09 October 2013

A Mom's Life: 37/48

I only have a few friends in highschool, because unlike most of you, my highschool life wasn't really that fun. But I'm not complaining! It was in highschool when I met the man I married and would spent Alzheimer days with. Hihi. Anywaaaay, it was also in highschool where I met this week's AML

My 37th AML mom was the all-around kind and cool girl-next-door happy bunny of our class. She never had failing grades and was really good in managing her time with her extracurricular activities. So it didn't surprise me that she is now a badass theater actress in The Big Apple. Want to know a bit more about this NYC-based theater actress momma? Read on.

NAME: Sheila Hazell Angustia-Romo

AGE: 28

CHILD, AGE: Juan Manuel "JM" Romo, 6 

OCCUPATIONS: wooh where to begin?...After School Program Teacher (teaching Dance, Fitness, & Theatre), Swimming instructor, & Zumba Instructor...and of course JM's mom 

FAVORITE OUTFIT: "Sporty Glam" outfits

MUST-HAVE BEAUTY COSMETIC: Eye liner, lip balm, & yes, baby powder! I don't use any foundation or cream powder of any kind. I get breakouts! I'll stick to the classic - Johnson & Johnson baby powder lol. 

HOBBIES: Dancing and choreographing (due to my job), playing guitar and ukulele, singing with my own videoke/karaoke system, reading & watching plays.

CURRENT READ/WATCH: I've read over 90 plays now. My goal is to read a hundred by the end of this year. :) Current read: "Almost, Maine" by Cariani and "God of Carnage" by Yazmin Reza (both are plays, too). Current movie: The last one I saw at the movie theater is Elysium. I saw Life of Pi on DVD last week. I just started watching "Righteous to Kill" last night.

FAVORITE DOMESTIC DUTY: Vacuuming! Because I vacuum wearing lingerie and stilettos hahaha... Seriously though, I do. I wanna feel very womanly once in a while when I clean. And also wearing high heels once in a while actually helps in pelvic alignment and posture, as long as it's done in moderation.

GUILTY PLEASURE: Chocolates -- from candies to ice cream to shakes to cake to cookies, you name it -- anything with that li'l devil in it! Also, buying lingeries, lol.

PET PEEVE: Mean and inconsiderate people 

2013 GOAL: I've reached one of them, which is to be able to perform on stage in NYC. The other one is to get my divorce with my ex-husband finalized. Yes, we've been separated for awhile now (about a year and a half now).

To discover his niche in life, be great at it, 
have a family with a good woman on his side, 
and be happy for the rest of his life.

Queen B says: It may just be her and Juan now, but I'm pretty sure they'd still have blast with their family and friends surrounding them. And yeah, the momma-in-charge is a real go-getter!

Queen B says: Good luck on your journey to blissful mommyhood, Hazell! Thank you for your honest answers and allowing me to put those here. Cheers to happiness! ♔

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  1. Ang BONGGA! Dream ko yan, makatongtong man lang sa theater at mag drama :D pero di ko yata niche! anyways, ang ganda mo Mommy Sheila, goodluck to your baby and I do hope ma okay na ang divorce mo :) (FC lang ako talaga)