28 February 2013

The Little Popstar in Adventure Time

I don't exactly know all the names of the show's characters but I'm very familiar with Princess Bubblegum, because she's pink and a princess. I was shocked to hear my very own bubblegum singing Island Song, the music at the CBB of Adventure Time.

♫ Come along with me
And the butterflies and bees
We can wander through the forest
And do so as we please ♪

Come along with me
♪ To a cliff under a tree
Where we'll gaze upon the water
As an everlasting dream ♫

27 February 2013

A Mom's Life: 5/48

Our 5th A Mom's Life star is like a sister to me. Nope, we're not of same kin and we're not even friends, yet. But we share the same passion --- mommy blogging. I stumbled upon her site in Mommy Fleur's when she mentioned that Life As A CEO blogged about her, which you can read here: Dahil Malungkot si Mommy Fleur. It is her most popular post! As you can see, I left a comment there. And then I saw a very bonggang comment from her in this post afterwards, which was the first issue of this series. And because I give in to my readers' requests, she's now here. :)

What made me somehow feel a little connection with her, too, was when I knew that she and NeRoKris owner, Nerissa are friends. Small world, indeed. I also felt very flattered because she messaged me one time asking for permission if she could tweak her blog a tad like mine. Of course, it's such a pleasure that in those simple things like a template (here & here), I can already inspire fellow bloggers. ❤

So, who is the pretty momma behind Life As A CEO?

NAME: Krisna Fernandez-Mesa

AGE: 27

CHILD, AGE: Maura Krisandra, 1 year old and 4 months

OCCUPATION: A SAHM who dreams of becoming a WAHM, soon!

FAVORITE OUTFIT: Denim shorts, over sized shirt and flats.

MUST-HAVE BEAUTY COSMETIC: in2it 2-way foundation in Amber, Clinique powder blusher in New Clover & Revlon lipstick in Plum Baby

HOBBIES: Reading blogs, watching movies

CURRENT READ/WATCH: Read --- I'm more into reading Mommy Blogs lately/Watch --- Hi5, Special Agent Oso and of course, Juan Dela Cruz (Yun oh!) 
{Bebeng says: Me naman after that, Ina Kapatid Anak}

FAVORITE DOMESTIC DUTY: Washing the dishes. Hindi kasama yung mga kaldero at kawali. :D
{Bebeng says: I guess this is what could separate our many similarities now. Really? Is there a normal human being who loves dishwashing? She's a deity.}


PET PEEVE: C-H-I-S-M-O-S-A and C-H-I-S-M-O-S-O. 

2013 GOAL: Open my online party planning business. 
{Click the link if you want pretty dresses she's currently selling: Krisna's Closet}

Trivia: Yzia's name was originally thought by Krisna as Mauryzia, since she fondly calls her husband Mauricio as he is Maurice. But then the old folks didn't like it. Sticking to what she initially planned, her little princess is still lovingly called by many as Yzia, from her original name Mauryzia. In LAAC, she's known as Y.

Life As A CEO
Twitter: @KrisnaTheCEO

26 February 2013

The Little Bugger: Where Little Divas Belong

Yo, all the mommas with little girls, put your hands up!

When I knew I was pregnant with LB, I actually felt since day 1 that it's going to be a girl. And it thrilled my inner senses that I would have like a real life-sized doll that I can prep up for any occasion. My guts didn't fail me. On my 5th month of infanticipation, an ultrasound confirmed my baby's gender. I started to hoard pretty things for her --- Hello Kitty, pink stuff and everything for my little diva. I never thought that my diva treatment to her will make her such though. Haha! Now, let us not be mistaken that I am totally raising a spoiled brat here. Say, diva in a 19th century definition but with a modern twist. Something like a princess of the new millennium. Alright?

Something like Shiela Baluyot aimed to have when she opened The Little Bugger.

Crybaby + Courage

I just had a terrible night (as of this writing, that night was like 5 hours earlier). 

But before the terrible night happened, LB and I went to SM Marikina to meet my  friend who came home from British Columbia for some vacay. C gave LB Hello Kitty plate, bowl, spoon & fork and a large Ziploc of assorted chocolates and candies. We had some pizza and pasta, and a lot of catching up. LB had pink macarons. My eyes welled with tears while sharing a heartbreak. She didn't give any advice or opinions, but she listened. And I super appreciate that. We parted ways as she still needs to go out with her family. LB and I looked for our blue shirts for their Family Day/Sports Fest in school this Friday. Then we bought food. Then we rolled home.

