28 February 2013

The Little Popstar in Adventure Time

I don't exactly know all the names of the show's characters but I'm very familiar with Princess Bubblegum, because she's pink and a princess. I was shocked to hear my very own bubblegum singing Island Song, the music at the CBB of Adventure Time.

♫ Come along with me
And the butterflies and bees
We can wander through the forest
And do so as we please ♪

Come along with me
♪ To a cliff under a tree
Where we'll gaze upon the water
As an everlasting dream ♫


  1. Your little girl will soon be a pop star. More songs to post!

  2. Manang mana sa Mommy ang Lil' Popstar na yan hehehe.. Nutrture that talent and it will surely blossom into a great one.

  3. cuteness.. she is enjoying on what she is doing...

  4. Your girl is really cute. She will become a Pop Star in the future.

  5. Kids can learn songs from watching it on Television. Like you, I used to wonder how my kids learn to sing those songs,they can remember it by hearing it a lot of times and repetition also is a big factor. Your princess is a smart kid.

    Liza Barnett

  6. that's the power of media, children are more easier to learn now because they all have the resources.

  7. My Ykaie also loves that song! She loves Finn and Jake and Princess Bubblegum!

  8. I surely don't know what the show is all about, but your little princess sure sounds cute. She sure had a great time singing the song. :) Keep it up!