01 March 2014


I thought I had everything at its proper place and timing. I thought I could attend events of brands and companies that I'm interested in without compromising my daughter's school attendance. I thought I can blog according to my schedule. I thought my 5-year-old will never get sick. I was wrong.

It was Thursday last week when I went to Manila Hotel for a bloggers' tour. Honestly, Sophia was already feverish then that I told her teacher she can't make it to school that day. I still went to the tour because I felt that it was a once-in-a-lifetime experience that I just couldn't let it pass; I might regret it had I not come. We finished the tour a little after sunset. Manila sunset was breathtaking, as usual; at the back of my mind: Is my daughter still breathing?

That evening was ordinary. The morning after was different though. My unica hija has very high fever! Almost 40. I wanted to faint, well, I almost. I attended to her needs, gave her sponge baths and basic medicines. I was a doting mom, no doubt about it. While I was doing those though, I was secretly hoping she'd feel better by Saturday morning just so I could go to a blogging opportunity I've been happily waiting for: Cynos Philippines invited me again for a hair makeover sesh. And because I love sharing my blessings and that I value friendships, too ― I tagged Kim and Camille with me. If you have read their posts already, you're right ― I didn't make it. My daughter got me really worried. She had tigdas hangin and consistently 39ish fever.

I may have wanted to feel jealous (not being a hypocrite, I already did a bit) when I saw their photos of highlights and reds, but I ditched it as soon as the big baby called my name. That's when I realized I couldn't leave her to go back to the corporate scene. Yup, after Drama Mama, I was 80% sure I want to be a working mom again. I just wanted an escape from the monstrosities of motherhood. How selfish, no? Oh well, right now, I'm 80% sure I love being a SAHM. ― 20% goes to the yelling, dirty dishes and non-salary status. Hehe. Wait, my husband's home and will be home every week for a few months so I'd be a wife, too. Aylavet. It's challenging though 'cause I'm used to always cooking for two. But you know what? I'm so giddily challenged right now. Like, supermegatotally thrilladelic. Oops, my daughter's language. I think it's obvious enough what my priorities are. How about you?

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  1. Ako din I wanna go to work pero since Alfred is earning okay naman, I'd rather stay at home muna until their formative years are over. :)