When I reached our gate, I didn't feel anything bad, except that it's too dark. When I opened the door, switched on the light, WALEY. No electricity! I panicked kasi may kuryente sa kapitbahay. I knocked (ng OA sa lakas) at the landlady's house and asked why. She said may gumawa daw sa post kasi nga it was fluctuating na for like 1 week already. At ako, nagalit. Kasi sabi ko ginawa na eh ba't wala pa ding kuryente. Baka daw sa fuse, sa circuit breaker. Eh leche, kung electrician ako, magtatanong ba ako? I know nothing about what they were saying. I know they were just concerned. But I f*ckin' need electricity for a light and a fan so we could peacefully sleep. Nagalit ako kasi natakot ako for me and LB; kami lang sa house eh. 

25 February 2013

The Little Popstar Sings for the King

It's Rhambo's 28th birthday tomorrow. And we're not sure yet if we can spend it together as a family. So to make LB aware of her Tatay's special day, I asked her to sing for him before going to sleep the other night, thus this video. Lo and behold, we both got into the mood of making chika. Howmaygad --- I was so loka-loka laughing at her for revealing that I'm not a good mom --- always on my computer! Yuhh. I was crazy like that. Well, she loves me so much she said Rhambo's in the camp in front of his laptop, even before revealing mine! Hahaha! :p

Happy birthday to our king, Tatay Rhambo! 

23 February 2013

The Little Popstar as the Little Mermaid

This video was taken exactly on LB's birthday last year. So we were still in our pink-gray-black room in MIL's house. Part of Your World is her ultimate favorite song. I guess she started singing it when she was around 2 1/2 years old; the times when it's part of a "medley" that I sing to her whenever I lull her to sleep. I hope when she reaches her tweens/teens, she'd be able to sing this in a musical play. Kahit yung sa school lang. I'd be the proudest, for sure. ❤ 

What do you think of her performance?

22 February 2013

Nanaygosyante of 2013: February

Somebody asked me why I feature entrepreneurs and online stores in this blog as much as I share my life as a mom. Simple: to inspire. I believe that in order for you to be the person you want to be, you have to surround yourself with positive influence. And what's more positive than featuring them here, right? I do not have entrepreneur-friends so nobody could nudge me into going and taking a risk to open up my own biz. Yes momma, one of my many goals is to be a full-fledged mompreneur. I want to manage my own time so I could still be a wife and mom; but also earn money for our small family. My husband's salary could be enough, but it's always better to have extra. I would really be so happy to be the woman mentioned in Proverbs 31:16.

21 February 2013

What I Think About Primemont Science School

My husband and I decided to transfer our daughter to another school. So everything I wrote here before does not matter (at least to us) anymore. Please CLICK HERE and HERE if you want to know the reasons why. Thank you.

The Little Popstar as Madam Anna

Oh, pampa-good vibes. Lalo na sa mga nasa trabaho ngayon.

Remember 100 Days to Heaven? Here's LB, when she was around 2 1/2 years old, doing a Madam Anna Manalastas spiel. May bangs na bitin pa yan ha. Madam Anna was played by the very talented Xyriel Manabat. Do you see any resemblance? Pang-showbiz siya no? Haha! Pero dapat makatapos muna siya sa Ahrneyo (ADMU) ng magandang kurso; not something like Commerce and the like. Hihi. Or not even Communications, like Nanay. ;)

Subtitle: You're fired now, kuha mo?! 

Baka kasi ang dinig niyo "You're bayot now, mukha mo!" 'Pag nagdalaga na si LB, matutuwa kaya siya sa mga videos niya or mayayamot sa'kin kasi I posted it here? 

I'm a Player

... of Candy Crush Saga, that is! :p

When the little boss is already giving out cute little snores, when done watching Ina Kapatid Anak, when I'm finished cleaning up for bedtime --- I have an online date with the candies. Perhaps, I got screwed up tired of reading the notifications in my Facebook account asking for "life requests", that I gave it a try. There. I'm hooked. But not as hooked as I was when I had Cafe World. Kumbaga sa pakikipag-syota, fling lang 'to. Hindi seryosohan. #gumaganun

If we're friends in Facebook, please give me life. I'm begging you. Ktnxbye. 

