30 October 2013

Extreme Couponing

Last night, while I was folding the freshly-laundered clothes, I watched Extreme Couponing on TLC Ch 62. I was amazed at this young man who shopped for around $600+ with his family and only paid 5 bucks! It was because of the discount coupons he got from the newspapers. 

My Beautiful Thai Boxer for Halloween 2013

Sophia and I were supposed to be at ABS-CBN Publishing, Inc's Super Trick or Treat Halloween event in Trinoma last Sunday, but didn't make it. So even if we really didn't have any Trick or Treatin' event this year, I still decided to dress her up.

I looked for that one unused costume she has. It's a Thai boxing shorts from one of her godmoms! I got one of her white sandos, tied it up at the back to look like a midriff tank top and scoured my ribbon box for her head a la Rambo. Since we don't have boxing gloves, I cut up an old cloth diaper (lampin) into two thick strips and rolled it up around her knuckles. Perfect. So Pacman. I was in my bestest theatrical convincing self so she'd wear it. I thought she would hate that she'd look like a boy and all. But no, she was so game and in character that I was trying not to laugh during picture-taking. See for yourself.

A Mom's Life: 40/48

This cyber palace was like 4 months old when I stumbled upon this fashion blog named LBD & ONESIES. I think it was a giveaway that led me to it. Believe me, I searched all the internet's "nooks and crannies" to find blogs, Facebook pages and Twitter accounts that held contests. I was an addict. That is so last year though. Anyway, this said fashion blog has the "elements" -- OOTDs, fashionable items as sponsors, etc. I'm not sure what exact post was that but there was a story about the blogger's son. Oh wow, this young fashionista has a son? Yeah, yeah. Hence, ONESIES! She is a student, too. No, not just a student-student. She is a Law student. Fast forward to today, I have this AML thing going on here and thought of her. She deserves to be applauded for what she is, right? I only have assumptions on what her motherhood state is, but her being young and strong and brave to raise a child while pursuing her dream career is something that all of us cannot do. You know, I know some moms who just stopped dreaming for themselves because they became moms. They settled for mediocrity because it's the easy way out. Oh, I know; to each her own. But my 40th mom begs to differ.  

NAME: Michelle Francoise "Mish" C. Rendon

AGE: 23

CHILD, AGE: Zack Aeden, 2

OCCUPATION: Law student, fashion and lifestyle blogger, mommy!

FAVORITE OUTFIT: Something laid back. Shorts or jeans, plain shirt, and sandals or flats.

MUST-HAVE BEAUTY COSMETIC: Lipstick and mascara

HOBBIES: Reading and writing.

CURRENT READ/WATCH: Law books and codal hehe. I'm still trying to finish 48 Laws of Power by Robert Greene before the semester gets busy.

FAVORITE DOMESTIC DUTY: Playing with Z and cleaning up after his mess. :)

28 October 2013

The Captain's Treat for His Girls

I can't believe that I have intentionally forgot to blog. Well, it's not that I'm beginning to lose my blogging mojo or I'm not feeling emotionally okay to write. A reader actually asked me why I wasn't blogging, she said I looked happy with all my IG posts so she wondered what went wrong. Uhm, is this a good excuse? I felt sluggish these past few days that even turning on the lappy was a daunting task. There. Like what I always post in my Facebook page whenever I'd get too busy to blog, follow me on Instagram! There are nice photos there; not very pro photography-wise but it's about me: food I cooked, my happy little artist, quotes I like and all things Bebeng. Yuhh, I check that first now more than my email. Haha! I told yah, I'll be flooding you with my Queenstagrams

That's the original Rhambo, my Christmas 2006 gift for him. ♥

25 October 2013

Nanaygosyante 2013: October

My daughter's birthday will not be as fab as it was if not for the colorful intricately designed birthday tutu outfit that she wore during her party at school. I was the happiest mom to see my birthday girl having a blast with her classmates and teachers. 

23 October 2013

A Mom's Life: 39/48

When LB and I went to the Baby and Family Expo Press Conference last October 24th (promise, will post about it the soonest), I finally met a mommy blogger whom I just have an online friendship with. She is the dusky beauty behind Nurse's Diary. I super admire her for being so cool and calm, despite bringing two toddlers with her! No nanny, no hubby and fully made-up. I just brought a precocious preschooler (the leader of the kaguluhan haha) and I was kinda hulas na. But Serene's one of those moms who can afford to wear heavy mascara without the trace of stress. She can even manage to smile while her youngest was screaming so happily. Royalties, meet my 39th AML.

NAME: Serene Shikukeza

AGE: 28

CHILD, AGE: Jolo Ryleigh, 3 y/o; Aleighna Jolie, 1yr and 9 mos

OCCUPATION: Nurse/SAHM soon to be mompreneur.

FAVORITE OUTFIT: baggy shirt and shorts :)

MUST-HAVE BEAUTY COSMETIC: BB Cream, eyebrow pencil, mascara, blush on, lipstick

HOBBIES: Crafting, reading, playing online games, watching tv series

CURRENT READ/WATCH: watch: the suits (i'm addicted to the series), pretty little liars season 4, grey's anatomy season 9

FAVORITE DOMESTIC DUTY: Doing the laundry! I am maselan when it comes to our clothes.

