31 March 2014


"My daughter's photos, once a week, every week, in 2014."

Last week was yell fest at its finest. I'm not proud of it, OK. I dread the many times I regret it, the many times I see my little treasure's face in distress and fear. I knew that what I was doing was not good for her, for me and our family. Yelling is so unhealthy in any relationships. Aware of whatever negative consequences I may face in the future, I decided to battle out my own Hulk inside. It's not easy to win over that, the personal battle, especially if it involves my child's future. My irrational self will tell you that the yelling I did for the past days is my form of disciplining her. No, no, I'm not fine with it. I'm glad my good side won and decided to mother her child and not just raise her up. We, my husband and I, despite having no budget for it, treated our daughter out. We first bought her her favorite lollipop, made her ride a carousel, bought her popcorn and just be with her. It's all about her for hours. Guess what? It did great ― to her, to our happy hormones and health. I hope this progresses. Oh, I want to blame the heat for my short temper. I'm sure you understand, unless you live somewhere cold. Speaking of summer, I still don't know what I'd do with it with my always-bored-preschooler. Wish me luck! ♡

28 March 2014

Baked Hawaiian Ham Dinner Rolls

My daughter's school has officially ended its classes last week. Students just go back to school thrice a week to rehearse for their Moving Up Day presentation on April 4th. And as a simple token of appreciation for her past and present teachers, I made them sandwiches like no other.

OK. It looks like an ordinary ham sandwich that looks like it doesn't need a recipe but let me tell you a juicy secret ― I drizzled butter mustard sauce on top of the dinner rolls before baking it! Ooh. Isn't it salivating? Before I hit our fridge and prepare myself one, I'd like to share this recipe with you that I adapted from King's Hawaiian and All Recipes

27 March 2014

I made the 'Pizza Manila Hotel'!

So this month's a month of firsts because of the My Manila Hotel tour weeks ago ― first time to step on to the luxurious floors of the Manila Hotel and first time to wear a toque. Imagine, I wore a real toque and actually did my kitchen goddess thing inside the Manila Hotel! Woot, lucky housewife. But hey, it takes good PR-blogger relationship to even experience this once-in-a-lifetime domestic glam! Anyway, five bloggers were given the chance to make the Pizza Manila Hotel ― as in the signature pizza of the grande dame. 

Bebengisms Turns Two: Making Bliss

So it has been two years. Two real and royal years, mutherbelles! I never thought I'd last this crazy beautiful world of blogging. Oh, make it craaaaazier world of mommy blogging. Moms, known to be supportive and attached and devoted in rearing up their children, can have their days of nasty anonymous comments and nonsense competitions. Yup, I am assuming that all my past and current bashers/trolls/haters aka readers who love to hate me, are moms. As for the nonsense competitions, it's the tiring and never-ending contest of who wrote the best article, who got to feature the sponsor first or worst, who's the better blogger. IMO, it's a sign of insecurity. Why can't we just support one another instead of lambasting each other? Why do we have to push others down to pull ourselves up? Is that how we want our children to envision women in general? Ohhhh, this momma can't preach that much 'cause I have my days, too, you know. I am not perfect. I never said that I am. I never claimed my life is even close to perfection. I'm just chill. I'm just embracing my life as it is, one day at a time. Although at night, I cry and pray to Him for some petty problems, I am generally happy. This blog has been a blessing to me. Believe it or not, really.

25 March 2014

My Home Away from Home

When DogVacay asked me to write a post about a topic, which is this post's title, I automatically thought of my husband and the military camp where he is assigned. As an Army wife, I am fortunate to have him home on a monthly basis. Other families only get to see their soldier dads once or twice a year. When we were not married yet, I have learned to accept that fact that being with me is just his second priority. However, now that we have a child to raise and we know she needs us to be present in her life, I often see my husband's house slippers worn. I know it's cliché to say but really, "home is where my husband is". So our home away from home isn't the camp but the car! Since I don't drive, you know he's home when the car's here. And the best parts? Sunset + music + him driving = bliss. ♡

How about you, what's your home away from home?

About DogVacay

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24 March 2014


"My daughter's photos, once a week, every week, in 2014."

