30 October 2013

My Beautiful Thai Boxer for Halloween 2013

Sophia and I were supposed to be at ABS-CBN Publishing, Inc's Super Trick or Treat Halloween event in Trinoma last Sunday, but didn't make it. So even if we really didn't have any Trick or Treatin' event this year, I still decided to dress her up.

I looked for that one unused costume she has. It's a Thai boxing shorts from one of her godmoms! I got one of her white sandos, tied it up at the back to look like a midriff tank top and scoured my ribbon box for her head a la Rambo. Since we don't have boxing gloves, I cut up an old cloth diaper (lampin) into two thick strips and rolled it up around her knuckles. Perfect. So Pacman. I was in my bestest theatrical convincing self so she'd wear it. I thought she would hate that she'd look like a boy and all. But no, she was so game and in character that I was trying not to laugh during picture-taking. See for yourself.

I even allowed her to think of her own poses. I was amazed that she can now picture out the role she needs to portray. Check out that hand on the 3rd photo below, she said it has FIRE. Hah! She was a super saiyan for a few minutes. :D

Of course, all these greatness will not be left unrewarded. I took her to the nearest sari-sari store and gave her a 20-peso budget to buy any treat she likes.

As of writing this, she's devoured the treats and is now drowned to her Barbie playsets. My little actress knows how to entertain herself (and moi, her #1 fan). I can hear her ponies buying some canned goods from Kristin Farraday, the cashier. So adorbs.

How about you mom, did you get to go trick or treatin' with your li'l cosplayers?

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  1. hindi pa :D may Fiesta Fever at Election Fever pa ang mudra kaya wala pang naisip na costume for the halloween :D your LB looks so cute !!! ang galing mg pose!