03 October 2013

Rayala Dialogues: The Sorority Girls

Earlier at school, LB and I were in a serious talk because she hit my face! She was running around and getting messy. I told her before we left home that she can't do that before class. After class, pwede. That's how she got pneumonia kasi --- sweating like a pig then will go inside an airconditioned room. Of course, she got annoyed that I was telling her to stop and sit. Perhaps, she felt embarassed. Actually, I still don't know yet. I will ask her later when I pick her up. Anyway, I was really furious but still trying to keep my cool because I didn't want to make a scene. As I was talking to her, her classmates, all girls named Ar, Al and Sh, surrounded her. It was like her support system, they are actually her "bestfriends". She always mentions their names here at home. They were like a sorority bullying me. Hahaha! Chos.

Clockwise from left: LB, Sh, Ar and Al.
B: Why did you do that?
(looking at me in her salbahe face! kakagigil)
B: Is that good?
LB: (not responding, still kunot noo and being salbahe, grrness)
B: Ar, is that good?
Ar: (when I looked at her, she looked at the ceiling and dinedma ako! LOL. I was about to go back to questioning LB when Sh answered.)
Sh: Lagautt ka, Sophia! (in her cute accent 'cause she's inglisera, too)
Ar: Don't scare, Sophia! She might cry. (and when LB heard the word c-r-y, teary-eyed ang bagets)
Al: Sophia, you answer your mommy. (my ally! hehe)
LB: (looked at Al with konting tears and when Al saw it, she was shocked! LOL)
Al: Oops. Sorry, sorry. (then she left us)
The two other girls stayed looking at me. Judging me, perhaps, as if they were saying in their heads "I'm lucky she's not my mom." Hahahaha! And then the bell rang. The girls went inside their classroom and I told LB to stay with me for a while.
B: Nanay was really mad whenever you do that. Gusto mo bang mad ako lagi?
LB: No. (in her tipid voice)
B: Are your hands for hurting?
LB: No.
B: Oh, what will you tell me?
LB: Sorry. (and she kissed my cheek, the tip of my nose, my chin, forehead. She got inside with my face covered with her laway. Hihi.)
I talked to her teachers not about the incident but about her toothbrush! LB and Al were sharing toothbrush pala all this time. Kaloka. Hahaha! Good thing LB told me about it yesterday. We're in a serious dental care training lately. I will tell you more about why, soon. 

Whew. I may have gone mad for a minute but this cute girly friendship thingy will last in my memory bank for a lifetime. I will make sure to keep this kind of stories so when LB gets older, it will be in one of our many chika moments. I'm excited tuloy to make uniformed hair trinkets for these sorority girls. ;)


  1. Yay! My tot is just two and I can already imagine myself being in that kind of situation. Mahirap, but then again we have to do our role as mommies :) At least she said sorry. Hihi :)

    1. Yes! And actually nawala yung galit ko kasi nakakatawa yung mga friends niya. Iba-iba ng personalities. Tapos parang they were all doing their best to mediate para wag ng mapagalitan si LB. Ang cute lang! :)