30 June 2013

Bataan Beach Resorts

So there's Tropical Storm "Gorio" now. My husband R sent me a message and told me about the end of the world for them in Central Luzon, haha. That guy can be so exaggerated. No. Actually, he's telling the truth. I was there when May rain showers started and it was just a rain shower, not an oh-it's-raining-cats-and-dogs kind of rain but the big drops of water and the wind's mad attack annoyed me to bits. I'm not a rain-lover. There's nothing to do when it rains. You stay at home, watch TV all day and snuggle in bed. I can do that even if it's not raining, you know! But you can't do most of what you can actually do during summer when it rains. Technically, you can but you'll freeze to death.

Yes, great grey sand went to my in-growns but the heck, I miss the feeling of the sand on my feet! 

A month just passed and I already miss summer. The soldier, the little firework and I had been to four swimming escapades this past summer vacation. One of those was in Bagac, Bataan. 

29 June 2013

Of OOTDs, Changes and Nutrition Month

June's almost over and my 4-year-old student currently has a love-hate relationship with her school, which by the way went through a lot of changes --- beautiful changes, fyi.  Look.

28 June 2013

Nanaygosyante of 2013: June

Let me end this month with my June issue of Nanaygosyante of 2013. Whoa, I can't believe I'm nailing the challenge I gave myself 6 months ago. #feelingvictorious 

Anyway, when I featured Lhoydz of Xai Baby Shoppe on March 17, one of her loyal customers messaged me about a blog collaboration. I did not think twice about it when I checked her Facebook page. Her hairbow designs are lovely and she also has good ideas that made our partnership a light experience. I'm just so happy that I've been blessed to reach out to a lot of mompreneurs wanting to expand their business by being featured on a mommy blog, like mine. 

27 June 2013

Three Requests for the People Behind Press Releases

The blog looks updated but I feel I am so detached from it lately. Is that what they call "losing the blogging mojo"? I'm not sure but I think I need to let it all out. 

Well, it looks updated because of my press releases and current giveaways. I have it on my drafts folder and just schedule it apart from the same breed so it won't crowd. It's what I do, especially if it's a press release that doesn't require much of my time and creative juice. You only need to copy the text, reformat according to your OC-ness and publish it on your chosen date and time. I do the copy-text style for PRs, not because I'm lazy to share my own point of view but sometimes, the PR is lengthy enough that I might bore my readers if I'd add my own slew of words. In fact, my journalistic blood rushing through my veins sometimes abhor the sight of my home page full of press releases. There's nothing wrong about that, IMHO. Other bloggers have their own take about this though (read some here). It's one way of helping the brands (and agencies!) spread whatever news they want the netizens to know. BUT. It could sometimes hurt any blog's content. I, for one, could not publish just any PR. I am a mommy blogger. The PRs that I have published and will publish are those I think I would personally use/support. 

26 June 2013

A Mom's Life 22/48

I know that I should have featured another mom in uniform for this month but I'm just so pleased that I didn't find any. You know why? Because this week's slot is actually fatefully reserved for my very good friend, who just gave birth two weeks ago. 

This week's AML was an NBSB (or no boyfriend since birth) when we were in college. We were 5 girls in a group, including our very first AML, Mommy Evie and all of us had and has boyfriends then, except for her. She was the type of a college girl who was everybody's friend, unlike me who had unknowing enemies at every corner of the campus. She was a very hardworking student, too. She was a Cum Laude. I'm not so sure about our other classmates, but she was the first of all my friends who bought a house for her family from her hard-earned money. Then, that was the only time we saw her going steady with a guy. It was all in perfect timing. Yes, it can be destiny. But she also made her destiny that way. Again, unlike me who became a mother first before I became a wife, she married her one great love December 26, 2011 before she became a mom June 10 of this year. I'm pretty sure she can be as devoted to her baby as her mother was to her. Here are snippets about the hardworking new mommy, Jenny Rose.

NAME: Jenny Rose Patiag-Lazaro

AGE: 29

CHILD, AGE: Avisha Jenchie, born June 10

OCCUPATION: Sales Manager, Astoria Plaza

FAVORITE OUTFIT: Maxi skirt, dress

MUST-HAVE BEAUTY COSMETIC: All-natural and organic products

HOBBIES: Watching TV, looking at my little angel's face

CURRENT READ/WATCH: What to Expect the First Year by Heidi Murkoff

FAVORITE DOMESTIC DUTY: Breastfeeding, cooking

GUILTY PLEASURE: Chocolates and coffee

22 June 2013

Advice, Please #2

I'm not sure how "Mommy Ganda" from this post is currently doing, but I hope my advice, together with the two moms who made a comment, somewhat helped her. Anyway, last night, I received a message from another mom asking me if being a stay-at-home-mom (SAHM) was my choice. Let's call her Mommy M.