The Road to a Beautiful Smile: One Dental Care's Dental Health Tips for Children

Last month, I finally had LB's teeth checked by a dentist. I know, I know -- it should be a yearly thing. I regretted that, don't worry. My procrastination and negligence led to LB's carious front tooth. I used to blame her nannies (who used to take care of her when I was still a corporate slave) for not doing their jobs. I used to blame her formula milk for having too much sugar. I used to blame my husband's genes for having chalky teeth. But yeah, what the heck, I am to blame! Thank God I'm now a full-time SAHM -- no more excuses. In fact, I'm blessed with time and yay, blog sponsors! I was mentally jumping up and down when I got a message from Dr. Rio Lico of One Dental Care saying that she's interested to work with ze cyber palace. 

17 October 2013

Are you a woman of substance?

You don't need to answer immediately. I'd love to know about that later, in the comments. Let me tell you a story first.

Few days earlier, I spent one beautiful weekend afternoon with two of my current favorite women in my life -- Martine and Louise. Yes, ze Dainty Mom and Mommy Practicality. I'm a loyal reader of these powerful blogs, so to say that I'm happy being offline friends with the authors is an understatement. The happiness didn't just stay inside me. It was seen, heard and felt that day. In fact, if you had passed by our table in Cibo, where we had our lunch, you can even smell it -- it smells like vagina. Hahaha! Okay, not literally. We were just sooo woman in what we were, were talking about and all that jazz that happened. Like what Louise said in her post about our Mademoiselles' Day Out, "What happened or talked about on that table, will stay there and will remain sacred to us three." 

I know it sounds intriguing. We actually just shared a little about ourselves with another. And being with Martine, my numero uno bloggy momspiration, and Louise, who has the strength I so admire, I have absorbed much-needed wisdom that could be a foundation for one to become a woman of substance. 

16 October 2013

A Mom's Life: 38/48

It just makes me sooo happy that my mommy blogging has been like a "family thing" already. First, my sister N would always be one of the followers to like a status or photos that I'd post on my Facebook page. Second, my MIL knew about what blogging is and how it can be really effective in terms of "campaigning a brand" (she now proudly uses Cetaphil ahem). Third, my cousin V, an origami artist, from the States made an origami especially for me. Lastly, my cousin Camille started her blog Lollies and Lipsticks because of my influence. Have you read her first post? Here! And for this week's AML, allow me to share with you a little something about the very young mom behind the blog Rikx Knows Best. Rikka is married to my cousin Nico (our dads are brothers) and they have a cute little girl named Nica (I wonder where they got the name LOL). So royal friends, give this fresh na fresh na mutherbelle a warm welcome!

NAME: Erica Joana Angela "Rikka" L. Redrico

AGE: 21 

CHILD, AGE: Nica Ricana Angelique Redrico, 2 years old 

OCCUPATION: Freelance writer 

FAVORITE OUTFIT: Sexy dark statement shirt, shorts or leggings, sneakers 

MUST-HAVE BEAUTY COSMETIC: Benefit mascara and eyebrow kit, Naked palette, Etude house BB Cream, Matte lipstick and blush - on 

HOBBIES: Reading books, cooking and baking pastries, Biking, Watercolor painting and playing video games 

CURRENT READ/WATCH: HIMYM, Please be careful with my heart, Wattpad stories, Gravity Falls 

12 October 2013

The Kid President

I first learned about the adorable and smart 10-year-old Robby Novak when Thammie Sy posted one of his videos on her blog. It's entitled "An Open Letter to Moms from Kid President". Robby Novak, as from what I have Googled, is an American comedian, motivational speaker, TED speaker, and a YouTube sensation, interviewing BeyoncĂ©, Andrew WK, Pen Ward, Rainn Wilson, Ban Ki-Moon, and others. 

10 October 2013

Sophia Turns Five: My Little Pony School Party

When I was Googling for parties with My Little Pony themes, almost all of the girls who had it were five-year-olds or older. It's undeniably a little lady's favorite. My little girl breathes ponies day in and day out. Instead of saying everybody, she'd say "every pony". She'd sleep with her ponies, plays with them whenever she can and sometimes tags them along when she poops. Haha! Yes, she is that hooked to the colorful gallopin' cuties. So even without asking her, I decided to make it as her school party's theme. As you will see in the photos, the ponies weren't that evident 'cause it's not easy to look for MLP merchandise here in the Philippines, so I played with colors of the ponies instead. 

Warning: I'll be flooding this post with photos from the event. I enjoyed being the photographer that I didn't have a photo with the celebrant. You know, something for posterity. Well, we had one; a family selfie inside the car. That'll do. Hehe. Anyway, if I had the means and money, I could have just ordered party paraphernalia here. But because we're a single-income family, I went DIY. Momma, I had a blast up to the littlest of details!