20 February 2013

A Mom's Life: 4/48

NAME: Ellane Mescy Amorillo-Antiquina

AGE: 27

CHILD, AGE: Franco Alexander aka Nash, 1.4 years old
                        Franchesca Margaux- coming very soon (July - EDD)

OCCUPATION: General Manager at Junlin Security Agency/Franco's favorite playmate/hubby's no.1 supporter

FAVORITE OUTFIT: Leggings and long flowy tops

MUST-HAVE BEAUTY COSMETIC: None. Just my sparkling eyes plus my smile and I'm good to go! (Bebeng says: pak na pak ang answer!)

HOBBIES: Driving and beach bumming

CURRENT READ/WATCH: 48 Laws of Power; The Vampire Diaries

FAVORITE DOMESTIC DUTY: Taking care of my uber hyper tot.

GUILTY PLEASURE: Shopping and cheesecakes

PET PEEVE: Stupidity in all forms

19 February 2013

Rayala Dialogues: Paper Bus and My Secret Crush

Tulaley sa kawalan, mega boredom kami ng bagets when she asked me to make her a plane out of paper. Dami ko eh, mga rejected certificates when I was still a Sales Trainer ---
LB: Nanay, can you make a bus please?
B: Ay, I can't po.
LB: But why?
B: Because I don't know how (sumad-face pa talaga ako sa kanya para credible)
LB: Okay, boat na lang. Next time, bus ha.
Saan ba may Youtube tutorial ng bus paper-folding? #scratchingmyheadindisbelief

~ ♥ ~

While watching Ina Kapatid Anak in iWantv.com.ph last night ---
LB: Hey, that's Tatay!
B: Who? Where? (baliw lang, akala ko nasa show talaga)
LB: Ayan oh.. Nanay kasi. (points to Ariel Rivera!)
B: Haha! Really? That's Tatay?!
LB: Yes po, they have same eyes.
Hanep. Astig. Oh ayan na, sabi sa KrisTV kanina, healthy ang may secret crush, especially sa mga mommies. Siya na ang secret crush ko. Hahaha! :D

18 February 2013

My Little Girl Loves Me

Today is a very typical day for me and LB. Monday. School day. Woke up, fix bed, breakfast, argue, clean up mess, argue, bathe, dress up, argue, school, finally some alone time for 2 1/2 hours, back to school for the student who wants to play for extra 30 minutes, argue, went home, late lunch,argue and goes on. BUT! We spent today with less arguments. Yes, like out of 10 usual arguments we have every.single.day, we only had three. Not bad, eh? Disclosure: I am to blame for the arguments half the time. I just don't let her win, that's why. And upon realization that she's indeed growing up fast, I changed gears into how I talk to her. Yup, there's still baby-talk. I can never do that when she turns 13 already. I still smell her kili-kili if I want to (or when she wants to!). However, there's this hint of adult-ish conversation happening around at home once she starts talking. Momma, she's definitely my daughter! OA sa daldal. :D

So earlier at school, I observed how attentive she was during story time; and cheerful the next when she saw me outside waiting for her. She even blurted out a very bonggang "I'm so proud of you, Nanay!" For whatever reason she said that, I'm super thankful she did. Ooh, I'm now teary-eyed. LB's not a baby anymore. But I feel just how much she needs my care and love. That every time she's about to go home, she's excited to see me! Kahit madalas kaming mag-away, she clings to me like a koala bear does to a Mongol pencil (Haha! so 90s).

Rayala Dialogues: Nanay, the Loshang & the Poop

LB, who will be turning 5 on September, is now awarded as THE MOST HONEST KID IN THE UNIVERSE. Sometimes, sa sobrang honest, nakakainis na. Eto, I showed her the photo of me and Lola L (my mom) in this post, at ganito ang naging usapan ---
LB: Who's that baby?
B: Me.
LB: Oh, it looks like me, Nanay.
B: Yes. You want to look like me when you grow up? (trying to convince her)
LB: No, I want to look like a princess. I don't want to wash clothes.