21 June 2013

INFOGRAPHIC: 10 Things About K to 12

I would like to share this comprehensive infographic that I saw at Rappler. You may download the photo to see it more clearly, click here

Are Your Kids Tech-Safe: A Forum on Data Privacy

As a mom blogger, I aim to share ideas, new products, mommy tips and what-not to my readers; as a mom alone, I sometimes think if I had shared too much already - especially if it's about my child's privacy. This dawned on me two weeks ago when I attended Vibal Foundation's data privacy forum.

We were still maximizing our last summer hurrah vacationing in Zambales when I received an invite for an event in EDSA Shangrila last June 6th, entitled "Are Your Kids Tech-Safe?" So it was actually a plan already to go home a day before because I also had to attend an event on the afternoon at the same date (will do a separate post about it!). R was supposed to accompany me on the two events because he got a leave; but we later realized that the car was on coding. In short, he went back to the camp before window hours ended. Anyway, Kim of Mom on Duty was also invited so I just met up with her and we went there together. 

19 June 2013

A Mom's Life: 21/48

During one of my many isms-making (aka muni-muni), I thought of a wild dream. What if I am working like my husband --- a soldier like him or say, a policewoman? Would we be talking about our jobs 24/7? Would we be competing who's the better officer? Would he be scared of me if I'm better with guns? (hihi) That leads me to our 21st AML mom! Yes my dear readers, we're almost half way the challenge. Woot!

Anyway, this mom got a Gold Medal for her Marksmanship Award when she took up Officers' Basic Course. And guess what? The husband who's also a Police Officer was ever supportive! It's not like they're Mr. and Mrs. Smith killing each other. So who is this sharp-shooter infanticipating mom? PSInsp Maricar Lagmay-Taqueban is a member of Philippine National Police Academy Class of 2008. 

17 June 2013

Back-to-School: First Day and Free Time

I hope I won't sound like a witch mom pushing my daughter away but really, I'm relieved that today marks my daughter's 2nd year in school. Does that mean 3 hours of me-time? 3 hours of silence and peace? Yes, maybe. But no, I found myself cleaning and fixing the house; then eventually prepared for early dinner. Actually, as I type these words, I can hear the squeaky sound of my 4-year-old Ondoy-survivor washing machine. I have separated the clothes first, earlier before we left, from whites to pastels to coloreds to pinks (we have too much of it, it has its own group). The coloreds went first as it don't require much effort. I didn't want to tire myself yet as the thunder's teasing me --- always like that, raining when I wash. Pfft. Anywayyyy, so below's my little firework's first day of back-to-school outfit. Doesn't she look so timid, fragile and very lady-like? Hah! She was everywhere, sweating and even took off her dainty headband minutes we stepped the school premises. 

Cardies from The Little Bugger, Sandals from Elle Kids, Headband from Rain Bows,

16 June 2013

Her Superhero

To our King, the fried rice master ---  
who bathed my daughter when she was a baby,
who swaddled her better than I did when she had a fever after a vaccine shot,
who lulled her to sleep in Smashing Pumpkins,
who washed her feeding bottles in all his might,
who gave her his shoulder to ride on,
who danced with her whenever she wanted,
who downloads games because he knows it could make her happy,
who loves pink now because we do,
who tries to memorize the characters of My Little Pony,
who proudly asks his men to make a kite for her,
who lets her hold the steering wheel and prepares her for EDSA,
who rattles in fixing his bunks because his princess will arrive,
who laughs with her like there's no tomorrow, 
who values his job because he wants to give her the life that she deserves,
who plans beach trips because I gave birth to a water baby, 
And most of all -  who proved to her that loving her mother is what he can do best for her. ♥  
To my lifetime partner she calls Tatay - HAPPY FATHER'S DAY!
*The video was my Father's Day gift  last year.

12 June 2013

A Mom's Life: 20/48

Mabuhay ang Pilipinas! It's our country's 115th year of celebrating Independence Day today and it's just apt to feature this mom for this week's A Mom's Life. Before we were freed, soldiers who fought hard for our freedom were just men. Ladies were either washing their clothes or cooking food for a platoon. Fast forward to the new millennium, say 25 March 2006, a petite preppy girl-next-door type female cadet from Philippine Military Academy has graduated as a member of Mandala Class 2006. On 01 April the same year, she was then called 2Lt Gemira Ramos PA. Yup, pretty female soldiers are so now.

