21 September 2015

ALDub It

So Ms. Daphne Paez wrote about the AlDub fever (read it first then come back here, will ya?) and I just have to agree with everything she said, including those from the commenters of the post. I mean, come on, so if you call yourself a person with substance or class just because you don't watch noontime shows or the segment where the ALDub couple is, what do you call Mrs. Paez then? 

This has nothing to do with your profession, nothing to do with how much you have in your bank account, nothing to do with the size of your brain. AlDub and the kalyeserye segment are purely for entertainment. Some said it's inspiring. What, with Lola Nidora and her sisters' words of wisdom, one can surely get a quotable quote that can be her "life goal". Yes, it can teach its viewers a thing or two about life, love and the young generation's way of courtship, but for me, it's my source of entertainment. It's the most fun and entertaining segment created in the history of noontime TV. 

I love laughing. 

I love watching shows that are meant to make people laugh. I love seeing people, who have natural talent in releasing punchlines perfectly, laugh at each other. The Kalyeserye segment of Eat Bulaga has all of it. They can keep me laughing, kilig and entertained for like 30 minutes or so. 30 minutes of not thinking of sleep deprivation, work, housework, business, and my daughter's school tuition among others. My favorite is Lola Tidora, how Alden looks at Maine (sorry, I'm such a romantic), their fansigns, and TVJ's reactions. And then I'd go back to whatever I was doing before that when the segment ends. Okay, I'll read tweets. I sometimes tweet, too. This phenomenon is crazy and I'm glad I can be a part of it by tweeting my brain farts. 

Alright, this millennial mom needs her 4 hours of sleep. I'll see the dabarkads later. Follow me on Twitter, if you want: @deniserayala

One of my secret dreams when I was younger was to play any musical instrument (I can play basic guitar) in front of my crush. Maine Mendoza played drums and Alden saw it with his mesmerized eyes. #somuchfeels


  1. I'm not really familiar with this aldub fever, but I;m glad many moms find happiness just watching them. hehehe Thank you for sharing. :)

  2. We are all entitled to our own opinion but then criticizing is way different from insulting. If they find AlDub too shallow or mababaw, that's their take on that but that won't stop me from watching the show and from supporting them. =)

  3. I saw Alden in person and he is really good looking hehe


  4. I don't watch it but whenever there's a news item about it on social media, I try to get myself updated. Hehe. Alden is such a cutie! :)

  5. Haha I just wrote about them last week. I love Alden and Maine and JoWaPao. Even my colleagues who were not into the show tried watching an episode and actually liked it! Wala naman yan sa social status. Appreciation of thespian art lang haha

  6. Crush ko din si Alden, he seems to be a very nice guy. *kilig*

    Mommy Rockin' In Style

  7. finally watched AlDub last week, I always miss it due to work and I didn't realize she just dubs and never speak!

  8. I am not a fan, but I am aware of how aldub entertain a lot of people. =)

  9. good thing there is youtube to let you know about the latest hype. its funny and as usual I like jose and wally's spontaneity, alden and maine is a good pair too :)