This was the day after the official last day in school. It's a bittersweet photo as I loved the natural light the window has but I know the amount of sadness my daughter felt that day. I told her that it's summer vacation and there will be no everyday classes until 2nd week of June. She kept on saying "but I love my school!", "I will miss my friends" and "what will I do now?" It kinda annoyed me when she cried for three good minutes. It almost awaken the sleeping Hulk inside me. Good thing she voluntarily stopped when the kid neighbors called her for a chitchat. Oh, she won't be doing nothing at home as how she puts it. I already talked to her teacher and we agreed that she'll join his voice lessons. She'll eventually be a part of his Chorale. So excited for her! I hope she'll enjoy. I will surely update you how she's doing. ♡

20 March 2014

The Many Voices of Meryl Streep

OK. I got hungry I can't sleep, it's 2:45 am now. I went down, got myself two dinner rolls and a slice of sweet ham. I smothered mayonnaise and mustard in my rolls and never cared that I tried to eat less the past dinner. So while I munch the fattening friends I made, I watched some Julia Child videos on YouTube. I like Julia primarily because she taught French cuisine to servantless Americans (that we Filipinos eventually learned, too); secondarily, because she started culinary school at the age of 38. The latter made me still believe I can study culinary arts and be a chef and/or write an extraordinary cookbook for y'all. Anyway, in the movie Julie/Julia, which is one of my favorite movies of all time, Julia Child was played by Meryl Streep. Streep really copied Child's mannerisms, accent and tone of voice. And while watching Julia's omelette video, one of the suggested clips on the sidebar was this video below. Watch as Meryl Streep mastered many accents for the roles she portrayed in her movies. Superb. Amazing. Wow. 

My most favorite accent she did was Polish for the movie Sophie's Choice. She sounded so different that she actually looked like she's a different person! Guess what? She was praised for that role that it actually won her the Academy Award for Best Actress in 1982. So... what was yours? 

19 March 2014

CCA Manila's Young Chefs Boot Camp

If there's one thing that I could hopefully pass on to my daughter aside from her wit and charm (ahem), it's definitely my love for cooking. Every time I get busy in the kitchen, whatever her role will be; though she'll only take a sip to taste the sauce or something, I always make sure that she'd be involved. I want her to be acquainted with how her food was prepared so she'll know the hard work that was put into it. These days, I can see that she's slowly grasping the concept. The effort to finish the food on her plate is commendable. And lately, whenever I'd ask her to "assist" me in my home chef life, she doesn't complain. So when we had the opportunity to take part in Center for Culinary Arts (CCA) Manila's exclusive class for moms, dads and kids as their way of promoting CCA's Young Chefs Boot Camp, to say that I was excited is an understatement.

18 March 2014

I'm convinced, we're not in a hurry.

Sophia's turning 6 this year, on September. She's in preschool and I knew she'll still be since I thought that the K to 12 program of DepEd requires first graders to be 6 years old by June. Her school had the graduating students' photo session last week so that made it official. However, today, I saw Kim's post on Instagram regarding Assumption Antipolo's age and grade requirements and like what my friend's hashtag says: #panicmode. It signified to me that a kid can go into 1st grade if she's 6 by October. Therefore, my girl can be a gradeschooler next school year 'cause she's already 6 by then! My heart pumped fast 'cause I was really confused at my child's school situation. I turned to my friends on Facebook and they said that DepEd orders schools, public and private, to adhere to the official K to 12 Basic Education Program of our country. And that is, to allow kids age 6 to enter first grade. My momma heart was broken. I felt like my child will be left behind, I talked to her teacher after school.

I told him all about what I found out without batting an eyelash, in the hope that Sophia will be considered to graduate. His eyes lit up and in a matter of factly said, "the question is, is she emotionally ready?" I gulped, I sank. Though I said that in a slight push, she is; in the deepest corner of my momma heart, I know she's not. You see, incoming first-graders in the school was in a transition period this year ― they used different workbooks and spent more time writing, reading and doing their Math. As for the rest of the preschoolers ― they sang, danced, drew, read, did art stuff and played. So if my little love was considered to graduate, she was not prepared for 9 books, almost a whole day of structured classes and 30 minutes of writing. I can imagine her every day saying, "Nanay, I'm so tired!" That'll be surely frustrating. And when her teacher voiced out my thoughts, I realized, "why rush the kid?"

17 March 2014


"My daughter's photos, once a week, every week, in 2014."

She's with my mom here, playing with my mom's phone. Pia is her only granddaughter. To be honest, they're not close. They bicker on each other, A LOT of times. Like what Lola L said, we are three generations of that same strong personality. However, my mama has this typical paglalambing; she'd carry us in her lap and pretend that she'll lull us to sleep like an infant. She did that to my 5-year old last week when we spent a night with them. My girl enjoyed it! I guess she missed being babied. Well, she's my only baby and I will do this until she wants me to. ♡

16 March 2014

Why I Think It's OK Not to be Skinny

I used to weigh 110 pounds 8 years ago; for my height, 5 feet 4 inches, it's normal. When I got pregnant, on my 3rd trimester, during my last weigh in, I saw a whopping 175 pounds in the weighing scale. I was not even the slightest disappointed 'cause I thought it was due to my pregnancy. I sure did feel disappointed when I knew that my baby only weighed 5.94 pounds when I gave birth to her. Tsk, tsk. The rest of the 175 was all me. Whew, numbers and Math, it make me sweat. Haha! If only losing weight is as easy as calculating basic Math problems, I could have gone back to my pre-pregnancy body in a jiffy. It's just that I feel like I just can't do it yet; especially now that I'm passionately cooking for my husband, kid and blog. Ugh, excuses. I have to have plans for my body. La-dee-da.

