30 September 2015

The Sad Cake Story

More than a week after the incident, I'm finally ready to share this story with all of you. Maybe if I will share this here can finally move on from the sad experience. Just like how I said in that terrifying mommy moment, I will try my best not to make this sound like a rant.

July 20, 2015

I told the cake supplier about my plan of getting her service for my daughter's 7th birthday on September. I have helped several mompreneurs in launching their home-based businesses through this blog so I thought of doing the same thing with her. I offered her a blog post and a banner ad on my sidebar in exchange of 50% off on a 2-layer cake (the first layer is made of styro covered with fondant) and 60 pieces of cupcakes. I thought it was a good deal.

The main reason why I got her even if there are better cake suppliers out there was that she is the mom of my girl's bestfriend. 

Currently | 01

If you are keen to details, you may have noticed that the blog's look and color have changed. I'm also back to Twitter. Oh, you should follow me! I'm on #AlDub high most of the time. LOL. Clearly, there is an intention to do what I used to do — mainstream blogging and all that jazz. But this time, it's gonna be simpler: I'll bleed thoughts, edit it, and when it's published, I'll share it on Facebook. I might join comment exchange occasionally but I'll make sure it's not gonna eat me and my time like it used to. Sorry if my blog isn't inspiring or helpful or informative. No more series of giveaways, too. I just really wanna keep blogging because I love it. It matters to me. 

Do I matter to you to read this nonsense? I hope. 

OK. Enough of the melodramatics. I'm 31 and I write as if my first puberty hair just popped out yesterday. *rolls eyes* Anyway, let's get down to business.


READING. Tweets of AlDub hashtags. What a loser. Uhh, I just bought a book last month and I still haven't finished started it. Let's see if I can read a page or two, at least, before I sleep. I won't promise.  
LISTENING. Daniela Andrade's covers are ahhhmazing. La Vie En Rose is my favorite. 
THINKING. Espasol. Food again, yes. Secondary would be my girl's school field trip next week. I don't want to go but she has to so I will. Wth, motherhood.  
WATCHING. I got my first pay from my Community Manager job while the husband's home this past weekend. Coincidentally, a really great Filipino movie was shown (still showing, as of this writing) in cinemas. We watched Heneral Luna. I will write my thoughts on the impact of its message to me, soon. In the meantime, you can read my three-points-to-convince-you-to-watch-if-you-havent here. Puñeta! Ang ganda, ang galing. On a daily basis, it's Kalyeserye and Clark and Leah. Yes, mababaw ako. So whut?  
EATING. Fat, I'm getting fat. As much as I hate to see people allowing themselves to be swallowed by their fatness, that's what's happening to me. I don't have enough sleep (9-hour shift at work, house chores all by myself, I'm a mom,) so I resort to eating. I know, I know. It's a lame excuse. But can you blame me? Inihaw na bangus and ginisang munggo with tinapa are to die for.  
HAPPY ABOUT. I work full-time in my ratty, comfy pambahay and I can have my coffee any time I want to. Most of all, there's no need to travel for hours just to be stuck in traffic. Hence, the hero photo from Unsplash.  
WEARING. Maxi dresses are lurve. Something that's comfy to wear at home but decent enough to be worn when running errands. There's also been a silent agreement between me and my getting-older-self to choose black or white or anything basic. Again — I.am.getting.fat.  
LEARNING. My new job as a Community Manager of a multinational food and beverage brand. It made me think of going back to school, take my Masters and eventually teach Communication Trends and Breakthroughs. I got a badass 1.0 on that subject.  
WRITING: This blog post, obviously. I'm also drafting (for the nth time) my contribution for Make it Blissful. The reason why I can't finish it is still a mystery. *crickets, crickets*  
LOVING. My girl's surprising kisses when I'm busy at work. Or my girl calling me from the gate when she arrived from school. Or my girl's cuteness when I tuck her into bed. I love my girl.  
LOOKING FORWARD TO. Pray with me that I'd be able to get a helper soon so I can still do my kusinera duties at Bebeng's Kitchen. I'll be taking Christmas orders as early as next week but I need to present a holiday package to many of those who inquired about it. I need help from a help. 

So there, how about you? What have you been up to lately, currently? If you want to do this thing, too, I hope you'll link it back to me and comment your post so I can check it out.

*Photo from Unsplash

21 September 2015

ALDub It

So Ms. Daphne Paez wrote about the AlDub fever (read it first then come back here, will ya?) and I just have to agree with everything she said, including those from the commenters of the post. I mean, come on, so if you call yourself a person with substance or class just because you don't watch noontime shows or the segment where the ALDub couple is, what do you call Mrs. Paez then? 

This has nothing to do with your profession, nothing to do with how much you have in your bank account, nothing to do with the size of your brain. AlDub and the kalyeserye segment are purely for entertainment. Some said it's inspiring. What, with Lola Nidora and her sisters' words of wisdom, one can surely get a quotable quote that can be her "life goal". Yes, it can teach its viewers a thing or two about life, love and the young generation's way of courtship, but for me, it's my source of entertainment. It's the most fun and entertaining segment created in the history of noontime TV. 

I love laughing. 

I love watching shows that are meant to make people laugh. I love seeing people, who have natural talent in releasing punchlines perfectly, laugh at each other. The Kalyeserye segment of Eat Bulaga has all of it. They can keep me laughing, kilig and entertained for like 30 minutes or so. 30 minutes of not thinking of sleep deprivation, work, housework, business, and my daughter's school tuition among others. My favorite is Lola Tidora, how Alden looks at Maine (sorry, I'm such a romantic), their fansigns, and TVJ's reactions. And then I'd go back to whatever I was doing before that when the segment ends. Okay, I'll read tweets. I sometimes tweet, too. This phenomenon is crazy and I'm glad I can be a part of it by tweeting my brain farts. 

Alright, this millennial mom needs her 4 hours of sleep. I'll see the dabarkads later. Follow me on Twitter, if you want: @deniserayala

One of my secret dreams when I was younger was to play any musical instrument (I can play basic guitar) in front of my crush. Maine Mendoza played drums and Alden saw it with his mesmerized eyes. #somuchfeels

16 September 2015

What can I say?

In the days that I want blogging to be a normal thing, to include it in the routine of my daily beautiful mess, that's when I feel like I am slooooowly dragging myself away from the space I have loved too much one time. Why are there bloggers who can find time to write about their new lipstick or latest gadget and I can't even sit here to bleed nonsense thoughts? Que sera sera. Just like the hottest split-screen love team on TV, my blogging is at its best when it's not forced. And words aren't number-conscious. 

So today, after my shift at work in my comfy house dress (yes, I am now a certified work-at-home mama), I decided to jot in here a few of what I currently think or maybe the nothingness caused by cups of coffee and glasses of cola. Well, I'll be finishing my girl's invites for her classmates and teachers before I can finally doze of for 3 hours. The little miss will be having a simple gathering this weekend for her 7th birthday. I can't wait to share what I have prepared. It isn't as lavish as other girls' 7th birthday parties but I am sure, in my heart, my sassy songstress will love it. Just like how I always hoped it could be, the husband is home to help me with my wahm changes and party preps. 

So far, so cool. 

I might be saying hi to you all here more regularly. Say, something about why I like James Reid and Nadine Lustre? And perhaps, I can tell you a little about my learnings as I turned 31 this month. 

Alright, friends. Until I feel the urge again. (why does it have to sound that way?)