10 December 2019

My child is a picky eater! What can I do?

Ever since I shared stories of my love for food and motherhood, the usual question I get from first-time parents would be how to make their children have an awesome appetite like mine. First, I always tell them that there's no cookie-cutter formula to having a pickytarian-free home, as each child is different. But yes, there are many doable and foolproof ways even the moms before us have done to make eating time fun and filling for the whole family.

OK. Before we start, please know that this is just a phase. In fact, my eldest Sophia only ate a few dishes when she was a “threenager.” It was a struggle for me because she only liked soupy corned beef, chicken nuggets, adobo, and scrambled eggs just to name a few. During that time, I felt like the worst mom ever. But I knew I had to do something. I knew that if I'd just wallow in self-pity and self-blame, nothing's going to change my daughter's picky eating habits.

So, congratulations to you, mama. The moment you clicked the link to this blog post meant you're on your way to a happy and healthy gastronomic experience for you and your little one. Alright, shall we?

PLAN AHEAD AND STICK TO IT. When you've set your mind to feeding your child right today, do your best to not leave it for tomorrow. Procrastination will only make things worse each day that you don't do it. 
EAT TOGETHER. There are some families who make their kids eat first and sometimes, sadly, prepare a different meal for them as well. I understand that some parents do that so they can eat in peace after the kids. But the bigger picture is, it will only do more harm than good.  The little ones might think that what we adults eat is not good for them. Thus, avoiding it at all cost when they have not actually tried the food yet. 
INVOLVE THEM IN THE PROCESS. From listing their favorite dishes to grocery-shopping to asking for their help in the kitchen—most parents who have done these before can tell you how it made their kids eat happily and healthily. It 100% worked with us, too! 
DO IT GENTLY & GRADUALLY. Your stories between food and motherhood will not be always filled with happy memories; no one has a perfect journey after all. Don't expect your offspring to act like how you do now. Don't expect them to change their eating habits in a snap. Say, make them consume today a piece of veggie or fruit that they dislike then two pieces by tomorrow. Just remember to... 
BE CONSISTENT. Humans (even animals actually) learn well through routine and repetition. It's very self-explanatory, but doing something again and again makes someone an expert eventually. Isn't it that practice makes perfect? My daughter Sophia gags at the sight of okra lol. But since I serve pinakbet on a regular basis, I hope she'd learn to accept its existence in her diet. Lastly and most importantly... 
KEEP THEIR TUMMIES STRONG. There's no delicious meal for someone who always has digestive issues. Your kids should take probiotics to protect their tummies from the bad bacteria which may cause tummy upsets! 
I personally and highly recommend Erceflora ProbiBears. It's a chewable vanilla-flavored, bear-shaped probiotic supplement that contains two bacteria strains in one: Lactobacillus acidophilus and Bifidobacterium lactis, that when combined, work hand in hand to protect your children’s tummies from digestive concerns. It enhances the good bacteria in the stomach, modulating the tummy’s immune system, and helping to improve overall digestive health. 
Just like momfluencers Say Alonzo, Helga Krapf and Marie Field-Faith, I don't worry letting my daughter explore and try different cuisines and street foods because she takes one tablet of Erceflora ProbiBears a day! I can't wait for my tiny Sammy to turn three so she can start taking it, too. If you want to know more about this wonder product, you may check it on their website at www.ercefloraprobibears.com or ask your local pharmacists and pediatricians about it! 
We just want the best for our children, don't we? So, if you're struggling with your pickytarians, I hope these simple tips to make your food and motherhood journey a breeze can help you! I would love to know your happy tummies stories in the comments, share it with us.

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Erceflora ProbiBears but all thoughts and opinions are my own.


  1. My eldest son is also a picky eater. I learned a lot po sa blog 😊 thank you for sharing 😘

    Geraldine Garcia

  2. Melissa Grace CanoThursday, 12 December, 2019

    Gonna use this also kapag lumaki na batchuchi ko. 😁😁

  3. Gonna use this kapag malaki na batchuchi ko. 😁😁

  4. Thank you for sharing your tips mommy! Sakto sa anak kong mahilig kumain. Nothing to worry na kami sa tummy nya ���� - Anne Paela (fb)

  5. Was planning to buy this for my LO. I’m sure she’ll love the vanilla flavor. Pag vanilla kasi flavor sabi nya “ice cream” daw. 😅

  6. Have patience introducing them veggies and fruits and better if you start so that when they grow up, they will still eat healthy food.

  7. Marinelle ManansalaThursday, 12 December, 2019

    Thank you for these helpful tips Ms. D! ❤️❤️ My 2nd born is a picky eater this would be a big help. He’s turning 3 next year is he okay to take Erceflora Probi Bears? Thank you so much!