Boom! Loshang ang peg ko sa bagets 'pag humu-human laundromat ako. Kainis. :(


LB pees and poops really well now, but still can't wash by herself, of course. So one day, she called me that she's done doing her business, and ---
B: Ooh, it's big and baho (in a tone not offending)
LB: No. Look Nanay, it's you and me.
B: Where? (cleaning her very cute behind and ayaw ko tignan yung tinuturo niya!)
LB: Look first, dali.
B: (tumingin naman) Hunny, it's baho. Ayaw ko na.
LB: Nanay! Beecohs, I love you. We're together in da ow-shan. Hugging, ever!
Anak naman. Sa lahat ng magiging tayo eh jebs mo pa? Ewwness lang.

17 February 2013

The Little Popstar as Lenka

I was tinkering on my phone as I still can't go to sleep earlier at around 5 in the morning (yes, insomnia nga), when I saw LB's videos again. Lakas maka-nostalgia nung super baby face pa siya. Nagsesenti kasi ako mga muthers. So I thought of posting videos of her here making birit a la popstar. Feeling ko may future siya sa singing eh. Tsaka sa acting, painting, politics, modeling at ribbon-cutting. Multi-slashie ang peg ng bagets.  So here's one of my ultimate favorites --- Lenka's The Show. Provided below the video clip (and the jump break) is the lyrics, in case you want to sing along with her. Enjoy! ♥

P.S. She went a little crazy at the latter part of the vid. No, she's not going Britney or Gaga. :p

16 February 2013

February Fourteen

This is LB's first Valentine's Day that she is actually aware of it. The whole world is commercially and traditionally celebrating it, so there's no excuse for me to hide it from her. I made sure we'll be celebrating it. Kesa sagutin ang isang truck niyang WHYs. They made a card pa nga during her class eh, paglabas niya she handed it to me. So wala talagang kawala.

13 February 2013

A Mom's Life: 3/48

For the third A Mom's Life issue, I hope a lot of you could relate to her. She's also a SAHM like me and is a TV enthusiast. Check her blog here. She wittingly teaches her terrific three-year-old on how to write the alphabet. I think she's doing good. That's what SAHMs must do, be your child's first teacher. Shucks. Bakit ganun? Feeling ko I'm just LB's third?! #nagtakapa

Everyone, please say hello to Aryanne! (in unison --- hello, Aryanne!) 
NAME: Aryanne Lu B. Mangubat 
AGE: 27 
CHILDREN, AGE: Renee Angeli, 3.11 yrs
                                 Rachel Allison, 9mos  
OCCUPATION: Stay-at-home mom/wife 
FAVORITE OUTFIT: Shirt, skinnies and flats/sneakers 
MUST-HAVE BEAUTY COSMETIC: Red lipstick and liquid eyeliner 
HOBBIES: Drawing, watching movies/tv, baking and playing with the kids 
CURRENT READ/WATCH: A LOT of TV and nursery rhymes. Haha! But seriously, both the book and movie of The Perks of Being a Wallflower
PET PEEVE: I hate it when parents hit kids in public one second, and then act all jolly the next. It just irks the hell outta me.

2013 GOAL: Get Renee through her first year of school and get Allie to learn sit/stand/walk at the same time.

DREAM FOR CHILDREN: See my kids grow up to be good persons, finish school, and hopefully have nice families of their own when they come of age.

Judging from the Google stats of this series, I am rocking it. Now hugging myself with gratitude. We may not have a flood of comments but the number of views is enough to make me happy and continue. Mwah mwah tsup tsup. So... I really planned on the moms that I will soon feature here. Want to get a bit famous, even just for a while? Message me! :)

12 February 2013

Thoughtful Tuesday: How Private is MY Privacy?

I overheard a kid from LB's school saying this "I want my privacy!" I was curious and shocked. Hanep ang bagets. She's about LB's age and knows the importance of privacy already? Hmm. I'm not so sure if this could pass as a positive thing for her as this is a very mature issue. I mean, issue for mature people --- for adults. What does a 4-year-old mean by privacy? I observed. She just wanted some alone time in the tree house. No playmates roughly running to and fro. She got the definition correct. And my brain was twisting from too much imagination on how she got the line. Perhaps, her parents were too tired from work and she wanted to talk to them, but her folks told her to go away because they want some privacy. Pwede noh? Sadly, the cute little girl imbibed the tone and expression. Somewhat annoyed. Or so I presumed. Whatever the reason behind it, I went straight to the deepest corner of my hypothalamus again.

So what should I be keeping in private?

