27 March 2014

I made the 'Pizza Manila Hotel'!

So this month's a month of firsts because of the My Manila Hotel tour weeks ago ― first time to step on to the luxurious floors of the Manila Hotel and first time to wear a toque. Imagine, I wore a real toque and actually did my kitchen goddess thing inside the Manila Hotel! Woot, lucky housewife. But hey, it takes good PR-blogger relationship to even experience this once-in-a-lifetime domestic glam! Anyway, five bloggers were given the chance to make the Pizza Manila Hotel ― as in the signature pizza of the grande dame. 

The five bloggers were given toques, disposable gloves, aprons and that mouth piece that made us look like astronauts of some sort. Hihi. We were each given a pizza crust to work on. Bowls of toppings were laid in front of us, too. Cool. At first, I thought we'll be making our own versions so I was super excited to put on lots of 'shrooms and pineapples and bell peppers. But Chef J (I forgot his name!) told us that we'll be making the heritage hotel's signature pizza.

Whoa, right? Anyway, the toppings are mozzarella, chorizo, black pitted olives and Laguna cheese (or kesong puti). That's it. I was like "yun na yon?" I was hesitant to eat my pizza after it was baked in the classic brick oven since I really don't fancy kesong puti, my taste buds feel indifference towards it. But guess what? The varying flavors worked together very well! I believe that it must be the sauce and how the chorizo balanced the creaminess of the two cheeses. I'm glad that I didn't put a lot of toppings (like what my fellow bloggers did), as it didn't overpower each other. I actually wanted to make one at home since King Sue Ham gave me some Chorizo. I just wonder if the supermarkets near us have Laguna cheese. Que sera sera, I shall make my own Pizza Manila Hotel here at my humble kingdom. By the way, the Pizza Manila Hotel costs Php 510 (8 slices) and is being sold in Cafe Ilang-Ilang. We then ate our pizzas at the pool deck of the grande dame while watching the breathtaking Manila Bay sunset. Sweet. ♡

*First photo courtesy of Manila Hotel's Facebook page.
**Special thanks to Camille Aguila of Lollies and Lipsticks for the photos. 


  1. Now I know why Pia did that pizza in your IG account. Haha. Reminiscing the Grand Dame experience ha. That's a first for me too, well maybe not with the toque-wearing-and-pizza-making thing but you know what I mean :) Thanks to you too!