Oh, I actually have!

Really, I have plans for my body. I have practical and realistic plans for it. I'm not going to lie, I'm still not sure if I can do it but I think, the moment I believe I can't is the moment I quit. So I'd like to believe that I can, even if I know that it's gonna be a tough journey.

Post-Holidays Scrapbooking Workshop at Gourdo's

I love Gourdo's! It is a haven of many beautiful things for the home. That's where I bought some of my cookie cutters, mixing bowls with covers and the elegant glass cake stand that we used on Cpt R's birthday merienda here at home, which fortunately was on sale. I posted its photo on Instagram and my blogger friend, Louise (of Mommy Practicality, of course you know her!), saw it on my Facebook. She told me (and the rest of our blissful friends) that she got invited by Gourdo's for a fun scrapbooking workshop and that she can invite four more mommies to go with her. Yezz, I signed up and went. Sad though that L didn't make it as the hardworking momma needed to rest, too. Anyway, I'm a novice scrapper. Pia's baby and first birthday photo albums were filled with memories and stories. When I was a kid, my mom used to complain about all the abubots tucked under my pillow but she was the first to commend me for making her some DIY greeting cards for all the occasions we celebrated. Yeah, scrapbooking may not be as important as air and water, but it makes memories more real and royal! 

11 March 2014

Of Soldiers and Mistresses

In our crazy beautiful community in the military, one of the most discreetly discussed issues (perhaps even among the civilians), is the old pathetic adage that soldiers are womanizers.

So when I first told people around me that I'm dating a soldier, I saw a glimmer of doubt in their eyes. I never disagreed with them. I just always said something like "whatever profession a guy has, he can be a womanizer if he chooses to". That being said, I was still very insecure of my long distance relationship with then Lt R. He was a soldier in the South and I was a TV network owl from the metro. I sleep just a few hours before their reveille. We just squeezed in virtual cuddling in between my working hours. It was a real test of patience, faithfulness and trust. To tell you honestly, I was a freaking paranoid girlfriend! I got jealous with everyone he was with ― damn, even his Labrador, Xander. LOL. I know you feel me, ladies. As much as we want to give our 101% trust to them, there will always be inevitable situations we don't want to be in; especially if there are poisonous women coiling around the arms of our uniformed men. 

10 March 2014


"My daughter's photos, once a week, every week, in 2014."

I love having my favorite people in the house! Last Monday, my friends had dinner here at home. I served them my Bonggang Bicol Express but felt bad because I fed them a blech-tasting banana muffins. Next time, friends, next time. Anyway, one of them gave my Pia this unicorn plushie she's with in this photo. When my pony fan saw it, she screeched in delight and since then, they were inseparable. She named it Lollipop Sparkles. At first I thought it was a donkey, because of its huge snout but my observant preschooler showed me her horn and said "it's a unicorn, Nay, see!" Today's their week-sary. Greet them, ha. Haha! Btw, She made that face because she didn't want her photo taken so early that morning. She only wants Lollipop Sparkles to have a solo shot. She said she hasn't brushed her hair. OMG. ♡

If you see stuff that has ponies (particularly My Little Pony), unicorns, Lisa Frank and the like, I hope you'll remember my little girl; kindly share it on my Facebook page or Tweet me or tag me on Instagram. We, my husband and I, are helping her build her own collection. Thanks, Rikka, for sharing this on my page. :)

08 March 2014

Joy with a Touch of Olay

Since I'm a self-proclaimed domestic queen, people would easily think that I can do all things at home with a snap of my royal fingers. Or that I have imaginary butlers and chambermaids doing the icky stuff for me. Well, through Christ, of course I can! But sometimes, my royal body complains. One of its pet peeves is dishwashing. I don't find it fun; it's tiring and boring. Well, house chores aren't intended to be fun at all, as a matter of fact, but a SAHM's got to do what she's got to do. I love cooking and eating and taking food photos for Instagram (follow me by the way, @bebengisms) so it's natural that dishwashing is a part of the full kitchen production number. Ugh, how it dries my hands it leaves cracks! Therefore, I only use two brands for my dirty dishes: One I mentioned here and the other is Joy! So I'm really happy when the non-domesticated Wife from Hell, Krisna, tagged me along to Procter & Gamble's recently concluded event that launched Joy with a Touch of Olay ― making our hands set for “touching moments”. I'm sure my domestic king is excited to use this so I can hold his hands more. Hihi.