11 February 2013

Watch + Read II

I was surprised to find myself getting hooked on every single thing that LB watches and reads. We bought a new book last weekend entitled The Berenstein Bears and the Trouble with Friends, and I wanted to share it with you. But... I felt that LB's other favorites might feel bad about it. They might think I'm taking sides. Haha! #weirdomomma

I hope you could share with us your kids' most-watched films and most-read books through your comments. :)

Back to Basics with Johnson's Baby

Alright, I know I have used different brands for LB's skin as mentioned here & here, but truly, I am a Johnson's Baby fan. Ever since. I'm sure there are a lot of moms who will disagree. Kesyo masyado daw matapang ang Johnson's products and if compared sa brands na gamit nila, eh hindi ito ganun ka-gentle. Oo naman, hindi naman ako makikipagtalo. But you know what, ang mahalia jackson ng ilan sa soshal brands eh. As in ilang bottles na ng Johnson's ang katumbas ng isang bote ng brand nila. Well, if I have the money and the means to buy those brands, why not noh. Kasi I tried na din naman once, and super nagustuhan ko. But whenever bet ko ng bumili at nai-prepare ko na ang budget for that, hala ka, biglang may darating na biglaang gastusin. Example, naubusan kami ng GAS! Eh jusme, they are of the same price na. So ayun, magreresort ako sa kung anong meron sa Mercury Drug or suking supermarket. And that is Johnson's nga. Our trusted brand with an affordable price.

Review: EVToys Bunny Plushie {LB’s New Friend}

If we women think that we can never have too many clothes or shoes or bags; kids could say the same thing with their toys. I was anxious last Christmas about what LB would receive, thus asking (more of telling) the godparents not to give her toys and alike. What I didn't realize is the fact that it is what makes them happy. Because it‘s what they really like. So upon that realization and some weeks after, I’m just more than ecstatic about receiving an email from EVToys; they will be sending one of the plushies they sell so I could make a review about it here. Sweet. 

06 February 2013

A Mom's Life: 2/48

For this episode, I will feature a mommy who hates dishwashing as much as I do. Haha! I think there's something unglamorous about greasy plates, pots and pans. Plus, she's also a military wife like me --- we are wives to members of the PMA Mandala Class of 2006. But there's one thing she is that I'm not (aside from having too many clothes that she now sells at Closet Trail) --- as of this post, she's 8 weeks pregnant! Motherhood becomes a fab job when you see a mom like her (and me? Not!).

NAME: Jeane Therese "Jinggay" D. Iglesia

AGE: 29

CHILD, AGE: Celine Mikaelle D. Iglesia, 4.6 years old

OCCUPATION: Former Real Estate Manager. Presently a preggy full time-momma/wifey.

FAVORITE OUTFIT: White crisp long sleeves, nice fitting jeans and my trusty old ballerina flats.

MUST-HAVE BEAUTY COSMETIC: My top 3 are: Bobbi Brown Bronzer/Blush duo, Maybelline Colossal Volume Express Mascara and never under estimate the power of wearing False Eyelashes. :)

HOBBIES: Surfing the web, reading books about fashion, style, make up and interior design.

CURRENT READ/WATCH: Read --- Tim Gunn's Fashion Bible. Watch --- Carrie Diaries and Ina, Kapatid, Anak :)

FAVORITE DOMESTIC DUTY: Anything, just please do not make me ever wash the dishes.


PET PEEVE: Rude and hypocrite kind of people.

2013 GOAL: Learn how to drive and buy my own car --- Honda Jazz or a Honda City.

DREAM FOR CHILD/REN: To graduate from a reputable university and get a high paying job.

05 February 2013

Cotton Ball's Jollibee Party

It was MBF's baby's 1st birthday last January 22nd but the party was held five days later at Jollibee in Festival Mall in Alabang. My friends and I were late and came there in time for a dance number by Jollibee, Twirly and Hetty. Too bad LB didn't get a chance to join in the games. Competitive pa naman 'to. We were so hungry 'cause we traveled from Marikina to Cubao to meet up with my friends, then off we altogether traveled to Alabang. Jollibee Alabang has put off some lights already when we were eating as to make us leave. Jusme, ang chicken joy ko hindi ko naubos. Pati yung sundae ni LB. Sayang kaya. Haha! 