Gem, now a 1st Lieutenant (soon a Captain!), is my husband's "V. Luna-mate". Armed Forces of The Philippines General Hospital in V. Luna, Quezon City was where aspiring cadets were gathered before they could proceed to PMA in Baguio City. That's where she and Rhambo also first met when they were still applying for some papers for their cadetship. 

Anyway, as I have promised to feature moms in uniform for this month, below's Mommy Gem's AML fact sheet.

NAME: Gemira Ramos-Dy

AGE: 28

CHILD, AGE: Gavin Miguel Dy, 5 years old


FAVORITE OUTFIT: Dresses and skirts ;-D

MUST-HAVE BEAUTY COSMETIC: Dark brown eyebrow liner and light brown brow mascara (kilay talaga)

HOBBIES: Surfing the net, interior designing our bahay bahayan.

CURRENT READ/WATCH: Office papers hehehe


GUILTY PLEASURE: Sugar indulgence :-)

PET PEEVE: People without a sense of urgency.

11 June 2013

Review: Regent Foods Products

Decades ago (okay, weeks), I received a big plastic storage box of products from Regent Foods Corporation. LB was so excited she opened it immediately as soon as I finished taking a photo for my Instagram. I like that LB can somehow understand how my blogging life works. 

The Cyber World Answered My Previous Post


10 June 2013

As She Grows Older, Parenting Gets Tougher

My almost five-year-old and I fought so bad tonight (technically, yesterday). I was making her drink her milk when she refused and instead, intentionally spilled it on our new couch! I felt my now-lost blood immediately rushed through my nape. It hit the spot where it told me to yell. "What did you do?!?! Why do you have to do that?!?!? Look at what you've done!!!!" And my baby girl, shocked and not knowing what to answer, cried - as loud as I shouted. Like a pinball hitting the jackpot, an aphrodisiac to my anger - I told her to go to her room and fix her toys instead while I was cleaning up.

In her room, I heard a loud bang. She opened her window and was tapping the roof of the kitchen! My jaw was clenching like a tuna from GenSan when I saw her. What made me feel worse was that she didn't know I was already furious! The unbelievable happened.

I gave justice to my stress. My slippers talked to her butt: 5 light times.

It sounded like I'm such a mean mom. Yes, stone me to death all you want, oblige me! I really felt the worst. I feel so bad for doing that, for hearing her weeping like a widow and when she was catching breath 'cause of too much crying, she uttered in between hiccups "Nanay, you're making me die." Oh God, You know how I dreaded that moment. I wanted to bury myself in darkness. I didn't know what she could have been thinking of me. Did I look like Rapunzel's fake mom who locked her in the tower? Or Ravena in Snow White and the Huntsman? I hope none of the two.

What I've learned from what happened was that kids can only remember their first offense.

We talked after the slippers-to-butt conversation and she bawled like crazy when I asked her why I got mad. She said while wiping her nose, "beecohs I speelled my milk on the couch. T'was accident, Nay." I hugged her and cleaned her up. Perhaps she knows we were not okay that she faced the wall and slept on her own. I sensed the awkwardness and showered her with kisses and hugs and sweet nothings - until she fell asleep in my arms, like she used to when she was a baby.

When you get to read this someday, my dear Sophia, I want to let you know how I am trying my best to discipline you. We're not enemies, okay? As much as I would like us to be best shopping buddies and all, I need to to do my job as a parent to you. Your father will kill me if you'll grow up with a bratty-tude. I hope when you become a mother someday, you will never ever be like me. I'm sure you can find an alternative discipline tactic. Just pray your child will not as rowdy as you are, or else you'll be like me. Hunny, I love you is an understatement.

05 June 2013

A Mom's Life: 19/48

Why did I start this post with that video? AFP's Bayanihan, sung by the country's Pop Star Princess Sarah Geronimo, is actually composed by this week's A Mom's Life. If you wish to watch her own version, please click here. According to Rappler, "LTJG Lady Chatterly Alvaro-Sumbeling, who composed the song, said she feels that it is also through music that the military can influence Filipinos to strive for peace. Incidentally, Sumbeling is one of the 19 members of the military who in July completed a workshop in basic filmmaking."

04 June 2013

Poetry and Instagram

To commence this post, I'll share this Nickelback's Photograph parody first that left me and R in craziness overload.

Two months ago, when I signed up for Instagram, my first few photos were lame, nonsense and wrong in every angle. If there's like an academy for aspiring Instagrammers, I will definitely enroll. But no, few weeks after, I'm learning the art of it. Yes, there is art in Instagram.