21 December 2019

Never Knew I'd Be a Mom of Two

For the sake of my new readers (hi guys), here’s a little background. I have always been a working mom. I only stopped for reals when Sophia had a pneumonia in 2012. Then after five years of trying my hand at being a work-at-home mompreneur, I went back to the corporate arena as a Marketing Manager of an iconic clothing brand. Despite the difficulties of commuting, dreadful office building and uncooperative superiors, I enjoyed every single minute of doing my job.

However, here’s a major plot twist. I got pregnant again a month later I got hired.

You see, we weren’t really trying to add another child to our family. Sophia was around 7 when we finally accepted our fate of being a family of three till the last days of our lives. So when early pregnancy signs were showing, I was clueless. I thought I was just PMSing. As in, I almost lashed out to one of my graphic girls at the office, when I saw her doing Facebook instead of the work I asked her to do days prior. When I realized she’s very millennial and might get easily offended, I just released a heavy sigh since I can’t be a monster manager. To comfort my soul in despair, I got out my second cup of taho from under the table and paired it with a cheeseburger. It was only 10 in the morning.

I only had a hunch there was something crazy happening inside me when my period was already two weeks delayed. In the midst of a brewing fight with the husband due to my mood swings, I asked him to buy a pregnancy kit. His face was serious but I saw a tiny smile in the corner of his mouth. He obviously loves being a dad, that guy.

Apparently, yes, the test came out positive. The two kits that carried blue lines is now the cute curly-haired baby I’m breastfeeding as I type this on my phone. We named her Samantha but if you’re following me on social media, you know how I love calling her Sammybear.

She's snuggly to hug and heavy to carry but she smells like hope.She is our source of daily delight, we could not ask God for more. My dear Sammy is a really gorgeous baby. Her eyes are soulful, her lips are divine and her bronze skin? It's just makes the wholeness of her breathtakingly beautiful. But let us be honest, toddler life makes any saint mom unleash her inner monster! She always bites my nipples, always jumps so high in the bed and always gives me mini heart attacks.

Oh yes, this toddler mom is exhausted because this toddler mom also has a hormonal pre-teen girl. 

And that, my friends, is another story to tell. For now, if you're also a mom of two or more, I would love to know how you manage to stay sane and sober on top of it all. Please share your tips and techniques in the comments! 

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