04 February 2013

Frugal Market Finds: Nilaga Pack

I posted my first Frugal Market Finds here, and it somehow triggered me to do more of that. So I am sharing you today another dose of my frugality, or whatever it is called. I bought the nilaga pack in Ever Supermarket in Parang, Marikina City. One of the store's staff was just stocking it up on the shelf, so I assumed it was still fresh. And yes, it is. I got the least expensive pack as it's just me and my little girl at home. I inspected, scrutinized and thought hard about each of its content before finally buying it. What's inside the nilaga pack?

Dear Ex-Boyfriend

I miss you. Again, Philippine Army has you. But I hope I have your heart today. Cool, aren't we? I long for the days when I was your only girl. It's different now. You have a demanding little girlfriend who beats you when you talk to me. Can you tell her you were mine first? Please? She's kinda annoying; adorable but annoying. She looks like you, actually. Just cuter. She eats squash and you don't. Do you miss us and washing the dishes?  
I'm sure you'll be coming home soon. I love you like anything. 
Your ex who can't move on

I can't find the photos of what we had in February 04, 2007. So this is what I have. We visited one of your mistahs who was assigned in the Presidential Yacht. Then we went to UP for the UP Fair Concert. Bliss. ♥

03 February 2013

Marie Antoinette Baby & Co. {+ A Giveaway}

This isn't one of Marie Antoinette's scandals about fashion, flirting and finance. This isn't a biography of sorts about the last queen of France. But there's one word that makes the Affair of the Diamond Necklace subject and this featured online biz similar --- glamorous

I recently discovered Marie Antoinette Baby & Co. in Facebook and was shocked ecstatic to see little girls glammed up in sparkly flats and peachy purses. It was love at first sight. If you have a daughter (or niece or little sister), I know you will feel the same way when you visit the page. You will definitely imbibe the owner's will in making every little girl a princess. My instant thought was of the same concept with most baby/kids businesses around the cyberlandia; that it is owned by a mom, who wants something unique for her baby. I was wrong. Marie Antoinette Baby & Co. is owned and managed by a fabulous single lady! Oh, I didn't have the guts to ask her if she has a boyfriend, is engaged or what though; but yes, she is a beautiful (I'm not making her bola; see for yourself!) 25-year-old young entrepreneur who provides classy and affordable pieces for our little heiresses of our kingdoms.

02 February 2013

My Water Baby

I know this month has just started but the little mermaid and I are already excited for summer! The weather was really nice earlier and she thought of dipping in her black planggana once again while I was doing the laundry. It relaxed her (me too!). We're best buddies today. Water is always what makes her tired, but happy. Makes me think, where should we go next? Oh, I'm sure the little girl will enjoy anywhere, as long as there's water.

Love Doesn't Cost a Thing

I'm not going to shake my booty and make birit a la J.Lo here; though I would love to 'cause I can. Charot. And by the way, I changed it to DOESN'T, because this isn't a song but a blog post.

Okay, I'm here to tell you what I really want. 

I've read a few FB statuses, tweets and blog posts about Valentine's; so I actually thought about it, too. Rhambo and I don't usually celebrate it. Perhaps, because there's more celebration-worthy than the 14th --- MIL's birthday, togetherness anniversary and his birthday --- all fell on February. The last time we actually acknowledged the day was in 2007. I was at work in the TV Network when my mom texted me that I have a huge gift from Rhambo resting at home. So when I got there, it was a Blue Magic stuffed toy --- a giant mouse! 'Cause you know, Rhambo has a very unique (better term for a flaw, hihi) pair of ears that resemble the mouse's. So I guess that's why it's what he gave me. 

01 February 2013

Rayala Dialogues: The Answering Machine

LB and I were fighting.

                            B: Who's the Nanay here?
                            LB: You. (sobbing)
                            B: O, sino masusunod?
                            LB: Me. (still sobbing)

Anak ka ng Tatay mo. Mababaliw na ako sa'yo.

~ ♥ ~

Before bedtime, LB's still playing.

                             B: Come on 'nak, clean up na.
                             LB: Wait Nanay.
                             B: Haynako ang tagal ha (aburidong-aburido)
                             LB: Nanaaaaaay, bee peyshaunt. Rekeli said her mommy is peyshaunt.

So nanay na lang ng langgam ang ka-level ko?! Dutchmill lang ang may goodness. Tseh.