18 February 2013

My Little Girl Loves Me

Today is a very typical day for me and LB. Monday. School day. Woke up, fix bed, breakfast, argue, clean up mess, argue, bathe, dress up, argue, school, finally some alone time for 2 1/2 hours, back to school for the student who wants to play for extra 30 minutes, argue, went home, late lunch,argue and goes on. BUT! We spent today with less arguments. Yes, like out of 10 usual arguments we have every.single.day, we only had three. Not bad, eh? Disclosure: I am to blame for the arguments half the time. I just don't let her win, that's why. And upon realization that she's indeed growing up fast, I changed gears into how I talk to her. Yup, there's still baby-talk. I can never do that when she turns 13 already. I still smell her kili-kili if I want to (or when she wants to!). However, there's this hint of adult-ish conversation happening around at home once she starts talking. Momma, she's definitely my daughter! OA sa daldal. :D

So earlier at school, I observed how attentive she was during story time; and cheerful the next when she saw me outside waiting for her. She even blurted out a very bonggang "I'm so proud of you, Nanay!" For whatever reason she said that, I'm super thankful she did. Ooh, I'm now teary-eyed. LB's not a baby anymore. But I feel just how much she needs my care and love. That every time she's about to go home, she's excited to see me! Kahit madalas kaming mag-away, she clings to me like a koala bear does to a Mongol pencil (Haha! so 90s).

Secret to that? Motherly discipline. Like what I always say, "kahit ibitin ko ata ito patiwarik eh sa akin ang takbo nito 'pag naagrabyado". 'Cause I made it a point to instill to her that I just do the "punishment" because she did something wrong; and it is usually followed with "why did I do that?"

Co-sleeping is another. I do my best to make the bed fresh and clean as this is where all the dreams, prayers and cute little snoring happen. Also best to snuggle with her favorite stuffed toys. Like right now, she and her bunny, Sosi have already occupied 2/3 of the bed so I will just have to adjust my position a bit para makatulog ako. But I don't complain. I love how she unknowingly hugs me in the middle of her sleep. Again, like a koala bear to a Mongol pencil. ;)

Thank You, Lord, my daughter loves me. ♥


  1. You have a very cute daughter! New follower:)

    Townhouse Palette

  2. There's a bond between mothers and daughters na mahirap i-explain but the heart fully understand. :)

  3. Nainspired ako dito teh, di ko na mahintay paglaki ng anak ko..hihi
    ang cute ni LB, she looks like you:)