31 December 2014

The Finishing Touches: Weeks 46 to 52

Ha! I made it. Alright, not on a weekly basis, though but here I am, about to touch the finish line! *Solid Gold Dancers threw Vilma santos in the air moment* While I was sending the photos from my phone to the computer, I thought maybe I can just post the photos and let it talk since you all basically know what happened then. BUT. It's inevitable. In person and here, I just can't not talk. 

So continuing the past massive update, here's the last stretch of Bebengisms' 52 Weeks Project — 

Week 46: November 11-17

Lost her first tooth.

30 December 2014

Before This Year Ends

... I'll blog galore. 

My current view as I type this. See what's on the left? Videoke booklet, baybeh! 

I've been meaning to do so after I've finished my bulk orders in Bebeng's Kitchen but I think you already know by now what a geographically single mom's life is. It was and will always be crazy! Say, the laundry has to be done in four parts. It makes my stomach churn everytime I think of it. I mean, I left two full baskets of dirty clothes at home and will be making two more here at the husband's camp. If that's not crazy for you, I don't know how you define the word. I also try my best not to look disheveled aka losyang whenever we go out (or at least for photos, lol at my pretending) but I am at my damn worst at home because of my alila duties. You get the drill.

OK. No more excuses.

08 December 2014

Updating the Project: Weeks 38 to 45 of 52

"My daughter's photos, once a week, every week, in 2014."

When I challenged myself to doing this because I love Bleubird's 52 Weeks so much (then later on found out about Practising Simplicity's, which actually started the premier of the now famous project, through Chasing Dreams'), it never occurred to me that I can be 12 weeks late! Gah! I apologize to those may be waiting for a photo of my little girl every week. Well, if you're always here and on my cyber sala (Facebook), you know that I'm super busy with Bebeng's Kitchen stuff. But I'm letting the Royal Help do some things for me first so I can do a massive update on this then maybe, just maybe, my brain cells will have the adrenaline rush and function super good that I can write more pending articles. I have soooo many kwentos to share with y'all, actually.

Anyway, let's start with — 

01 December 2014

Sophia Turns Six: Cupcake School Party

It's December 1st today - more than two months after this was held - I can finally share with you the photos of Sophia's simple party at school. You see, I am now breathing normally. I'm savoring the calm days left before the Christmas madness begins. Actually, not days but few hours left. It will be mompreneurhood at its finest. Christmas orders, Sophia's Christmas presentation and party, shopping, husband's holiday break, home decorating, and more. Whew.