    FB name: Manel Quilaton Manansala

  8. Maraming maraming salamat po sa tips , malaking tulong po ito sakin lalo na sa anak kong napaka pihikan sa pagkain . Usually hotdog , fish , soup lang kinakain niya. Minsan tuloy nakakafrustate kase hindi ko na alam kung anong paraan para magustuhan niya ang gulay at karne. Buti na lang po at na i-share ninyo sa amin ang struggle niyo with a picky eater and the way on how to cope with it. Super thank you po☺️

  9. True may phase silang dinadaanan na ayaw nila kumain ng certain food. What I do is, eto ang food natin today so eto lang ang pwede mong kainin. Walang magwawala kung walang chicken, hotdog or fries. Or like last night, arroz caldo ulam, youngest said... Ayaw ko yung food pero uubusin ko. Natawa nalang ako because he knew he had no choice.

    FB: Paula Vanessa Rodillo

  10. Lucelle Guimal VillaThursday, 12 December, 2019

    Wow. . same case sa daughter ko picky eater din ang hirap dahil kung ano lang gusto niya ulam yun lang .. Pag hindi niya gusto ulam kanin lang kinakain niya .. Thanks for this blog may ideya na din sa wakas para sa daughter ko para kumain din ng maayos...


  11. I agree most of all to eating together. It fosters not just quality time together but also leading by example. Your kids won't eat their greens if they don't see you doing it. Kids are curious by nature and would mimic behavior they see all the time. Enforcing a healthy diet by showing them you enjoy eating nutritious food yourself is way more effective than forcing it unto them. Sooner than you know, you've found yourself a willing buddy to your next food trip.

  12. I have a 5 year old daughter whom I considered as "pickytarian" as well. She constantly remove veggies, mostly colorful ones and she has a habit of letting her food sit in her mouth for couple of minutes. Everyday she finishes her meal in almost an hour because of this habit.
    I agree with this blog post as I know that this is just a phase and it will be helpful to let your child be part of the preparation so they will know how does their food being prepared. Also, joining your child while eating would be beneficial for you as a parent and as the child as you can grab the opportunity to introduce your child to each food they notice on the plate and consider your meal time as your bonding as well.
    Facebook: Jaztine Chael

  13. Love this blog Miss D! My toddlers, 2 and 4 years old mga hindi din picky eaters. Sana lang hanggang paglaki nila ganun sila. Nag eexplore ako ng iba ibang luto kasi same kay ate Sophia pili lang gusto nilang food dati. Sabi ko kay hubby kung ano food natin yun din dapat sakanila. Tsaka nakikita nila sakin malakas ako kumain ng gulay. Praying talaga na lumaki silang malalakas at magana kumain just like how they are today. ♥

    Juliana Beguir Tesaluna

  14. My 6yr old baby girl picky too..thanks for the tips madame :) Sarah Marie

  15. Super hard for me that my kids are picky eaters as well.
    Literal na nag aaway kami ng eldest ko then yung bunso,iluluwa.
    I'm glad I read your blog miss d.
    Now I just need to offer them the food they want all the time so they get used to it.
    Thanks ❤

    FB: Jasmin Binarao

  16. Smae here. I make sure sabay sabay kumakain at an hour bago kumain e bawal na ang kahit anong chips or biscuit -ailene ang de vera

  17. My daughter is really sooo picky eater, hope it will help her. Thank u Ms. D for the info.

  18. 1 year old plus pa lang yung baby ko, pero parang naging picky eater na siya. Dati nakain siya ng mga prutas at gulay, pero ngayon ayaw na niya. Ang ginawa namin mag-asawa, kakain kami sa harap niya, then parang maiinggit siya. Kaya kahit prutas at gulay kinakain namin, nakikikain na rin siya, pero ang hina pa rin niya kumain. :( Laki ng ipinayat.

  19. Thanks po sa tips!
    Isa ang anak ko sa napaka pili kumain minsan nag aalala na ako kung anu ba dapat gawin.but this time dahil sa tips hoping for improvement sa pagkain nya this time!

    Jho Lachica Ubay (Fb Name)

  20. Thank you so much mommy.Ito din talaga ikina i stress ko everyday sa mga anak ko.Egg lang gusto nila kainin at talaga halos ma iyak ako kapag ni hindi manlang nila nagagalaw pagkain nila at aayaw na.Kaya ngayon sasabayan ko sila sa pagkain para kahit papano baka ganahan silang kumain ng pagkaing ihahain ko.
    FB:Marianne Bonga Gawaran

  21. Thanks Ms.D sa helpful na tips. Pangalawang beses ko nang binasa itong blog mo. Ang eldest ko ang picky eater. I try ko din sa knya yang probibears.

    FB:Jenilee dela cruz kalinga