07 March 2014

The State of the Art Heritage that is the Manila Hotel

My fellow fierce Denise [Tambuatco], Senior VP of Manila Hotel Marketing asked us during the tour briefing who among us were first-timers. I proudly raised my hand. When she said "why? Where were you?" I just smiled but deep inside me, I wanted to answer "at home, being poor". LOL.

Seriously, I think you all know that I don't belong in a socialite kind of family. We are very, very normal. I mean, typical father-less working class family ― that's what we are. So when I was invited one afternoon to tour Manila Hotel; boy, was I ecstatic! I think I was one of the bloggers who ooh-ed and ahh-ed during the tour. As in, there were goosebumps effect ha! I'm not sure if I can still do splits and cartwheels (at this weight ba naman), but I might do if I'd get invited again for at least an overnight stay with full accommodation in at least their most affordable room. *wink* Because, really  I have never imagined I would be stepping at the luxurious carpeted floors of the 102-year old state of the art heritage that is the Manila Hotel.

03 March 2014


"My daughter's photos, once a week, every week, in 2014."

Last week's events were superb that I can't even collate my own thoughts to blog about it! I didn't have photos of the kiddo, as a matter of fact. First, my husband came home for his birthday. And he's gonna be here for like 2 months and so 'cause he'll be in military schooling. Yayyyy! We celebrated his birthday here at home with his family and my eldest nephew. There were photos... of the dishes, I cooked. Hihi. Then we went to Republiq in Resorts World to go clubbing with my balikbayan cousin, whose birthday was a day after my husband's. Of course, she was not there so no photo again. I was scanning my phone for a post-worthy (hi-res and has story) photo but to no avail. Oh wait, I saw this. This was taken after we went to my 94-year old grandfather's wake in Greenhills. It's grainy though. That's what a Samsung S3 Mini for you when you use the camera feature indoors at night. It tells a lot of stories though but only mean one thing: We are a complete family. It makes the baby so happy. Her face says it all! ♡

Ranger Cabunzky, According to Rhambo

I think most of you know that I'm a proud Army wife. Oh well, look to the right and just below my gray selfie photo is a little description about moi. Though I rarely talk about my husband here and how we live the distance-challenged marriage, I honestly feel that you already know who he is, what he likes and how he is as a husband. When I think about it, it kinda irks me that I am sharing too much of him with all of you; as in, like, you can be his wife already. Hahaha!

Seriously, it's okay. La jowabelle is really a cool "diesel" dude: Snob at first, fun eventually. However, his job as a military officer makes him stern and strict ― something like a "call of duty", you know. Don't get me wrong: He's not like that ALL the time. Believe me, I heard him talk to his men and heard them laughing about what he said. That is why I shamelessly asked one of my "military idols" (though I don't have a lot hihi) to greet my OAO (one and only) on his Facebook fan page.  It was also my way of showing to non-military families that military guys are the coolest. You, as a military royalty, are living under a rock if you don't know who we, my husband and I, will be talking about. 

New Partnership for Puregold and Globe GCash

I am not sure with the city that you live in, but I think we have six (6) Puregold branches here in Marikina. As in, there's the regular version, a Jr., and an Extra. So yes, Puregold is everywhere! It is famous. Speaking of fame, one of the biggest telecommunication networks in the country has partnered with Puregold to give its shoppers a better shopping experience. We may have something to say about Globe's intermittent signal from time to time but there's no doubt that we can't just let go of them. I, personally, am a Globe subscriber. This very blog depends on their data service. So when I was invited by these two big brands for a press launch days ago, I happily attended the event with my mini-me.

01 March 2014


I thought I had everything at its proper place and timing. I thought I could attend events of brands and companies that I'm interested in without compromising my daughter's school attendance. I thought I can blog according to my schedule. I thought my 5-year-old will never get sick. I was wrong.

It was Thursday last week when I went to Manila Hotel for a bloggers' tour. Honestly, Sophia was already feverish then that I told her teacher she can't make it to school that day. I still went to the tour because I felt that it was a once-in-a-lifetime experience that I just couldn't let it pass; I might regret it had I not come. We finished the tour a little after sunset. Manila sunset was breathtaking, as usual; at the back of my mind: Is my daughter still breathing?