12 October 2013

The Kid President

I first learned about the adorable and smart 10-year-old Robby Novak when Thammie Sy posted one of his videos on her blog. It's entitled "An Open Letter to Moms from Kid President". Robby Novak, as from what I have Googled, is an American comedian, motivational speaker, TED speaker, and a YouTube sensation, interviewing Beyoncé, Andrew WK, Pen Ward, Rainn Wilson, Ban Ki-Moon, and others. 

He also got to meet US President Barack Obama and has actually sat on his White House office chair! Sorry for being too excited. I just always think of Jamie Foxx (and Joey King) in the movie White House Down whenever I see Obama in photos or videos. Have you seen that movie? I love action movies and ... and Channing's arms. Hahaha! Anywaaaaay... 

The above video is one of my most favorites. I mean, President Obama sure has detractors, but we can't deny that he has the charm that even kids like him and would love to be him. I wonder why our president doesn't have that. It's just sad that he is, most of the time, an object of ridicule. Remember how netizens made memes of him insinuating that he's a mentally-challenged person? And how this impersonator exaggerates his remarkable walk? Sigh. We were given democracy and freedom of speech but we really don't use it for its good purpose. Frankly, we abuse it. Oh well, I am not into talking about the government, patriotism and stuff here. Hehe. Leave it to those who know a lot about it. I'm just a mom, sharing this cute kid videos with you! So if you're having a bad day and wants a kickass laugh today, and at the same time, needs an ecouragement boost, here's a pep talk video from the Kid President!

I wish you a warm, safe and dry weekend! 
Cuddle with your minis or hubbies. A soft pillow will do, too.
Remember: mom upside down is wow! 

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