. Yes, even the baby foodie who now eats rice and sabaw all the time.

23 September 2018

A Decade of Wisdom

I called her from the bedroom where I was putting her baby sister to sleep. She was in her study table – drawing or might be writing songs and proses, her newly-found interest that keeps her occupied during her free time. She was quite in a hurry, her face was that of shock and worry. In short, exaggeratedly rushing. I told her to change that face and calm down. My tone was on gentle default when I called her since I was lulling the tiny one. So to see her theatrical reaction just made me want to shift to my inner green beast immediately. I did my best to pull out my Mary Poppins demeanor and told her to buy veggies for sinigang that I'd cook for lunch. After she listed it down and got the money, she took off her unicorn headband and got a simpler one (she said she doesn't want attention), a coin purse and her gray uggs. Do you see the irony? It appears in her every moment.

My firstborn, the child I delivered in the midst of personal crisis, has a rather odd combination of complex qualities. No thanks to her emotional, frank, inquisitive, logical, evasive and lazy genes. She did not come from a mediocre family, that is why. Both sides have each quality in its superlative. It's amusing to see a bit of me in her, though. Like, when someone pronounces a word wrongly, that's me right there with the sharp tone and poker face! But when she does it the way I do at her age and stage in life, I cringe. No way my gradeschooler would sound so disrespectful and obnoxious. When it happens, I quickly jump in. I don't want her to grow up thinking she knows better than everyone else. See the difficulty of trying to balance everything in parenting? If you think sleepless nights of having a newborn is exhausting, wait till you reach the double digits. May this serve as a warning, haha. 

15 September 2018

Why We Homeschool

Finally, you will now know why we are doing this rather unpopular lifestyle. Yes, homeschooling isn't just a type of education for children. It's a choice that families make to achieve the success they all want for themselves as a unit and as individuals. 

Here's our story. 

It was few minutes before 4 in the morning of a regular school day, I just finished breastfeeding our one month old baby and had put her back to sleep. I was about to prepare breakfast for my firstborn Sophia when I heard her sniffing differently. On most days, I would have still woken her up and have her take medicine before she goes to school. But on that day, my heart said otherwise. I allowed her to sleep. The next few hours proved to me that momtuition will always be correct. She got high fever, sore throat and really bad case of colds. After three days, she got better. I then overdosed her with veggies and fruits and vitamins and rest and TLC. But still, she got sick again. Like, she had it every other week until the school year finished.