09 October 2013

Sophia Turned Five: Lunch at Home and Dinner at Red Ribbon

Two weeks and few days earlier, the Rayala kingdom was uber busy preparing for the princess' 5th birthday party which was held at her school. I will share with you the details of LB's colorful gallopin' gala of sweets and fun party on a separate post. If you wish to see it on Instagram, you may search it via this hashtag #LBTurnsFive. Yes, may sariling hashtag ang event ng bagets! In the meantime, allow me to make kwento the things that happened on her exact birth date. 

A Mom's Life: 37/48

I only have a few friends in highschool, because unlike most of you, my highschool life wasn't really that fun. But I'm not complaining! It was in highschool when I met the man I married and would spent Alzheimer days with. Hihi. Anywaaaay, it was also in highschool where I met this week's AML

My 37th AML mom was the all-around kind and cool girl-next-door happy bunny of our class. She never had failing grades and was really good in managing her time with her extracurricular activities. So it didn't surprise me that she is now a badass theater actress in The Big Apple. Want to know a bit more about this NYC-based theater actress momma? Read on.

04 October 2013

The Lipstick and A Grateful Woman

Whenever I stop working (read: depending on husband's salary), there's this little voice inside me always discouraging me to buy something for myself. I feel guilty. Reasons? One, it's not basically my money. Two, I'm "manipis" by nature. Three, I'd rather buy food, which we can share altogether. However, a girl is a girl with material needs. I know you know what I'm talking about. Say, how can we get to have presentable hair without going to the salon at least every 3 months? Or at least have a decent shampoo-conditioner combo at home. Honestly, I haven't treated my hair for some time now and made a mental note that I will when I have "extra" money. Extra means all bills are paid, the fridge has enough food and my little girl would have her occasional visit to Jollibee or McDo. 

As a SAHM, life is not all easy. But to be honest and fair, my husband's salary is enough. Thank you Philippine government. But just enough for all the payables and simple pleasures. That's why again, there's this little voice inside me pushing me to earn. Because I'm feeling materialistic. Ugh. Rhambo doesn't really tell me to go back to work but he didn't tell me to stop either. Haha! He just supported my decision to "be there" for our child. Thank youuuuu, baby. I love you! But during my flor contemplation moments (happens usually before I sleep or when I do my business haha), I will have this girl wants, which will all be shunned away when a person below 4 feet will knock on the door, saying "are you done 'Nay? I'm bored." 

What do I want to say here? 

03 October 2013

Rayala Dialogues: The Sorority Girls

Earlier at school, LB and I were in a serious talk because she hit my face! She was running around and getting messy. I told her before we left home that she can't do that before class. After class, pwede. That's how she got pneumonia kasi --- sweating like a pig then will go inside an airconditioned room. Of course, she got annoyed that I was telling her to stop and sit. Perhaps, she felt embarassed. Actually, I still don't know yet. I will ask her later when I pick her up. Anyway, I was really furious but still trying to keep my cool because I didn't want to make a scene. As I was talking to her, her classmates, all girls named Ar, Al and Sh, surrounded her. It was like her support system, they are actually her "bestfriends". She always mentions their names here at home. They were like a sorority bullying me. Hahaha! Chos.

Clockwise from left: LB, Sh, Ar and Al.

02 October 2013

Sangobion wants you to be an Iron Lady!

I just love that while I'm typing this, I can hear the squeaking sound of my old washing machine outside. Yup, I'm also doing the laundry while blogging. That's how a rock star momma roll! And later before 5pm, I shall be picking up my little girl from school, will cook dinner, wash dishes, clean up our mess, talk to the military husband over the phone, evening bath with my mini-me, story time, bedtime... And there, finally a real time for myself. It doesn't sound so bad and tiring, you know. I love what I'm doing and if I can only stretch the day into a few more hours so I could do more, I would. I need to recharge so I need to sleep. Speaking of sleep, few weeks ago, I was one of the mommy bloggers who got invited to attend the exclusive Sangobion media luncheon held at Makati Shangri-la.

A Mom's Life: 36/48

This week's A Mom's Life features one of my former colleagues at the TV network. IMHO, aside from the artistas I have seen, she has the most beautiful face ever. OK, no tomboy moment here ha, I'm just stating a fact! Haha! But guess what, she's more than just a beautiful face. Get to know her more through this "AML slum book".

NAME: Stephanie "Tara" Macaraeg-Alfafara 
(her names are from the movie, Return to Eden)

AGE: 29 

CHILD, AGE: Tiffany, 7 months 

OCCUPATION: Writer/Producer at ABS-CBN Global, Ltd. 

FAVORITE OUTFIT: classic polo/tee, washed-out jeans/shorts, flats, accessories and a nice bag 

MUST-HAVE BEAUTY COSMETIC: Moisturizer (ziaja), cream blush-on (mac) and lip balm (burt’s bees) 

HOBBIES: Reading, Watching Movies, Baking and Cooking 

CURRENT READ/WATCH: Gabriel’s Rapture by Sylvain Reynard, Got to Believe (yup, I watch teleseryes!) 

FAVORITE DOMESTIC DUTY: Cooking and taking care of my little one.