25 March 2014

My Home Away from Home

When DogVacay asked me to write a post about a topic, which is this post's title, I automatically thought of my husband and the military camp where he is assigned. As an Army wife, I am fortunate to have him home on a monthly basis. Other families only get to see their soldier dads once or twice a year. When we were not married yet, I have learned to accept that fact that being with me is just his second priority. However, now that we have a child to raise and we know she needs us to be present in her life, I often see my husband's house slippers worn. I know it's cliché to say but really, "home is where my husband is". So our home away from home isn't the camp but the car! Since I don't drive, you know he's home when the car's here. And the best parts? Sunset + music + him driving = bliss. ♡

How about you, what's your home away from home?

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  1. Soshal ng dog vacay. Car din ang home away from home ko because same as yours, Alfred is my driver. So you know he's not home because I haven't had any road trips for the past year! Gosh