19 March 2018

So I Just Finished Watching the First Season of Santa Clarita Diet

Although my mom brain isn't working as it should be right now, I will write about this (whatever you call it – review, sequel excitement, Netflix addiction) before my own thoughts pass me by. Fine, I'm cradling my baby to sleep and won't put her down even if she seems to be snoring already. Yes, it's a lame excuse but blogging keeps me sane. This blog is where I can write my insinuations about life that I can't tell anyone but I wish I should. Like, my husband brings his phone with him to the bathroom. You hear me? Err, read me? Non-issue basically but he poops more than two times in a day and it's not cute anymore especially when he will suddenly stand up, declare he'll go number 2 when I'm about to tell him to do something for me (i.e., a house chore). LOL. Please tell me your husband does that, too so I won't feel so bad about myself. 

I love that my husband is a responsible provider and a loving father but that little I-will-poop-with-my-phone-several-times-in-a-day excuse just keeps me off sometimes. I let it slide all the time, though 'cause again, it's a non-issue! Humans are made to defecate and I completely understand that. Plus, arguing about poop doesn't sound like what two matured people should be doing. 

08 March 2018

Today Could've Been My First Year Back At Work

One year ago today was my first day back at working away from home. I remembered how excited I was! I wore a chambray longsleeved shirt from H&M (a gift from my husband) paired with black leggings and simple black flats from Zalora since office dresscode is basically casual. I had soooo many plans as the new Marketing Manager of an iconic clothing brand! Some were approved; like the website campaign, where my blogger friends happily helped me out with. But of course, a lot were also shelved and ignored due to its ambitious nature, which needed a big budget that our department unfortunately does not have. 

One the girls from my team doing her magic. 

Oh, how I miss working in a big company and please the bosses who are paying us. HAHA! Seriously, that's what working there made me feel like. If some of you are serving your customers or clients, I did that with our bosses – make them happy at the end of the day. I didn't mind that, tbh! It still fulfilled me, anyway. My goal was to do my job and earn money. Simple and real and brutal. 

But a month after, I got pregnant. 

22 February 2018

Thoughtful Thursdays / 01

Thoughtful Thursdays is created for moms who need her little space in the interwebs as keepsake of her dreams, worries and thoughts.


Today, my little boy grabbed the comb and asked if he can comb my hair. I said yes. "You’re pretty”, he said. Then he sat on my lap and told me, "I love you. You're the best mom ever." 

Though I know, he must have just heard this from a TV show or something, still, I abruptly burst into tears. 

09 February 2018

Dear Sophia, You Slept on the Couch Last Night

By the time you have the liberty to read this blog, you might not remember why you did. But I seriously hope you do. Because of all the evenings in the past 9 years of co-sleeping with you, tonight was the hardest. While it broke my heart to see you like our pet cat, curled up and soundly sleeping, I still knew it would do you good.

You see, I told you that if you don't wake up by yourself, you wouldn't go to school today. I was up almost all night going in and out of the room checking on you. Come 4 in the morning, I texted your bus driver not to pick you up. Then I heard a soft knock at the door. It was you – clad in your towel, all wet and shivering, freshly bathed. To be honest, that was like a pat in my back, a star stamp for doing an awesome job in disciplining you.

Your father and I were right all this time – tough love works best for you. 

03 February 2018

Real Delights – Breastmilk Boosters

Real Delights is a roundup of products or services that my family and I have personally tried and liked. We may buy it or could be given to us but all thoughts and opinions are our own.


When I had Sophia in 2008, I had no concrete plans on how I will raise her. I mean, I knew that I will instill the importance of being a good follower of Christ on her, that reading makes one smart and to eat whatever is served on the table but breastfeeding wasn't in my mommy priorities. Sure, at 24, I knew how it can be beneficial for her but since I only had Smart Parenting magazine and an old-school book about caring for babies, I didn't have enough knowledge to push me to do it. Also, sadly, it didn't help that the mothers around me (including my own mama) weren't encouraging when I showed signs of giving up. Kaya maswerte the moms who gave birth when the internet became more accessible to information.

Sophia was not totally kawawa naman. She was able to get the colostrum and we had 3 weeks of [painful] breastfeeding experience but that's just it. Perhaps, I was okay with not doing it at all when I saw that she was responding well to her very expensive formula milk. Read: Sugar in formula made her really botchog. I just thought of going back to work immediately so I can buy her loads of milk because wow, she was always hungry!

26 January 2018

One Word, One Year: 2018

I was not into this whole idea when this year started. For apparent reasons, the ordeal of having a clingy newborn baby makes me want to ignore the things I regularly do to nurture my soul. Also, I didn't feel like having just a word rule my year. "Who knows what the future holds" was kind of my mantra since the arrival of our new baby, Samantha a month ago. Savoring the moment, yes?

But when I saw my post about my 2017 one word, I realized how it truly helped me live the year. It served as my guide. Won't go into all the gory details, though. Let me just say that I now have more than 80% humility than I had in 2016. Getting wiser as the years go by, I suppose. So even if I didn't feel like doing this, my past one word post motivated me to do it again in the hopes that the word will reflect the life that I want to live.

18 January 2018

God Heard Sophia's Prayer

When our faith was tested with ectopic pregnancy in 2012, I caught myself strongly believing the possibility of not having a child ever again. You see, it's not a simple EP issue that can be treated by Methergine. Sure, I took that med but the doctor cut my right fallopian tube where a 6-week-old baby blood got stuck. Therefore, giving me only 50% chance of conceiving again. Many times I cried alone just thinking about that.

The desperation and depression got worse months after. I blame no one for what I felt but you know, the society we have is cruel to moms.