17 October 2013

Are you a woman of substance?

You don't need to answer immediately. I'd love to know about that later, in the comments. Let me tell you a story first.

Few days earlier, I spent one beautiful weekend afternoon with two of my current favorite women in my life -- Martine and Louise. Yes, ze Dainty Mom and Mommy Practicality. I'm a loyal reader of these powerful blogs, so to say that I'm happy being offline friends with the authors is an understatement. The happiness didn't just stay inside me. It was seen, heard and felt that day. In fact, if you had passed by our table in Cibo, where we had our lunch, you can even smell it -- it smells like vagina. Hahaha! Okay, not literally. We were just sooo woman in what we were, were talking about and all that jazz that happened. Like what Louise said in her post about our Mademoiselles' Day Out, "What happened or talked about on that table, will stay there and will remain sacred to us three." 

I know it sounds intriguing. We actually just shared a little about ourselves with another. And being with Martine, my numero uno bloggy momspiration, and Louise, who has the strength I so admire, I have absorbed much-needed wisdom that could be a foundation for one to become a woman of substance. 


This struck me the most 'cause I'm someone who's a firm believer of "What You Read is What You Get". Yes, like what I have written previously. Martine said that being real doesn't mean that whatever happens at home should be plastered wildly on your cyber world. There are issues meant to be dealt and talked about in private. Learn from my mistakes. I have been a tactless shrewd posting about anything I can think about. I edited what I thought were my grammar lapses but never my thoughts. I got a high number of views whenever I do that. Oh well, who doesn't love controversial and gossip-worthy issues, right? But have I been helpful to you -- to my readers who spend minutes, even hours of their time absorbing what I could have spread using this blog? What did you get from me? Nothing but negative vibes, right? So I hope you are feeling the new ambiance here. No more "maldita streaks". After all, I was never proud of that. I'd rather be a fearless queen than a prying b*tch. Think before you click.


It really is a tough decision to make. Sometimes, there are people who could really make you high with happiness during a party; but once the merriment is done, they, too have gone. Sadly, a reality that all of us would face, no matter what age or circumstance. We really couldn't tell in an instant who are true to us. Of course, we would be needing a lot of time to contemplate. This will be a little self-centered, but I think I'm wiser now. As much as I'd love to be friends with everybody who are nice to me, I'd rather keep those who are real -- those who can say my sh*t in my face, without making me feel so miserable about myself. Have you ever encountered a person that made you feel that you weren't good enough? That all you did was to prove yourself because she is just so perfect? That can be tiring. Ditch that gasbag for good! Have you been friends with people who are slowly destroying your soul with stories you never wanted to know in the first place? Ignore the filthy-mouthed tattletale! Be wise but always stay nice. 

These two strong foundations can make or break you -- make when done right and break when you got sidetracked. These are what any woman -- blogging or not, married or single, mom to a baby or to something furry -- must give importance to. 
I remember a line from one of the articles I read in a Seventeen Magazine I collected eons ago (lol): "Strip of your branded clothes, what will be left of you?" Well, if it's a Miranda Kerr of a body, good for you! Haha! Seriously, have you eaten a big perfectly-shaped pandesal with nothing but air inside? That's where I was heading. I just suddenly felt my nothingness, in the middle of my booming bloggy life, and I took a detour. Just got lucky that I met Dainty Mom and Mommy Practicality in my journey to blogging blissfully. I may be in the road less traveled, with less or no traffic at all (pun intended) but the freedom to slow down to breathe the fresh air is an enough sign that I'm doing great. 

Pardon me if I may sound bragging, but I am a woman of substance and proud of it. I'd be happy to know if you are. :)


  1. i attended one of martine's workshop ang got to know her, and louise too! i think they are both great gals. i agree with you and martine that we don't have to write and post on our blogs everything that we do (even the negative ones). it really is a matter of taste, and what we want to impart to our readers. personally, i'd rather put up happy posts. i'd do serious/sad posts, only if i can write a redeeming factor/lesson learned at the end :)

    1. I like that -- redeeming factor! Our world is so gulo na para dumagdag pa tayo sa negatrons na nasa paligid. :)

  2. Great post Queen B!
    Well for me, A woman of substance have integrity in words and actions while constantly striving to improve herself. I should add "substance" makes me think of someone who is grounded, self assured and has great aspirations.
    So yeah, I am! :)

    1. Thanks, McMom! :)
      That's right -- integrity in words and actions. Yung sinasabi must be seen in her actions. Cheers to us, women of substance! :*

      Message me when you're coming home, let's hang out. :)

  3. I know exactly what you mean! I've been declining posting press releases already for the past couple of months and don't run as many giveaways either. I'd rather have real quality readers and followers even if that means I won't have A WHOLE LOT! :)

    1. Yes to quality readers! Readers who would stay even without a giveaway (hehe it rhymes). ♥

  4. Just had time to read this now, D! You're super spot on! :)

    You know, I don't have the readership of some of the more popular bloggers out there. But you know what? As long as I have readers, I'll do my best to be their friend, and to take care of them. Like Janice said, "quality over quantity" applies to your blog, too.

    I still believe in "mommy blogging." I still believe we can tell our stories and celebrate our lives through our blogs. I have to be careful to guard myself against the "fakeness" of it all, which I admittedly gave into during the earlier days of my blog. But, I've learned my lesson! Thank you, Lord!

    See you soon! Our chikka with L was bitin!

    1. There are times that I want to blog just about anything that is on my mind --- quese hodang negative ito. But no, I've learned my lessons. Sometimes kasi the people think they know you too well because you've shared your life's story in the blog too much. Pero siyempre hindi naman yun ang buo ng story 'di ba. Oh well, bloggers gotta blog. Kanya-kanyang style talaga. Pero ako, Im taking the road to blogging blissfully. ♥

      I'm so excited for our Pole Dancing session, very soon! :)