30 October 2018

Tinapa Rice

As someone who truthfully loves eating regardless of mood, I have lots of comfort foods. But of course, I will always have a favorite – Pinoy breakfast! There's really something magical about our breakfast dishes that give anyone warmth and solace. Glad that the Filipino cuisine is starting to make its mark in the international scene. Have you seen the video where Gordon Ramsay chose an adobo-inspired burger in a cook-off on Good Morning America? I was so kilig for us! We're finally getting more attention now. Because really, masasarap ang pagkaing Pinoy! Especially the ones with rice. Actually, I can't live without it! Hindi ko kaya ang no-rice diet. 

So anyway, when the tinapa-daing guy passed by, I knew what I'd be making. This is just an easy recipe that even my 10-year-old girl can cook so I hope you would try it next time you serve breakfast food to your loved ones. By the way, do you eat brekky anytime of the day like we do? If yes, here's my Tinapa Rice recipe, perfect to pair with salted egg and tomatoes. Yum!

23 October 2018

Family of Four at Acacia Hotel Manila

My husband R and I didn't think of any way to celebrate our first girl's 10th birthday  exactly a month ago but only by having a hotel staycation. You see, Sophia wasn't born with a silver spoon but her taste in the lifestyle to her liking is impeccable. It's always of luxe and grandeur. Please don't get her wrong though, she isn't materialistic. Even when she was younger, she wasn't the kind who throws tantrums at a toy store when we say no. I can proudly say we raised her to be contented with what she has and what we can only give. But she knows what she wants when she's asked about it. So yup, we gave what we can – an overnight staycation at Acacia Hotel Manila.

I booked us a room a few weeks before September 23rd via the hotel's reservations hotline. Before we did, just as many of you would do, we researched and read blogs first. I also asked my followers on Instagram via my IG Stories which they prefer between Acacia Hotel Manila and Hotel H2O. The latter won on my poll but we still went to Acacia because the birthday girl said so. Also, she saw the bathtub and that's her only concern – to spend an hour there while listening to Taylor Swift's songs on Spotify.

08 October 2018

Sinigang sa Miso

One of the many things I am most happy about in my life now is the fact that my military husband does chores when he's at home! I mean, it may be trivial for a lot of women but it is for this stay-at-home momma. You see, he has to be away from us to be able to provide but he still does what he can to fulfill the responsibilities that raising a family entails. And I super appreciate him for that. Of course, I reciprocate not just by being a chill and fun wife but also through my kitchen skills. If other women shower their men with expensive toys for the big boys, I hit my husband's stomach (where his heart truly is) wildly. Like, I regret I created a monster kind of hitting, haha.

So when he was here for a short break last week, he requested for Sinigang sa Miso. I willingly obliged. Sinigang is a family favorite. We love it whatever meat is used. Yes, even the baby foodie who now eats rice and sabaw all the time.