23 October 2018

Family of Four at Acacia Hotel Manila

My husband R and I didn't think of any way to celebrate our first girl's 10th birthday  exactly a month ago but only by having a hotel staycation. You see, Sophia wasn't born with a silver spoon but her taste in the lifestyle to her liking is impeccable. It's always of luxe and grandeur. Please don't get her wrong though, she isn't materialistic. Even when she was younger, she wasn't the kind who throws tantrums at a toy store when we say no. I can proudly say we raised her to be contented with what she has and what we can only give. But she knows what she wants when she's asked about it. So yup, we gave what we can – an overnight staycation at Acacia Hotel Manila.

I booked us a room a few weeks before September 23rd via the hotel's reservations hotline. Before we did, just as many of you would do, we researched and read blogs first. I also asked my followers on Instagram via my IG Stories which they prefer between Acacia Hotel Manila and Hotel H2O. The latter won on my poll but we still went to Acacia because the birthday girl said so. Also, she saw the bathtub and that's her only concern – to spend an hour there while listening to Taylor Swift's songs on Spotify.

We availed their Fun with Fam promo. Originally, we chose the Birthday Blowout package but since I'm a wais na misis (haha), I found out that the inclusions in the Fun with Fam promo are better. Aside from the complimentary breakfast for two, we also had free dinner at their buffet area.

Their buffet offers a wide array of delish dishes! In fact, saying we were so full and happy is an understatement. Too bad my phone's camera and compact camera both shoot better in natural lighting; I didn't have any food photos. But like what we have already started in the Playa Azul Baler post, we will share with you the things we liked about Acacia Hotel Manila and what we thought still need improvement.

  • Their Pandan Juice, was yum! The package we chose includes two complimentary welcome drinks with a choice between pandan juice and a cocktail drink. R said we could've asked for one juice and a cocktail drink instead just so we got to taste the latter. But it's okay 'cause sobrang refreshing nung pandan juice. Nakakabitin nga, I wanted a pitcher of it!
  • The make-up room button is so next gen! I mean, no need to hang a "do not disturb sign" on the door knob.
  • WI-FI's amazing. R and I respect each other's phone time and for this bloggy mama, I find wi-fi really important in having hotel staycations! Did you see my Instagram Stories? It was real-time. 
  • The birthday girl noticed the airconditioner isn't like what we have daw at home. And she said that I should include that observation here, haha.
  • My husband appreciates the shaving kits in the bathroom.
  • We haven't been to a lot of big hotels so a fully-carpeted floor is something new for my eldest. She said she likes that her baby sister can crawl on it!
  • The staff are cheerful and professional.

  • When we came from our dinner, we saw a mini birthday cake on the working table. Sure, we appreciate the greeting but they still sneaked it in! What if something got lost? Can we blame them? They could have placed that before we checked-in, right?
  • The inevitable messiness from the shower area. The shower door can't close well. 
  • My kikay girl whose quirk is to go to all washrooms of restaurants that we go to didn't like that there's no separate one for ladies. 
  • Dress code wasn't strictly implemented. Hence, dining with guests who were in their short pants and slippers. 
  • We had to ask for the foot rest sofa; thought we should have that since that's what we saw in their promotional photos.
  • It's really a minor thing but the bathrobe can only fit my 10-year-old. Why?

That's basically it but here's a trivia! Our first plan was to spend our firstborn's birthday at Sofitel because it sounds like Sophia! We thought it's cute. Also, we heard Spiral is the best buffet ever but due to budget constraints, we went to what this family of four can afford for now. Big thanks to my blog sponsors for working with me  we can now go on hotel staycations! God is good.

If you want to see more photos, I posted on my Facebook page. CLICK HERE.

Address: 5400 East Asia Drive Corner Commerce Avenue, Filinvest Corporate City Alabang, Muntinlupa City 1781, Philippines
Contact Number: (+63) 720 2000 / (+632) 588 5888


  1. Nice blog. How much is the rate for fun with fam promo? I would like to spoil my mom to a staycation as well :)

    1. Around ₱6k but paid more since we paid for Sophia's dinner and some broken plates, haha.

  2. Looks like Sophia had a great birthday celebration! :)

    Sana ma-treat ko rin yung mga kids ko to a hotel staycation in the future.

  3. We were there in August for a wedding and we enjoyed our stay. I do think there's a lot of improvement in terms of the whole bathroom thing because we werent able to use the bathtub during our stay but other than that it was A-OK! Happy birthday, Sophsters!