16 March 2014

Post-Holidays Scrapbooking Workshop at Gourdo's

I love Gourdo's! It is a haven of many beautiful things for the home. That's where I bought some of my cookie cutters, mixing bowls with covers and the elegant glass cake stand that we used on Cpt R's birthday merienda here at home, which fortunately was on sale. I posted its photo on Instagram and my blogger friend, Louise (of Mommy Practicality, of course you know her!), saw it on my Facebook. She told me (and the rest of our blissful friends) that she got invited by Gourdo's for a fun scrapbooking workshop and that she can invite four more mommies to go with her. Yezz, I signed up and went. Sad though that L didn't make it as the hardworking momma needed to rest, too. Anyway, I'm a novice scrapper. Pia's baby and first birthday photo albums were filled with memories and stories. When I was a kid, my mom used to complain about all the abubots tucked under my pillow but she was the first to commend me for making her some DIY greeting cards for all the occasions we celebrated. Yeah, scrapbooking may not be as important as air and water, but it makes memories more real and royal! 

On March 8th, Saturday, Camille and I were luckily drove for by my husband to Gourdo's Fort for its Post-Holidays Scrapbooking Workshop. I was so glad to see my fellow blissful blogging bellas (all mentored and coached by the foundress of Make it Blissful, Martine de Luna) Ging, Janice, Dette and Racquel. A non-mom, non-blogging lady was there, too. She works for Candy Magazine's blog. I automatically rekindled my Candy days! I used to like Heart Evangelista and Maja Salvador whenever I'd see them in the magazine. Now... uhm, let's just talk about the workshop. Haha!

Our workshop facilitator was Ime Oranga, who decided to be a serious scrapper when she became a mom 9 years ago. She taught us how to make our children's Halloween photos come alive through the various scrapbooking items that Gourdo's has. I got super excited when I was given my kit. It contained assorted cardstocks, tags and spooky die-cuts. We also used Martha Stewart crochet star patterns, MS Glue, MS stencils, and paper trimmers. I brought Pia's Halloween photo when she was 14 months old. She looked cute there albeit it not being that spectacular at all since I'm not a big fan of the occasion. But guess what? After the workshop, the die-cuts, stencils and printed cardstocks made it one live awesomesauce #throwbackthursday.

I can't wait to use the scrapbooking materials that we got as gifts to spruce up not-so-amazeballs photos of my unica hija. Thank you Ms. Ime and Gourdo's for this wonderful opportunity! ♡ Below's the photo of our 'class' (from left): Dette, Janice, Ging, Ms. Ime, me, Racquel, Ayessa and Camille.

All items used can be found in Gourdo’s Fort, Promenade, Robinsons Manila, Living Well Podium, SM Aura and World Market ATC. Please follow Gourdo's on all its social media platforms to stay updated to the schedules of their workshops. 


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