19 February 2020

Of Faith and Diaper Needs

When I was pregnant with Sammy, I vowed to breastfeed her till she wants to. I was confident my girl would latch well, I also felt I would have an abundant supply. My intuition was right after all. I’m quite proud of actually doing it for two beautiful years now not only because I believe that breastmilk is best but also because we saved a lot of money! I’m sure you all know how pricey formula milk is. That was the motivation—to never buy formula milk.

So while I was preparing my body for breastfeeding, I gradually bought her things. With nine years gap between her and big sister Sophia, I literally have no baby stuff stored. I told my mother-in-law and my husband about my dilemma. My MIL said something like, “don’t worry, God will provide”. And He sure did! Few weeks after I gave birth, my relatives from the States sent us a huge box filled with US-made Huggies and lots and lots of clothes! I remembered I secretly wept that night as I prayed before sleeping. How God uses certain people to bless us still amazes me.

When we were about to finish the box of Huggies Little Snugglers, my mama gave her newest grandchild a big pack of Huggies Dry. Then almost the same week, I was able to score a great discount for Pampers Premium over at Lazada—around 50% off! Then on her 4th month, BabyLove became one of our sponsors! Our whole family was so happy for her. Although they didn’t send a lot of diapers, the talent fee was a big help especially with our growing expenses.

Sammy was more than a year old when QPants collaborated with this blog and sent over PhP8,000 worth of diapers. Sure, it would have been better if there was talent fee but like what I always tell my close friends from the blogging industry, ex-deal is okay with me as long as I believe in the product and can actually use it. I always love sharing my blessings especially when I have extra so I gave a box of it to my nephew then a few packs to another baby. And even if I did give some away, we had enough supply until Sammy turned two. Made me think of the fish and bread Bible story.

Before the new year started, I thought of experimenting. I planned to write (and vlog) a comparative study of sorts about the top three premium diaper pants here in the Philippines but motherhood happened, as always. After consuming all the MamyPoko, Pampers Premium and Goo.N diapers that I bought via Lazada on its 12.12 sale, I just decided on sticking to one brand that passed my standards and most importantly, Sammy's diaper needs.

I chose Goo.N diaper pants for our little princess even if it's one of the most expensive ones in the market. I like how it fits my terrific toddler perfectly. It doesn't leak and sog Sammy's bum even if it's full from the whole night worth of pee.There's an adhesive, too that you seal it with upon discarding. That's what I like about premium diapers that regular, inexpensive diapers don't have. Let's be real though, disposable diapers may be convenient but it's not friendly to Mother Nature. They don't decompose quickly and just adds to the ever growing mountain of garbage the Earth already has. 

The guilty part of my heart directed me to buy a set of cloth diapers. Since I love how absorbent and cute the Alva cloth nappies that my friend and Sammy's godmom gave, that's what I bought, too. My beautiful curlygurl uses it at daytime and only wears Goo.N at night and when we go out. This set-up isn't only economical and a bit more environment-friendly but wonderfully works for us. It helps that we have an automatic washing machine to wash those stinky nappies away haha!

We are solid and steady with the cloth diaper and Goo.N pants mix. If you think about it, it's a common aspect of a baby's life. But coming from how we struggled to buy my firstborn's when she was still a baby, this current diaper situation, no matter how normal it can be to many, is already a huge blessing to this family. It really is something to be grateful for. To God be all the glory.

Can't believe I can write about my faith and Sammy's diaper needs in one piece. If you've reached this point, please know that you are also a blessing to this bloggy mama. Thank you for dropping by. I would love to know your thoughts about this blog, let me know in the comments! ♥ 



  1. i'm starting to think of doing the same thing to buy cloth diapers again(i used to have before when i gave birth to my second not realizing having a third baby so,decided to give it away) and try Goo.N diapers..diapers lng din talaga ang gastos namin kaya nakakahikayat talaga ung blog.hehe

    1. Yes, try Goo.N! It’s really the best. You can order via Lazada. It takes a while to arrive unlike MamyPoko and Pampers Premium but it’s worth it. When you compute it per piece, make sure to add the amount of shipping fee.

  2. I am fan of your kwentos. Love your smol fam. ��

  3. I really love how you write ms D. I'm also planning on using cloth diapers. Huhu ang gastos masyado lalo na at formula milk gamit ng anak ko

  4. Wow nainspire na talaga ko gumamit ng cloth diaper sa aking 4th incoming baby �� yung bunso ko kasi nagdadiaper pa din sa gabi kaya kailangan na din makatipid. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and experience about this ��