16 October 2013

A Mom's Life: 38/48

It just makes me sooo happy that my mommy blogging has been like a "family thing" already. First, my sister N would always be one of the followers to like a status or photos that I'd post on my Facebook page. Second, my MIL knew about what blogging is and how it can be really effective in terms of "campaigning a brand" (she now proudly uses Cetaphil ahem). Third, my cousin V, an origami artist, from the States made an origami especially for me. Lastly, my cousin Camille started her blog Lollies and Lipsticks because of my influence. Have you read her first post? Here! And for this week's AML, allow me to share with you a little something about the very young mom behind the blog Rikx Knows Best. Rikka is married to my cousin Nico (our dads are brothers) and they have a cute little girl named Nica (I wonder where they got the name LOL). So royal friends, give this fresh na fresh na mutherbelle a warm welcome!

NAME: Erica Joana Angela "Rikka" L. Redrico

AGE: 21 

CHILD, AGE: Nica Ricana Angelique Redrico, 2 years old 

OCCUPATION: Freelance writer 

FAVORITE OUTFIT: Sexy dark statement shirt, shorts or leggings, sneakers 

MUST-HAVE BEAUTY COSMETIC: Benefit mascara and eyebrow kit, Naked palette, Etude house BB Cream, Matte lipstick and blush - on 

HOBBIES: Reading books, cooking and baking pastries, Biking, Watercolor painting and playing video games 

CURRENT READ/WATCH: HIMYM, Please be careful with my heart, Wattpad stories, Gravity Falls 

FAVORITE DOMESTIC DUTY: MOPPING THE FLOOR! Napagalitan na nga ako before because of excessive domestic duties and cleaning like mopping the floor every night. I don’t really like the sticky feeling on the floor! It irritates me a lot! 

GUILTY PLEASURE: Anything with indulging chocolate and strawberry, Manly Burger 

PET PEEVE: Parents and elderly people who drink and smoke in front of the children. 

2013 GOAL: Well, I’ve received so many blessings this year. Glad that I was able to manage and put up a blog on my own. It takes mommy strength and courage to publicize your everyday living. Still hoping to have a business of my own! *fingers crossed* 

I am not asking too much but I only want what is best for her. 
I want her to be successful and a strong woman as I am today.
I also hope she won't repeat the mistakes I've done. 

"Pregnancy is such a scary word especially if you are a care-free teenager. Yes, I am a young mom and proud to be one. I never expected raising a child of my own. But, now that I have to be mature and responsible about it, I learned how to grasp the truth and enjoy every single moment I have with her. We also decided to tie the knot and forget the horrible past I had and let it be our guide for a brighter future. So, for young moms like me, don’t feel too bad about what had happened. Fulfilling your dreams don’t stop there, it is the beginning of your new journey." ~ Rikka

Queen B says: Word, Riks. We are not promoting premarital sex or having child at a very young age here. We are just advocates of living a happy and positive life. Instead of sulking in sorrow because of unfinished studies, getting stuck at home and what-have-yous -- Rikka and I, along with like-minded moms, encourage you to make your child your inspiration to live your life happily. To blogging, motherhood and beyond! ♔

Rikx Knows Best
Blog: http://rikxknowsbest.wordpress.com/
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/Rikxknowsbest
Twitter: @rikxknowsbest
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  1. Thank you once again, Queen B for featuring me here on your AML. It's such an honor to be part of your royal blog. <3

  2. Cheers to all young mudjays! Like Rikka, I am a young mom myself (got pregnant at 21 while still in college). I have always been told na sayang ako, na sayang kasi hindi ako nakatapos. Then I surprise them by saying that I did finish college--and on time. When they ask me how I did it, I simply say that I attended my classes despite the bump. Why be ashamed?

    Kudos to you, Rikka, for putting the past behind and living a happy life! I always say that having a baby is never a mistake, but a pleasant surprise; one that will change parents' lives in a very beautiful way. :)